Match Highlights: Franco VAZQUEZ and Alex SCYMANOWSKI score

Franco Vazquez

The Argentine’s are back scoring in Europe, more precisely in Spain and in Sevilla’s visit to Leganes.

Franco VAZQUEZ (for Sevilla) and Alexander SCYMANOWSKI (Leganes) scored for their clubs in Sevilla’s 3-2 win. Here are the goals:

Franco VAZQUEZ’s goal:

Alex SCYMANOWSKI’s goal:


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  2. Aslam

    Aguero has to be out forever.
    We repeat 100 times….Messi-Dybala-Icardi, this should be our forward line up.

    1. Gonzalo

      no doubt

    2. Argentina2018

      Exactly and it’s no brainer. subs would be Correa and Alario.

  3. Aslam

    Dybala and Correa already in our bench. When Icardi will get a place in our bench…?

    Anyway starting x1 is fixed there wont be any changes until those players retires. At least we can make a younger bench.. 🙂

  4. Gonzalo

    I can’t believe. Correa scored as a starter. Gaitan two goals.

    1. EnganChe

      I know! I think because Carrasco is such a good player it’s hard to see both Gaitan and Correa starting over him. Meanwhile, Kranevitter benched again.

  5. Gonzalo

    Lanzini is definitely back to his form. A couple of impressive moments today.

  6. Gonzalo

    Campagnaro must back. He just scored 2 goals. No matter one of to own goal.

    1. Aslam


    2. EnganChe

      Campagnaro > Demichelis ?

      1. Gonzalo

        We need them both;)

        1. EnganChe

          Campagnaro, Demichelis, Cambiasso, Wily Caballero, Maxi Rodriguez….join Argentina 35+ club 🙂

          1. Gonzalo

            And Hernan Barcos. He just scored for Velez.

          2. Aslam

            All are there in our 60 list… 🙂

  7. Gonzalo

    Lanzini should play as second DM/CM in our team. It would be best position for him also in West Ham but unfortunately Bilic has different idea. We need Dm which can run toward penalty box and score goals.

    1. EnganChe

      Lanzini, Vazquez and Paredes can play both the #10 and #8 role I guess. Lanzini is having a good game today so far with a goal.

  8. Aslam

    Icardi and Dybala good on penalties. Mentally strong players.

  9. godboy_messi

    MESSI just scores and another chimp AGUERO misses another penalty when city were down 1-0.
    today di maria and aguero both got benched.

  10. vimaldass

    When the best and most influential player in the world wants to play, he will make an entrance despite him being not fully fit and the comfortable 3-0 scoreline…Im genuinely starting to be convinced that even barcelona plays to the whims of messi

  11. Gonzalo

    Again Szymanowski. Had also assist. Vietto as well.

  12. tigrawaydegafi

    Good for Vazquez.

    The NT is clueless for 2 main reasons;

    1. Lack of Vision,an irk blown from AFA,of course.

    2.The vision for a National footballing powehouse shall ofcourse be Wining any of the trophies…

    3. But where are the startegic objectives and their measurable impact? I really doubt if there is any at all???

    4. Base linenumber one being the amount of yoouths integrated so far,especially under Sabella and Tata. Second baseline is;the level of desire and moral curiousity that the current players would have for more trophies,especially the 3 heartbreaks and their current football career as almost all are settled in a big european elite clubs. Do they have a point to prove to impress anyone or any thing to lose at all even if they lose any important match.The final base line that Bauza needs to be thoughtful is the abundence of Forwards with zero midfield and only a handful of full backs in the team wgen he took over the team.

    5. The mile stones for him shall be-

    A. Phase one- slow integration of the youth hunger for more national team representation/chances.

    B. Phase two ensuring that the youths/or any one selected will be ready or in his prime footballing age in Russia.

    Assumptions and constraints for Bauza-

    He has been selected in a timing where all the above base lines were considered as the main reason why Argentina won Olympic,youth WC and attained 3 consequative finals with in two years. Plus,his timing was really bad as he was given the chance to coach in a desparate situation and with in a senaryo where the crisis is beyond loaing to finala but complecated with ÀFA situation.

    Bottom line is if Bauza can see any of these or more he can easily set his own vision and objectives than being a maniac of the two Liberatodos acclods he collected and measuring his viaion through it. It sucks really.

    1. tigrawaydegafi

      * 2 main reasons- too many reasons.

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