Argentina vs. Paraguay – Match Thread

Argentina Prematch

We’re minutes away from the match between Argentina and Paraguay in Cordoba.

Edgardo BAUZA had already confirmed the line-up. Here it is:


Argentina Line-up vs. Paraguay

Argentina Line-up vs. Paraguay

As it stands, Argentina can go up to 2nd place (should Brazil fail to win). Here are the current, updated standings following Colombia drawing with Uruguay and Ecuador drawing Bolivia.

World Cup Qualifier Standings

World Cup Qualifier Standings



  1. Aviator Ali

    1. Romero should benched next match, any goalkeeper with regular match fitness would have stopped the shot.
    2. Aguero, what I should say! not only missed the penalty but also missed a great oppurtunity.
    3. I have been starting to think,even Tata may be little bit better than this Dinosore!

  2. San Isidro

    The entire team sucks…first, get rid of masche. He is a one way player who brings nothing offensively. With him out there you cannot attack up the need someone like an Aimar in the middle. The wingers need to be creative. DiMaria is not creative. And Banega is too slow. What we do is we have Banega play on the side, and masche gives you nothing but defense in the middle. Awful spacing all around. Any of those forwards can score if you have creative midfielders. We basically play with 5 forwards, 5 defenders and 0 midfielders.

  3. aditi

    Remove#Card eater ROJO
    A total joke of LB
    Masches time is over .
    Demichelis is a living fossil .

    Sack the coach first
    Sack zero midfield mentality

  4. aditi

    Remove Bauza and his 0-mentality.
    Remove bench warmers of clubs.
    Remove pathetic Aguero Higuain
    Mascherano Romero

  5. Argentina2018

    No way Bauza will be able to win over Colombia and especially Brazil, not in his wet dreams of Diva Maria. nil points for November.
    Bauza needs to get fired and sent to the zoo.

  6. ClacKamas

    I cant even see Higuains face …he is so is Kun..Diva maria..Romero…mascherano…Rojo, Brazil is wining away match against same Venezuela and without Neymer..Marcello and Cassimero.Gabriel Jesus 8′, Willian 53′..these guys are not even star!! Kill these motherfakats. Kun will go to england and will score for that Petro money club M. city.. Higuain will score a hat trick ..and Di mari will give blowjob to CR7

  7. Argentina2018

    stop blaming players… is the scammer coach who is not qualified to coach even an unknown Asian team. Bauza is a con artist for sure.

  8. aditi

    Oo Bauza u only can sent striker in place of everything & goalkeeper maybe.

    Aguero Higuain Pratto Dybala Di maria
    All players are attackers….
    You don’t know football needs midfield to make offence & defense .Mascherano is not the midfield player.
    Banega and Gaitan off
    Why snake Aguero plays all the game?

    Don’t you have midfield players in bench.

    How many subs can be made in a game? Don’t u know it

    Sentiment of Every Argentines and fans from abroad are chocked and destroyed by u Bauza.

    How a coach doesn’t have the idea of midfield?

    Downward movement of performance curve.
    Venezuela Peru Paraguay
    Getting worser
    Next Brazil Colombia

    Is it acceptable that Argentina is in verge of not qualifying.
    Many Love birds were playing in that NT lineup. They makes this team their paternal property.

  9. ClacKamas

    s it too ;ate now for comeback? only 5 matches remaining really> we have win at least 3 of them

    1. Jack!

      There are 8 games left.

  10. Mackie

    It is time to rebuild the whole team! The problem is not our forwards. The problem is that we have no midfield and no wingbacks. Rojo can’t cross or defend useless left back. Banega is the only ball passing Midfielder we have. I’m sure we have other players we can add. DemiCareless why is he here? Di maria should be benched. Agureo should only play as a lone striker. These players have had chances over and over again. We can’t depend on messi for every game. Bauza it is time to shake things up and build a winning team. With all the talented Argentine players u can pick choose and refuse.

    1. pablo dennison

      “The problem is not our forwards”
      incorrect they are part of the problem and they had chances today and scored how many?

      1. Mackie

        OK I agree Pablo they were really bad today especially Kun. But we still need more link up play. Not 5 defenders and 5 forwards!

  11. mohammed

    I think bbye bbye russia argentina not qualify to russia.thanks mr bauza

  12. Caperjack

    it is useless team. If you can not score a goal playing home. As i said it feels like boys vs men. pathetic. Argentina playing like this unbelievable, I am intering depression,

  13. pablo dennison

    congratulations on a new low bauza.

    i gave you a chance and said id wait until you have had a few games in charge-and all i can say is what a complete shambles from you and the teams you selected so far.

    i and a select few others on here said we urgently needed changes as soon as you took over the job, their are no longer any excuses for changes and the next selection we need a to make massive changes, most of the old guard out…now…not later.

  14. EnganChe

    Pathetic, absolutely pathetic. How are we supposed to win against Colombia and Brazil?

  15. Nicolas Dinucci

    Bauza just needs to stop calling di maria aguero rojo and higuain. If only things werent so damn political. I feel sorry for the players that arent being given a shot because these guys are on the team. Everything is toooo political. Messi and Mascherano shouldnt be given equity to choose who is on the squad. Very disappointed

  16. Sabellista

    Bauza is a cone artist coach. Fire this media cone artist now and disband the team. We’re now really really fucked.

  17. ClacKamas

    1 faking goal..we concede beginning of the match..and all those so called stars cudn’t eeven score a one single goal…not even from Penalty!!!! Sack that Bauza now!!! make a team for WC 2014 cos we are not gonna be there in Russia!!

  18. tmisellati

    Do maria can not even perform one typical cross

  19. Aslam

    Biggest joke is Messi unbalance this team….!

  20. guled

    The so called stars.

  21. Istiaque

    I still cant figure out how the hell Aguero and Di Maria managed to play till the 85th minute.

  22. miskan


  23. guled

    he can’t replace the three losers so he goas crazy.this is madness.

  24. tmisellati

    Maradona’s team was playing better than yours , Bauza

  25. Aslam

    Next change will be Alario for Mascherano…Salute you Bauza…!

  26. Aslam

    We would have played better if we used players from Argentina league only.

    1. Debasish Duttaroy

      yes, the next generation of world beaters.

  27. ClacKamas

    Old fak sabella he introduced that bench warmer Romero…

  28. pablo dennison

    what a susprise di maria plays his best ball in over 5 matches and hig misses…fu…….

  29. ClacKamas

    I am sicken tired of Higuain!!! how he not touch that ball???!!!

  30. Istiaque

    Sure…Higuain. You are there to miss these chances, because wee needed you to score there.


  31. guled


  32. Istiaque

    Now Dybala will play as a RW and we will call him a failure.

    Our managers. SMH

  33. Debasish Duttaroy

    Its 8 mins and Brazil already up by a goal. That’s how a coach transforms a team.

  34. Debasish Duttaroy

    Its just a matter of time, Paraguay will have a shot and be 0-2.

  35. Aslam

    I cant see any intelligent play from Argentina. Messi is Messi he makes all the difference for Argentina. Dybala can do some of that.

  36. Aslam

    Aguero wearing number 10 is a joke.

  37. Caperjack

    I can not believe my eyes fucking aguero what the fuck man, 5 year old kid would have hit it harder

  38. guled

    Useless aguero.

  39. Aslam

    Aguero came for Dybala, the best penalty taker in the team.

  40. soumya sekhar pal

    What kind of penalty it is. Son of a bitch. Please kick out this shit

  41. Debasish Duttaroy


  42. Aslam

    Veryyyyyyyy Pooooor Penalty.

  43. guled

    Dybala and lamela on for useless aguero and di maria.

  44. Debasish Duttaroy

    I looked into the whole schedule, all the matches left. I do not see us qualifying if we lose this game. We are not going to win in Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador.

    Best we can win 2 games and draw 1.

  45. ClacKamas

    Gaitan..mushachio…Mercada all are flop ..

    1. soumya sekhar pal

      You idiot can’t you see agureo.

  46. Mackie

    Agureo is not a playmaker!! It’s time for macherano to play at CB and how much times will DemiCareless have to retire.
    What the starting lineup should of been with the players there.


    Mercado mushacio macherano Mas

    Di maria pizzaro banega correa

    Dybala Higuain

  47. ClacKamas

    Mascherano is a all time overrated player

  48. SureshRao

    We are sucking so bad..Is Bauza or players being paid by AFA? Messiless Argentina looks like a mess 🙁

  49. Debasish Duttaroy

    Wholesale changes needed. Which is not going to happen. Unless there is got up to have Messi in Russia or Messi comes back wins remaining 6 games single handedly, we are not not going to Russia.

  50. HaititoArg

    If we lost this game we gone be in big trouble cuz the next 2 games are not gone be easy

    1. Debasish Duttaroy

      easy? next 2 games we will lose. Brazil could be a 0-5 rout. Even with Messi.

  51. Aslam

    If you are not playing for a club…no way you can play for Argentina, the world number one team. Kick out all those bench warmers…

  52. papa hus

    Hello everybody, to be honest, I did not like Mascherano at all .. many mistakes .. I think Banega is ok .. Rojo including other defenders all are bad .. Gaitan is ok … de maria is too selfish ….no services to Aguero and Higuain

  53. guled

    Is bauza this bad? He is supposed to be experienced tactician.even maradona wasn’t this bad.

    1. Debasish Duttaroy

      He is the worst I think. Hence he became the coach, who else will accept this!

  54. Debasish Duttaroy

    By the end of this year, there will be only 6 games left and we will be in 7th or 8th position. I don’t see this team winning against Brazil and Colombia. If Messi misses some of those 6 games, we don’t have to worry about Russia world cup at all.

  55. david carvajal

    This is not Argentinian futbol.. everything is just kick the ball up, no creativity, di maria ball hog, and our defense out of sync, no midfield, forwards static, how are we that Messi dependent, I hope bauza makes changes quick

  56. Saroj Napit

    Argentina will loose surely. Fucking coach, fucking players. They play only for money.

  57. vik

    Ok……this is grossly sickening to watch.
    When you think you can’t go any further back you start to moonwalk

  58. ClacKamas

    Aguero faking city star ..u son of biach…u score day in day out for city …show me 1 goallll..u fking lazy faggot!!

  59. Istiaque

    It is painful to watch this team now. Does not look like we have a plan, players look uninspired, ideas are pale.

    We need something from somewhere.

  60. EnganChe

    Aguero out, Dybala in.

  61. Debasish Duttaroy

    I think Bauza has to go. I am watching England. Pass to the wide and then try to cross. I have never seen Argentina score like that. Next 2 games we will surely lose against Brazil and Colombia.

  62. ClacKamas

    2 so pathetic shot from Choker Higuain

  63. ClacKamas

    is that number 2 is Mushachio? what he is doing? he is so slow too

    1. Debasish Duttaroy

      Musacchio was always slow. He is pathetic. Its only here we speak as if these players are world class. Remember half of the team does not even play for their clubs.

  64. Arii

    Argentina is the only team in South America who doesn’t know how to put pressure on referees.

  65. ClacKamas

    Mascherano is culprit for this goal too…Banega is just walking he is so slow!!!

  66. ClacKamas

    we lucky not concede 2nd goal

  67. Mafioso

    the Cbs and Banega playing some forward passes while Di Maria,Aguero waits to receive the ball.

    1. Debasish Duttaroy

      Thats the problem with team formation and Bauza. When Mascherano or Banega gets the ball, only option is to go wide as Aguero and Higuain are too far. Too easy to defend.

  68. tmisellati

    Aguero is a ghost
    Mascherano is not good today

  69. Debasish Duttaroy

    my god, Rojo cant even run

  70. pablo dennison

    i cant day im enjoying this at all so far

  71. ClacKamas

    Bench warmer Romerooooo….u son of a bitch!!!! where was faking Rojo????!!!!

  72. EnganChe

    Romero should have saved, it’s near post.

    1. Istiaque

      Happens when you basically do not play any football

      1. EnganChe


  73. Debasish Duttaroy

    wow, this is so easy. And Romero pretty much does not save anything. You can understand now. and horrible team by Bauza. I do not understand Gaitan.

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