Sergio AGUERO leaves Monday training session injured

Sergio Aguero Peru

First training session of the day is already underway and as expected, one player is out.

In (not so shocking) news, Sergio AGUERO left Argentina’s training session on Monday with a calf injury. It was expected that he had a knock and was already a out but at this point, it does look like he will certainly not start against Paraguay on Tuesday. The likely replacement is Atletico’s Nicolas GAITAN.


  1. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    nothing new about Aguero..he is injury pron

  2. Profile photo of GhostdeiniGhostdeini

    It’s frustrating.
    I really feel like we are trapped in Groundhog day.
    We badly need to win tomorrow.

    1. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

      actually i think its worse as we are going backwards and that says a lot when tata who was just short of crap actually looks good compered to what bauza has so far offered up.

      im simply horrified and i agree nothing but 3 points is good enough and is desperately needed.

  3. Profile photo of MafiosoMafioso

    Dybala: Fit,hungry,motivated,a natural false 9/2nd striker,club partner of Higuain.
    Aguero:Unfit,out of place,poor record even as a striker,ran at a half speed last match.

    But it is Aguero who is going to start…..U want to be champion?Well it aint happening any time soon.

  4. Profile photo of CaperjackCaperjack

    the problem with this team is as following:
    1- there is neither a full right back nor a left back.
    2- Goal keeper is shaky( doesn’t inspire confidence especially with coming crosses from free kicks and corners, though good on one on one and shot stopper).
    3- No creative midfield that can control the pace and slow or elevate the tempo when needed.
    4- if we score a goal immediately we get shaky and lose focus.
    5- coach never has alternative plans and no element of supersize.
    clearly Messi makes all the difference with Mach (when on his game)

  5. Profile photo of MafiosoMafioso

    Aguero: “I’m quite well now, you get physical fitness playing, not training. Bauza has the decision – I’ll be available for Tuesday.”

    Aguero: “Sometimes you think: ‘Why didn’t I stop?’ But when they call you for the national team, you want to play at any cost.”

  6. Profile photo of Jack!Jack!

    I am hearing otherwise. Kun will perhaps play and will start ahead of Dybala.

  7. Profile photo of Dfox1942Dfox1942

    Still talking I see.
    Then he should know his teammates have cost him one world Cup, two Copas and possibly another!

  8. Profile photo of AslamAslam

    Dybala will be far far better in this position than lazy Aguero.

    1. Profile photo of Dfox1942Dfox1942

      Kun is strictly a striker and a poor one at that for Argentina, not a playmaker.
      Being played out of position only makes an already lost cause even worse.

  9. Profile photo of AslamAslam

    Dybala will be far far better in this position than lazy Aguero.

  10. Profile photo of Antonio MontanaAntonio Montana

    According to Olé, Sergio aguero went through training Monday without any bothers and will start in place of Dybala! Gaitan was replacing Messi position on the right wing already not Aguero middle position according to Olé.
    Dimaria aguero gaitan
    Banega mascherano
    Rojo musacchio demichelis Mercado

    The big difference is that banega not kranevitter is playing and Ever is a versatile midfielder who natural position is a #10 and can combine in attack. (Yet I still don’t like this formation)

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