Poll: What do you think of Argentina’s line-up vs. Peru?

Argentina Goal Celebration

With Edgardo BAUZA announcing the line-up for the match against Peru, what do you think of it?

Do you think it’s great, good, decent, bad or horrible? Vote below and let us know why!

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  1. guled


  2. SulaV

    Funes mori??? seriously?? is there no one better than this below average defender???

    1. EnganChe

      He has been mostly excellent for us lately.

    2. Aslam

      Mention some other name who is better than Mori at LCB position.

    3. guled

      Bringing mori is one of the few good things tata has done.

  3. Julker9

    It doesn’t matter how the line-up looks like. Which matter is team play. I just want to know the DNA of Bauza’s team!

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