Names being closely watched for Argentina, BAUZA to coach youth

Mauro Icardi Inter

Some news coming out of Argentina regarding Edgardo BAUZA and the National Team.

Edgardo BAUZA has mentioned several times that they have a list of 60 players which he is following for the National Team. According to a report out of Argentina, these are some of the players he is taking a close look at:

Ezequiel GARAY
Geronimo RULLI

Furthermore, there are rumors that BAUZA will also take over the U23 youth team.


  1. miskan

    Under 23 for tournament of what…wrinkled cup!!

  2. Chainsaw

    Any more oldies for Bauza to monitor??! Are you sure you got it right about him taking over the U23 team?? Looks more like he’s taking over the A32 team (Above 32 years oldies!).

  3. Saroj Napit

    Please sack Bauza and appoint Bielsa as soon as, Bauza is fucking aweful

  4. Julker9

    Take over youth team is a good news. Btw, waiting for the match……

  5. Caperjack

    please any link to watch the game

  6. EnganChe

    How much closer you need to look Bauza, do you need a microscope or something? Lol

    In all seriousness, at the very least, Garay, once he recovers from his injury, should take Demichelis’s spot in the team (if not Funes Mori’s) and Rulli should replace one of either Guzman or Andujar.

  7. guled

    Some good players there but icardi will never be called as long as masche is in the team.

  8. Antonio Montana

    You got to love this! With names like garay, icardi, Vasquez and Rulli!

  9. Antonio Montana

    You got to live this news with names like garay, icardi, Vasquez and rulli

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