Angel DI MARIA: I thought about retiring

Angel Di Maria

The PSG winger spoke about how he thought about retiring following Argentina’s loss at the Copa America Centenario.

Days before Argentina play Peru, one of the veterans of the Argentina National Team confessed that he nearly made the same decision that MESSI made after the final. Here’s what he had to say:

“I thought about taking the same decision as MESSI but my wife and my dad were the first to stop me. It was impossible for me to say “I’m leaving””.

“The pain still hurts, these aren’t things that go away easily. I thought about going to a psychologist but in the end I didn’t because these are things I Have to to resolve in my head.”


  1. Chainsaw

    Too bad you were not serious about actually doing it.

  2. aditi

    time for change……….. di maria is good,,speedy..but his luck is bad

  3. Nasrum

    come on Maria…prove they r wrong about you

  4. travis

    no one here believes you will get argentina to win the wc in russia 2018.
    it’s over for you, plain and simple.

    1. pablo dennison

      Paris Saint-Germain’s Angel Di Maria has said that if Argentina lose another final at a major tournament he will call it quits from international duty.

      please dont wait that long go now and
      “Di Maria has endured a less than ideal start to the season with PSG and has come in for justified criticism from the French media for his lack luster performances so far”
      i do like this comment from a poster
      “Di maria with so much negativity should just quit instead of crying like a baby. We dont need pussy’s like him whining all the time”

  5. pablo dennison

    thinking has never been your strong point just retire please.

    1. guled

      True.he could have made his country proud by retiring.

      1. Gab

        Lol so true! Will be the only time he’ll make his country proud

        Just go already as you’re a waste of space. I’d rather see Jose Sosa play than Dickmaria as Sosa is reliable at least

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