Lucas ALARIO, ANDUJAR and more to be called

Lucas Alario Lionel Messi

With Edgardo BAUZA expecting to announce his local list of players either today or Wednesday, there are rumors as to who will be and who won’t be called-up to the team.

According to some reports, Emanuel MAS, Mariano ANDUJAR and Lucas ALARIO three players who will surely be called-up by BAUZA. The twist comes after in that one of MARCONE or Guido PIZARRO will be called-up as well. There would not be two replacements to the team due to the injuries to BIGLIA and Augusto. ASCACIBAR would not be making the team either.


  1. aditi

    Whatever …We want possible 6 points

  2. vimaldass

    Team of the week
    Peruzzi is really doing well..if im not mistaken mercado got injured last night hence peruzzi as a replacement would be ideal now

  3. aditi

    Inform players must be included from domestic and international arena. …….

    Alario over Icardi hahaaaa
    Why not just give Icardi a tiny chance?

    Pereyra.. Enzo perez ..Pizarro..Lanzini. ..

    may be Yacob (as he is starter for his club)

  4. Aslam

    Vietto…is he selfish/Childish or overconfident? This is second time recently i am seeing him taking ball from other players for freekick (Correa) and penalty(Ben) and missing the target badly.

    1. Debasish Duttaroy

      Forget what Vietto does my friend. I have seen enough of this guy now. At least 15 games. He is not going to make it big for club or country. Does not have talent, nerve or skill. Mediocre the best. Not bad but just strictly OK in every department.

  5. Mafioso

    Vietto misses a penalty but assisted one earlier.Weak shooter/finisher to me.

    1. Mafioso

      Lamela assisted one with a through ball.

  6. Gonzalo

    Pizarro over Marcone for me.

    1. Mafioso

      One of Pizarro’s recent goal.He is exactly what we need,mature ball playing CMF.But I have a feeling he won’t be selected,too skilled to be a Argentina CMF.

      1. Gonzalo

        Hehe, Mafioso it’s 3rd time this goal here. The video was put by be 2 times before and no one paid attention to this beatifull run.
        I think it’s rather every new midfielder and player at all behind the old guard (Masche, Biglia, Banega…) is risky for Bauza. Too risky. Even experienced on club level as Pizarro.

        1. Mafioso

          I think Pizarro is new Ansaldi.Ansaldi never got a chance despite he being an modern dynamic,skilled fullback and despite we don’t have anyone that good.Here we have an excellent ball playing CMF,despite we don’t have anyone like him in the squad, Pizarro has not yet been selected.

  7. Gonzalo

    Nice goal by Dybala

  8. pablo dennison

    Befoe i comnent of bauza and not filling the 2 spots grrrrrr i would like to offer full congratulations to the english fa who are giving our afa a good run for their money (not that we have any) for the lead job of clowns at the circus.

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