Match Highlights: Lionel MESSI, Manuel LANZINI, Luciano VIETTO score

Manuel Lanzini

Lionel MESSI scored twice while Manuel LANZINI and Luciano VIETTO also scored.

Lionel MESSI scored twice for Barcelona in their 5-1 win against Leganes. One of MESSI’s goals was a well placed penalty kick.

Manuel LANZINI scored a penalty kick for West Ham United in their 4-2 loss to West Brom.

Luciano VIETTO scored for Sevilla in their 1-1 draw against Eibar.

Lionel MESSI’s goals:

Manuel LANZINI’s goal:

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Luciano VIETTO’s goal:


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    Lucas Castro of Chievo Verona with goal and assist.

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    Nicolas “Braveheart” Tagliafico with assist again and noteworthy game (Quilmes – Independiente 1:1).

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