Match Highlights: Lionel MESSI hattrick for Barcelona, Franco CERVI goal

Lionel Messi Goal Barcelona

The Champions League season is under way and Lionel MESSI grabbed the first hattrick of the year.

The little magician was on fire and everywhere for Barcelona in their 7-0 win against Celtic. With his hattrick, Lionel MESSI now leads the Champions League with a record 6 hattricks in his career. No other players has scored as many as him. Javier MASCHERANO did not start and remained on the bench for the champions of Spain.

In Portugal, Franco CERVI scored for Benfica in their 1-1 draw against Turkish team Besiktas. CERVI scored early in the 12th minute and it looked like Benfica would be able to hang on until the 93rd minute where the visitor tied it up. Lisandro LOPEZ, Eduardo SALVIO and the goal scorer himself CERVI all started for Benfica.

Lionel MESSI’s goals:

Franco CERVI’s goal:


  1. tigrawaydegafi

    Sampoli outsmarted Allegri. Dybala still everything for juve. Corea is a talent to watch in place of Pastore. Vasquez is also unbeatable once he controlled the ball. Pareja silenced or atleast made things hard for Higuein. Marcedo was beast as well,as he shuttered Asmoah and Evra z whole game. Krane was not bad either.

  2. EnganChe

    Watching Independiente vs Lanus. Tagliafico and Jose Luis Gomez battling it out on the same flank

    Hopefully our future left-back and right-back respectively…

    1. Gonzalo

      Yeah, they are both our best fullbacks at the moment.

      Figal is another worth watching defender.
      Independiente has best defence in league. Along with Estudiantes.

  3. Dfox1942

    Kun scores 3, I fell asleep twice while watching Juve play, sorry ass RM ties and wins the game in the last 5mins…such bullshit

    1. pablo dennison

      this is the problem as kun always looks great at club level but then for the n/t we dont see at all the same kun….sigh…..kun like hig need to be moved aside no matter how many thay score for their billion dollar clubs as they have has many many chances over the last 10 years and we know exactly what that can and cant do-add d/m to this list.

  4. vimaldass

    Checkout Joaquin correa guys!

    1. Dfox1942

      Fancy dribbler

  5. MustB-Albiceleste

    – Lamela starting for Spurs.
    – Aguero, Otamendi, Zabaleta starting for City. But match might canceled today as well.
    – Pareja, Mercado, Vazquez, Kranevitter starting for Sevilla. Correa and Vieto on bench.
    – Higuain and Dybala starting for Juventus.

  6. Dfox1942

    I’m home and about to watch Juve play and cant wait to see the kid and fatass connect. Speaking of …..he’s looking much fitter.

    1. Dfox1942

      Kun scored already after 9mins LMAO…. shakes his head

      1. Dfox1942

        Dybala twice passed the ball to Sami and twice he messed it up.

  7. vimaldass

    im so happy to see krannevitter start…juventus is going for a more defensive 5-3-2 approach

  8. Gonzalo

    Kranevitter, Mercado, Pareja, Vazquez, Higuain, Dybala to start

  9. Gonzalo

    This night also Independiente vs Lanus in Copa Sudamericana.

    Last night San Lorenzo beat Banfield 4:1. Gol de Soto, if we are talking about Rojo potential successors:

    1. vimaldass

      honestly our coaches must be blind not to drop rojo yet…i hope bauza doesnt follow feat!

      1. Gonzalo

        We have real stagnation on few positions.

        1. vimaldass

          true although i think there’s already an effort to revamp the right back position..gk and left back have to be the nxt to go!

  10. vimaldass

    Today’s sevilla vs juventus game is a must watch! i really hope vazquez does outstandingly well to catch the attention of bauza

    1. Gonzalo

      While Joaquin Correa is one of players I would like to see in Di Maria place. He has potential to show.

      1. vimaldass

        He has very similar playing style to kaka if you notice

        1. Gonzalo


  11. SulaV

    Apparently hunger for goals has finally comeback for messi… if it was last couple of seasons… yesterdauy’s last 2 goals of messi could have easily been neymar’s goal… its about time suarez and neymar start serving the master… they have taken too much glory from messi’s assist and playmaking…

  12. guled

    Seville v juventus is very interesting many of our players will be there.
    Vasquez(better version of banega)and dybala are the two most outstanding who should be starting for argentina.

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