Ivan MARCONE and ASCACIBAR being watched by BAUZA

Santiago Ascacibar

Edgardo BAUZA’s assistant, Jose DI LEO, has revealed two names from the local league in Argentina which might get called-up.

Argentina’s World Cup Qualifying campaign continues next month and two names have already been mentioned. Just like Lucas ALARIO from River Plate, there’s likely to be more new names in the list. Here’s what BAUZA’s assistant had to say:

“We’ve been watching MARCONE and ASCACIBAR. Everyone has a chance.”

MARCONE’s a midfielder of current league champions Lanus while ASCACIBAR was part of Argentina’s Olympic team.


  1. Gonzalo

    There’s 5 players in Primera Bauza should deliberate:

    Ascacibar (in Biglia place)
    Jose Luis Gomez (instead Mercado)
    Tagliafico (instead Rojo)
    Lucas Janson (instead Aguero)
    Gonzalo Martinez (instead Di Maria)

  2. Gonzalo

    Pizarro, Ascacibar, Augusto, Pereyra, Enzo – all them Bauza should try. But unfortunateley the door to NT are permanently blocked long time by players like Banega or Biglia that are not enough good and energetic.

  3. tigrawaydegafi

    Why is z door closed to Peryera? Peryera Agusto and Banega should marshall the mid with Dybala messi and Pratto upfront.

    Or Dimaria in lieu of Babega and Higuein/Icardi for Prato, maintaining Leo and Dybala as untouchables in front line.

  4. mamoun elpipita

    Gonzalo I’m with you on pizarro, the kid is incredibly physical and dynamic and could give the midfield a real kick in the pants.

    I would like to see a pizarro/augusto-kranevitter/ascicabar-pereyra/lanzini midfield as an alternative to the augusto-masch-banega one.

    1. Csabalala

      Pizarro is good passer, hardworker, but not dynamic, even more slower than Biglia.

      1. mamoun elpipita

        Totally disagree, first of all I don’t think he’s slow at all and second dynamism isn’t just about speed, but rather energy and physicality and versatility as well.

    2. Gonzalo

      Bauza should follow also Pizarro teammate Lucas Zelarayan as possible Di Maria successor.

  5. Gonzalo

    I thought about Marcone when he was in Arsenal Sarandi yet.
    Now I would like to see Masche, Augusto, Ascacibar, Pizarro.
    Pizarro also must get real chance – i.e. a game in starting line up.

  6. Dfox1942

    Bauza is doing a good thing so far, thinking outside the box and that not just for show.

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