Argentina vs. Venezuela – Kickoff delayed

Emmanuel Mas Uruguay

Argentina vs. Venezuela has been delayed by 30 minutes.

In typical CONMEBOL fashion, Tuesday night’s World Cup Qualifier between Argentina and Venezuela has been delayed by 30 minutes. The match will now begin at 7:30pm Eastern time (Toronto), 12:30am in London, England. CONMEBOL made the announcement a few hours ago. Here’s Argentina’s line-up for the match:



  1. Profile photo of dollon biswasdollon biswas

    We don’t need Rojo (Tattoo boy) ..we don’t need biglia (45years old guy) and we need Mascarano back his real possition left sided certain defender….. We don’t need more central defender in starting lineup…..we need young bloods like lanzini,peredes,peruzzi and must be Franco Vasquez… We need Vasquez not weak Maria….Maria can use super sub….

  2. Profile photo of SabellistaSabellista

    I want to see some names dropped. Not necessarily banished but I think there is competition within the squad to make these players fight for their places. Secondly we need hard runners in the midfield, otherwise we’ll continue to struggle to generate ochestratred opportunities then critics will be blaming strikers for missing one chance in a match.
    I’m looking forward to the next squad with interest, hope Bauza has made his own assessment of the old guard and by now has an idea of which names are not worth calling up anymore and those that need to be relegated to the bench.

  3. Profile photo of pretendadonapretendadona

    Dfox its that lack of charictor and self diva thing that needs to go…

    draw is good a win is good a loss dosent matter in the points race we are going to goto the wc 2018..

    just be consistent enough excuses and enough of the same problems over and over for a decade…

    banega of the second half was the benega we all loved years ago before his

    stop wasting shit and stop choking

  4. Profile photo of WhizzardWhizzard

    First of all the reason why our number 9’s are not producing is because of the midfield is not producing and providing passes inside. to me Banega should be replacing biglia and Lanzini occupy his space. Dimaria should still be called up but be placed on the bench. Sorry to say it but my 2 favorite Argentina players should always be called up because of their grits, tenacity, and skills (Ansaldi Perreyra)

  5. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    Leandro u just BLA BLA BLA…these guys are simply not good enough for a team like Argentina they must be left out !! it’s that simple!! they are baaaddddd… no explanation needed!!

  6. Profile photo of Dfox1942Dfox1942

    I like to take the positive with the negative, losing to Venezuela 2-0 would have been devastating and it wouldn’t have mattered what players were missing. Coming back after being down 2-0, shitty pitch, rain, crowds highly motivated, opponents playing for more than just pride, missing your best player among others……….. helps build character.

    A lot of wasted opportunities before and after going down 2-0. Defense was outta wack tonight, which leads me to Romero.

    There was nothing he could have done about that first goal, it was spectacular to say the least, Messiasc kinda goal, his defense left him exposed on the 2nd but the free kick where he came out and did nothing and the last one where he chested the ball….WTF was that.

    1. Profile photo of guledguled

      The excuse is Romero never let argentina down so let him play.
      We have better keepers than romero.

  7. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    I want to see Bauza snub first Diva Maria then Bigilia…Higuain..Kun..Rojo..and Romero

  8. Profile photo of tmisellatitmisellati

    we scored only 9 goals in 8 matches !!
    something is not right !!
    i do not think it is necause of hig or aguero or even pratto
    the damn midfielders can not provide single clear pass or through pass inside the opponent box.
    di maria tends to have the ball more than it is needed
    banega is too slow and is not that creative.
    rojo while he is good in the defense , he is very lacking in the attack
    bauza has alot of work

  9. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    8 minutes extra time chile vs bolivia

  10. Profile photo of LeandroLeandro

    As I saw it,

    Banega did well when he had the ball and defending, but he is a luxury player, simply because he is super slow and not energetic. He is also a very deep playmaker (hew was a defensive midfielder and it shows), so next to Masch and Biglia we have a tough, but not necessarily fast or penetrating midfield.

    Then you have DiMaria, who needs to get benched hard so he gets serious. So much talent wasted in ego. Gaitan while more limited, works harder and plays smarter as a team.

    Lamela, is not a good Right wing, he needs to play central and with freedom to move, he should have played in Banegas position.

    Pratto did well considering the piss poor service he got.

    This is the real test for Bauza, lets see if heads roll, lets see if he adjusts, he looked obviously unhappy, he made changes, fingers crossed.

    We have young dynamic players screaming to play, Perreira, etc.. we need fresh blood. We need a balanced midfield. We have been playing with 3 DM and non penetrating fullbacks for a decade now.. we are very one dimensional.

  11. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

    well after these 2 games in that bauza has been able to see our players close up, nothing has changed as we all know who needs to go and i hope baz does see that as well.
    their need to be changes and this is not at all new and is now an urgent matter to be addressed.
    the next selection will tell us a lot more of what bauza thinks as changes have to be made and next time he will not excuses of just taking the job-i wait with interest.

  12. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    u nailed Istiaq!!

  13. Profile photo of HaititoArgHaititoArg

    I think Pratto is a very hard worker

  14. Profile photo of IstiaqueIstiaque

    There are few players that should never play for us again. Like Rojo, Biglia and Di Maria.

    In a game where we played with 2 defensive midfielders and 3 center backs, we conceded 2 goals. Tells you the whole story of how disjointed our team is.

    I’m glad that our current manager subbed off Biglia and Rojo! Plus he changed the team’s shape twice in between games. Thats a sign of a good manager.

    1. Profile photo of LeandroLeandro

      I agree about his substitutions, and I agree on how flat footed we are without offensive fullbacks, however I have to stick up for Biglia, he is fine, I dont think he should start, but he is an excellent team player. The coaches are the ones choosing to play him when he should really only be on the field as Mascheranos replacement in defensive Mid. They keep insisting on a double #5 where that is not his strength (Agusto is better there). This is Bauzas true test.. lets see how he prepares for the next round of games..

  15. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    6 fakining minutes extra time? Chile vs Bolivia?? never for us never!!

  16. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    Gonzalo..i wanna add Bigilia..Rojo..and Romero!!

    1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      I will still repeat the 6 must be purge out of NT: Di Maria, Higuain, Aguero, Banega, BIglia, Rojo. They are worn out. We need warriors.

  17. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    GOOD JOB BOLIVIAAAAAAA….hang on more 5 minutes!!

  18. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Di Maria, Lamela, Banega – none of them is worth to be even call up.

    Pratto was actually not bad.

  19. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    OMG just a simple pass 3 against 2 …we cud win this match

  20. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    I lost count how many millions of time DIVA MARIA miss passess

  21. Profile photo of IstiaqueIstiaque

    At least our current manager knows that in a match you can change 3 players and as many tactics you want!

  22. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    3-4-3 now with Nico coming in

  23. Profile photo of sandysandy

    thanks bauza for subbing rojo for gaitan!

  24. Profile photo of guledguled

    Good job otamendi.

  25. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    4 defenders couldn’t stop that Blondi…..fakk

    1. Profile photo of jerry dieugevillejerry dieugeville

      Let’s fucking go…vamossssss for God sake

    2. Profile photo of jerry dieugevillejerry dieugeville

      Again Romero with the same stupidity just like against chile

  26. Profile photo of IstiaqueIstiaque

    There are some players in this team that just should not be playing.

  27. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    At least Bauza changed the formation and brought an attacking player for Biglia, hope not too late…

    1. Profile photo of guledguled

      Should have done that earlier.

  28. Profile photo of tmisellatitmisellati

    do not bash pratto plz
    even batigol can not score if he was playing because the damn midfielders can not create even one single clear chance
    banega is too slow and always looking for killer pass which he can not do and di maria is just pain in the ass

  29. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    Our coach shud have guts like france ..despite the name they left Karim Benzama out of their team!! Diva Maria didn’t deserve to be in the NT last year even not to mention this season. Why our coaches are so fond of big names?!!!!!!

  30. Profile photo of sandysandy

    roho…? ha ha what a joke!
    every time he gets the ball, he will dispossess it!

  31. Profile photo of sandysandy

    what is di maria doing?

  32. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    I am sooooooo furious about this son of whore Diva Mariaaaaaaa. mother fakar just dieeeeeeeee……or just urgggggggggvgvgvvggvgg

  33. Profile photo of sandysandy

    despite the luck involved in that goal, i would still say that there is more logic in including pratto in the team than rojo and maria!

  34. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    Holyshit! that Bulky guy?

    1. Profile photo of jerry dieugevillejerry dieugeville

      Yup just put it in the back of the net no fancy shit lets go

  35. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    Gol boludo

  36. Profile photo of IstiaqueIstiaque

    When no one have any idea what to do when the ball comes in his feet, this kinda things are bound to happen from time to time.

  37. Profile photo of pretendadonapretendadona

    the only end to this is to start from scratch there the worst and most embarressing gen in argy history there dismantling the greatness of the shirt all that history UNDONE

    in one generation by a bunch of cowards

  38. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    2nd goal was that imbecile Otamendi’s fault

  39. Profile photo of pretendadonapretendadona


  40. Profile photo of pretendadonapretendadona

    the 3 and pratto are so isolated and apart its a joke there is no pass and move no attack in the box are terible….

    this gen ALL OF THEM including messi need to go there mentally damaged weak fearfull scared they have had all there confidence FUCKED OUT OF THERE ASSES

  41. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    Holy s@#$! We suck!

  42. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    These bunch of imbeciles yet need to win a match in this WCQ without Messi!!8 matches… 4 without Messi and 4 with Messi. If we end up losing this one it will mean 2 draws and 2 lose without Messi. While 4 straight wins with him.

    1. Profile photo of guledguled

      But some have the audacity to criticize him.

  43. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    Let’s see what Bauza can come up with. So far, they way we are plating is a joke…They torrential downpour does not help either. Banega should shoot from distance more often.

  44. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    and again that BULKY pratto? Alario was so sharp and skillful and Bauza still put this worse version of Higuain!!..Rojo just ruined everything like he did in last copa final! We can’t lose to venezuela !!! Diva Maria what a waste of a place in NT. Same goes for Bigilia..Lamela..Romero

  45. Profile photo of IstiaqueIstiaque

    You gotta make at least three changes to make this functional. At this moment we don’t have any midfield at all. We are playing 6 defenders and 4 attackers and hoping for the best.

    Rojo does nothing in attack, just adds a number who cant do nothing there. Di Maria is useless. Biglia is useless, so is Lamela and Pratto.

    Take out Biglia please, we don’t need 2 defensive midfielders in this game. Make Banega and Lamela play a bit deep.

    Banega-Mascherano-Lamela should be good enough.

    and bring in Alario and Gaitan.

  46. Profile photo of guledguled

    Dead weights like Rojo,di maria,Romero have no business playing for Argentina.

  47. Profile photo of pretendadonapretendadona

    rojo is totally braindead

  48. Profile photo of pretendadonapretendadona

    a static team of static fear infested idiots with 3 fails behind them SAME OLD SAME OLD

  49. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    what is the plan here??? what is Bauza’s philosophy here ? Diva Maria shud be subbed ….Banega..Lamela..Bigilia Otamendi all of them..shud be subbed….faaak.Why to bring Rojo for Mas?? why..Rojo is nothing special!! fak

  50. Profile photo of sandysandy

    rojo dispossesses the ball and argentina suffers from the counter attack! how many times are we seeing this?

    1. Profile photo of pretendadonapretendadona

      over and over and over again like jimmy savile on a boys bottom…..

      its the same shamful cowardus and divaism over and over again


      THIS IS A CONTINUED DISCRASFUL DIVAISH self centered sleave tat generation of pussys

      1. Profile photo of guledguled

        Do i know this guy.

  51. Profile photo of pretendadonapretendadona

    the embaresment continues lamela is a joke he has hugged the touch line scared the whole first half

  52. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    YOU mascherano…u are holding Rondon’s shirt and then asking ref what’s wrong?!!! My god our defenders!! what a cheap way to gets a yellow!! faaaaakkkk

  53. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    Otamendi’s yellow was just a matter of time…

  54. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    DIVA DIVA DIVA…my my my

  55. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    Name like DIVA Maria, Aguero..choker Higuain deprive us WC and both Copa!!!

  56. Profile photo of Budi SusatyoBudi Susatyo

    link please

  57. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    we have to just come down with those challenges!!

  58. Profile photo of Soccer4USoccer4U

    The game is at 7:30pm Eastern
    Any link please!

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