Starting 11 confirmed by BAUZA

Edgardo Bauza

Okay everyone here are is the official starting lineup for tonight.  It is the lineup that was being anticipated in the media.  It is Sergio Romero; Pablo Zabaleta, Nicolás Otamendi, Ramiro Funes Mori, Emmanuel Mas; Javier Mascherano, Lucas Biglia; Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, Angel Di María; and Lucas Pratto.  What do you guys think? Any predictions?


Vamos Argentina!!


  1. Profile photo of fouad-damanfouad-daman

    Biglia had some good tackles and some bad ones fuentes mori owned suarez. Hopefully dibalas card will be taken away it was his unlucky day. Dimaria should only be on when we are counterattacking lamela instead with the4231.
    Banega should be in biglia out. But i really like the deffencive work done today.zabaletta and mas were good too

  2. Profile photo of Julker9Julker9

    As expected, a bulldog fight between 2 teams. But I am pissed off totally through out the match because of shitty referring. Cards after cards goes for anything! For moment I thought, Messi would also get a red card after tackle on Godin. Referee ruined the excitement of this match. From 2006 WC quarter final, refs are always making shitty decision against Argentina in big matches. I wonder, did AFA ever complain about this?

    Btw, our attack still needs to improve. A Biglia-Mascherano combo will give us nothing in Russia. Every time Messi drops down to midfield, I asked myself, do we have any midfield at all? Why Bauza didn’t sub Biglia for Banega after Dybala’s send off? And what’s the point of giving Di Maria this much time on field! Nico or Lamela should start from now. Honestly, I don’t find anything new from this team. It’s like, we are still under Martino!

    From now, Bauza should bring some new faces to make the midfield better. Perotti, Perez, Parades, Lanzini….we have really good options for midfield. I don’t care, if he even bring that traitor Vazquez for the sack of our midfield!

  3. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    BIGILIA out karn or some1 else in……..Pratto bulky..Alario must in..Mascherano u remind me 2006 wc!!!! even better tonight

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    Mascherano’s passings has been underrated. At times he acted as a deep lying midfielder with his diagonal passes and even occasionally darted forward as a box-to-box player, something that should be in theory expected of Biglia/Augusto. Great, great game by El Jefecito. He is a genius and a true warrior, I wish he could stay young forever.

  5. Profile photo of david carvajaldavid carvajal

    Biglia needs to be gone… augusto lanzini or krane… I liked alario way better then pratto

  6. Profile photo of david carvajaldavid carvajal

    Does anyone know if they can challenge the two yellow cards?

    1. Profile photo of Argentino TruchoArgentino Trucho

      I certainly hope so. I think Dybala needs to start again next game.

      1. Profile photo of david carvajaldavid carvajal

        I was trying to research but couldn’t find anything

  7. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    Massive three points for us. Messi was fantastic, Mascherano out of this world, one of his best games for the National Team. Funes Mori was excellent too. Dybala played well and the yellows cards were a bit harsh. Not too worry, the kid has a bright future, we saw a few glimpses of that today.

    I know people will say that Pratto was bad but to be fair to him he is a kind of player that should be judged on how he deals with one on one situations which he did not have any because of lack of service.

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  9. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    I am passing my life’s longest 45 minutes

    1. Profile photo of david carvajaldavid carvajal

      Yes it was!!! I was yelling at my TV we need a sub

  10. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    maswcherano is my man!!! he is everywhere!!!!

  11. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    Mother fakar Di mariaaaaaa!!! fking son of a w**** his fancy playing almost cost us a goal!!!!

  12. Profile photo of vimaldassvimaldass

    Messi suffered the same fate too in his first few games of wearing the argentina jersey…was overly enthusiastic when he elbowed his opponent which resulted in him getting sent off

  13. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    Just tell me guys when Diva Maria give us a decent game!!!

  14. Profile photo of vikvik

    Deft touches from di Maria. Nothing special. Breaks my heart

  15. Profile photo of GabGab

    Fucking bullshit South American refs….Dybala did not deserve that…poor kid

    Di Maria is useless….gotta go, and I mean permanently. Time for Lamela to replace him

    I love how organised and structured Arg look under Bauza.

    Masch playing a great game.

  16. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    Let’s see if Bauza makes any subs. Augusto or Kranevitter may come sooner than anticipated.

  17. Profile photo of Lester BriscoLester Brisco

    I feel sorry for Dybala. Both cards in mid field with quite static situations.. The second one wasn’t supposed to be a card! But what a game by Messi! He works that bit of extra without the ball and tries to win it back like this was 2007.. He has a hunger! Also speaks up and leads like a captain!

  18. Profile photo of RichardRichard

    We got most of the possession in the first half and have a deserved lead. Too bad Dybala hit the post. His enthusiasm and a dumb referee cost him a red card. He was doing well. Performances are mixed. Crosses and corners are very poor (mostly Di Maria). They are all working hard and will have to do so in the second half with one man down. Bauza will switch to counter attack.

  19. Profile photo of guledguled

    These corrupt SA referees cost us last 2 copa.we have more chances winning world cup then is disgrace.

  20. Profile photo of vikvik

    Is anyone watching it in argentina? What are the pundits saying about the sending off!!!???
    Stupid bein tv enlist ain’t showing jack!
    How was that even a booking for both!!
    South america has gone soft.

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  22. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

    Feel so sorry for dybala as the 1st was not at all a yellow.
    Some famtastic play but as we have said di maria is doing some thing to nothing and bil also needs to be replaced. Neither are justifing their places.
    Great to see some fight from the team and prot is throwing him self about.

    1. Profile photo of vikvik

      Pablo are you watching te pundits views.
      I don’t usually comment during game time. But I juse can’t see what evidence suggests a disciplinary?!
      Granted bein tv English is letting us uk guys down

      1. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

        Im on bein sports as well. The new zealand edition and they are saying nothing

  23. Profile photo of david carvajaldavid carvajal

    Poor dybala.. he was trying so hard.. neither of those calls were yellow cards.. bullshit referee

    1. Profile photo of vikvik

      David you ain’t alone on that.

      1. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison


  24. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    Damn, Dybala, this is so SAD. He was playing well. Man, what a shame.

    I’ve never seen Messi so pissed at the referee.

    1. Profile photo of david carvajaldavid carvajal

      Yeah poor dybala… I feel bad

  25. Profile photo of Julker9Julker9

    Fuck! Red card to Dybala!!

    1. Profile photo of vikvik

      How on gods good earth is that a yellow let alone leading to a 2nd yellow

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  27. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    These so called stars nothing but club players!! Mascherano dropping so deep..who is in the midfield ??

  28. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    who is this Pratto..he seems so bulky

  29. Profile photo of Julker9Julker9

    0 contribution so far from left side. Mas & Di Maria both playing shit.

  30. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    Nice combo Dybala – Messi

  31. Profile photo of Budi SusatyoBudi Susatyo
  32. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas
    1. Profile photo of Budi SusatyoBudi Susatyo

      any other link? the above one is blocked here.

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      1. Profile photo of aaabnormalaaabnormal I use this one and always works!

  33. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    Ecuador dropping the points at home makes the situation more interesting. Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia with 13 points, Brazil 12, Argentina 11.

  34. Profile photo of Budi SusatyoBudi Susatyo

    any stream link can be shared?

    1. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas
  35. Profile photo of GhostdeiniGhostdeini

    I hope for a win and that the whole team and players play well, especially Messi who has come back and Dybala who some fans who put players over team are just waiting that he plays bad to bash him because he would throw out their favorites if he were to play good.
    Sorry but this is the truth!

    1. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

      I personally hope that Dybala has a perfect game so that he cements his place in the starting line-up.

  36. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

    How cleverly Brazil playing against Ecuador!! Damn Fat Tata!! at our home ground we just give away those 3 points…..Brazil earn a penalty jut out of nowhere!!

  37. Profile photo of vikvik

    Only problem I have is biglia. If the concern is cavani and suarez then augusto Fernandez would’ve been a viable option.
    Otherwise I wouldn’t get overly excited with the messi and Dybala combination. It might not work. Only because they’ve had no game time together and going in a competitive game and that too against Uruguay it will be even more difficult. But it’s a start! If they both hit the ground running then it will really be something special. You have to also consider Uruguay’s stubborn defence.

    1. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

      I totally agree about Augusto. Not only he is not worse than Biglia defensively but we have also seen in the last Copa that he understands the box-to-box role well with his well timed runs.

  38. Profile photo of San IsidroSan Isidro

    You know there is this nonsense comment that is always made by coaches of our NT…”There wasnt enough time so I decided to go with the old regime from the old coach” This is code for saying, I have no balls, courage, insight, or intestinal fortitude to tell half the guys on the team they suck and choked so pack your shit and get out…So here we go…

    Zabaleta—Why? What the hell does a slow old guy like him offer? Nothing
    Biglia—You can’t make a penalty shot—adios…2 penalty shoot outs in 2 finals, 2 misses.
    Emmanuel Mas—Huh? What did Rojo do wrong? Lets fix something that isn’t broke.
    Lucas Pratto–I guess nor matter how good the young Inter Milan captain plays, nobody is willing to forgive the fact that he stole Wanda from fat Maxi Lopez…Maxi Lopez’ honor is worth more than another championship for our team. And if Pratto was that good fellas, he would be in Europe, not in Brazil.
    DiMaria–Lamela you can stay on the bench until I get the few wild shots out of my system and then get injured. You can come in with no time left and try to make a difference.

    And someone for Gods sake tell these guys to take the game serious…I don’t want to see any stupid instagram pics with their shirts off having fun. I don’t see that shit happening in any major club, so get your heads out of your ass, act professional and business like, and we won’t all be crying in our beers for a change. Its wonderful you guys have 6 pack abs, but not too many 18 year old female soccer fans watching you, mostly middle aged guys looking for glory for their team and country.

    1. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

      Rojo is suspended hence Mas but to be honest Rojo is not that great in my opinion. Rojo had a good world cup performance in 2014 but declined afterwards. Ansladi, Tagliafico are better options right now, As far as Icardi, I agree he should be playing. The thing is at least some of our players may not want him. This is just a speculation but I suspect it may have something to do with his exclusion so far.

  39. Profile photo of Lester BriscoLester Brisco

    Biglia and Masch are there because Bauza can not rely on our attackers to defend, track back or at least run when the ball isn’t in our possession. Against Uruguays top strikers it’s good to have that protection there. I’m thinking that Dybala will be the key. He’ll be the one dropping deep and making the plays. Mark my words: ARG will get one or two goals out of situations where Uruguay attacks with too many men and Biglia or Masche get’s the ball to Dybala and then he finds Leo or ADM and then my friends… You’ll see the goals being scored! 2-0 win! Vamos Argentina!

  40. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    I know that most of us, including myself did not want Biglia to start or even make the bench but I’m just trying to understand Bauza’s logic here going with a double pivot of Mascherano and Biglia. Is he worried that a Suarez and Cavani duo is going to wreak havoc on our defence and just trying to ensure there is extra protection to the back four?
    Who in this team is a link between defence and attack? I’m afraid both Dybala and Messi will have to drop deep. As always, I hope that players that I criticize will prove me wrong. I’ll happily admit that I was wrong about a particular player, in this case Biglia if he defies the expectations.

  41. Profile photo of HaititoArgHaititoArg

    I can’t believe I just can’t stay away man no matter how hard I try fuck anyways what time is the game

  42. Profile photo of fanOFargentinafanOFargentina

    I would say not a bad line up…only thing macherano is no busquets and Bigilia no might need one more creative midfieldder in future

    1. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

      Yes, Mascherano is no Busquets, but that’s OK, he’s not that much worse than him. Mascherano is not a problem. Biglia on the other hand….

  43. Profile photo of fanOFargentinafanOFargentina

    Can anyone pls share live stream link which can be accessed from UK

    1. Profile photo of ClacKamasClacKamas

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