Sergio AGUERO injured, out of Argentina squad

Sergio Aguero Argentina

According to Hernan CASTILLO, Sergio AGUERO is out injured.

The tweet by CASTILLO states that AGUERO will not be travelling to Argentina to take part in the World Cup Qualifiers as he is out injured. With the squad selection being larger than usual (27 players called in total), it is unlikely that there would be a replacement called-up.


  1. Profile photo of Dfox1942Dfox1942

    OMG, hold the phone, Kun is injured right before playing for Argentina… what a SHOCKER!!!!!!

    HEY, at least they didn’t take his sorry ass while being injured if he is in fact injured.

  2. Profile photo of Julker9Julker9

    Coward, run away from his country’s duty. I don’t think Aguero is injured.

  3. Profile photo of guledguled

    Useless aguero out is good news.

  4. Profile photo of petropetro

    Aguero does well with Man.City, as he gets several opportunites from the midfield and he plays like Lone striker…may be thats the strategy we need to follow for NT..Bauza needs to look at midfield more..

  5. Profile photo of MafiosoMafioso

    Good for us.

    1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      I think so. He is one of those I never more will trust.

  6. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Icardi now or never I think.

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