Lionel MESSI available for World Cup Qualifiers!

Lionel Messi Barcelona

The game against Athletic Bilbao over the weekend left MESSI with various knocks and Barcelona wanted him to undergo various medical examinations as a precaution. After undergoing medical tests it has been confirmed that MESSI will be flying to Argentina along with MASCHERANO today and will arrive sometime early tomorrow morning.  It has not been confirmed as of yet if he will start or come off the bench for Argentina’s first match against Uruguay. As always, we will keep you guys up-to-date.









  1. Profile photo of Brian MannBrian Mann

    It is a shame Icardi is being frozen out of the side.

    Two other nines of note who I think left Argentina prematurely are Lucas Boye and Ezequiel Ponce. They have wasted last season but Ponce is at Granada and doing well in what is a fairly poor team.

    Players like Ascacibar who is also a very good passer of the ball should be allowed at the very least to train at Ezeiza with the senior players. And learn from players in Santiago’s case Mascherano.

    Pity is also doing well at River along with Driussi and Alario. The first two seem to be maturing and showing the talent they had in the junior divisions. Alario seems to thrive under pressure. He and Icardi I would pencil in for the nine role. Goodbye to the choker.

    PS Nice to see some of the old WC Blog posters still here. I was Aurelius. 😉

    1. Profile photo of GhostdeiniGhostdeini

      good to hear from you Aurelius, your unique comments were surely missed!

    2. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      Pity Martinez is near to his best finally. But it’s still not his best. He is extremaly talented.

      Boye would be competition for Icardi but he needs time. Looks like Torino isn’t good place for him because of Belotti.

  2. Profile photo of travistravis

    the king is back!!!

    as of this moment, i believe dybala is as equal as putting both kun and pipita together in the team.
    and as of now, i don’t care who’s going to be the number 9, as i don’t see bauza calling icardi anytime soon.

    vamos vamos, bring on dracula and co.!!

  3. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Trio Alario, Driussi, Martinez have scored against Banfield again. I think if Icardi won’t be called up now and Alario will do some good thing in upcoming games I don’t see Icardi in NT short term.

    1. Profile photo of Jack!Jack!

      I beleive Bauza will want 2 numbers 9s. One will be Alario and the other might be Icardi. Who knows if Pratto’s call up will be long term.

      1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

        It is also possible.

  4. Profile photo of MafiosoMafioso

    “Aguero will stay in Manchester. An injury to Aguero is nothing new. We have decided that he’ll stay there and continue recovery.”

    “Let’s see how players arrive. They’ll end party & arrive here travelling 14h. NT player is not what he does but what I ask them to”

    -Edgardo Bauza

  5. Profile photo of visvis

    Want to see Messi and Dybala play together, should be a brilliant combo

    1. Profile photo of Dfox1942Dfox1942

      Exactly, no candy-ass Kun, NO PROBLEM,C’mon kid, show us what u got.

      These AB F***ers always play dirty.

      1. Profile photo of Jack!Jack!

        I think you mean Roody Poo, Candy Ass jabroni!!

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