BAUZA to announce list today, MESSI return

Lionel Messi Barcelona

Edgardo BAUZA is expected to announce his list of players for next month’s World Cup Qualifiers today.

The new Argentina coach will announce his list today at 6pm Buenos Aires time. The big rumor breaking out is that Lionel MESSI is expected to be on the list.

Furthermore, the likes of BUFFARINI and PRATTO are also rumored to make the list. However, these are only rumors at this point.

Don’t forget to check out Mundo Albiceleste throughout the day for breaking developments and of course for the list of players once it is announced.


  1. Gonzalo


    you are (and Antonio Montana) atleast a bit meritoric unlike the rest. I like Messi but only if he play for Argentina. He does not isolated Brcelona team, but it’s quite different to things in Copa Final. He just wanted do it by yourself. It’s hard to deny when you are watching his performance.

  2. SulaV

    and with the king the world cup will return back as well!!! finally….

    1. chalz

      Michael Phelps???… just kidding dear

  3. guled

    So it is official now messi is was bad move from him to retire but glad he realized that and returned.
    I can’t wait to see the list.
    Like i said in another post i feel good about this coach,i believe we will win this time.

  4. Mafioso

    Bauza (Arg coach) promised Messi that the AFA would not interfere in any of the team’s stuff. He will enjoy everything.

  5. tigrawaydegafi

    When Gonzalo has lost his hypcratic and a delusinally created golden generationn especially after both the olympics and youth championship loses he would continue to insult messi, then God knows next.

    Jezz even Traviz hounarably begged to differ from your nonsense. Just drop us some more local based names.that is what you can contribute here. You create your own fantasy but ordinary team and then you find it hard to endure the shame. I remember when you appealed in z aftermath of copa 16 your favorite olympic team to takeover the seniour jersy like what you are trying to do here in mundo, oversteping your routine name droping habit in to funny minutes of youtube incident base comments. I guess the olympic kids have learned more than your guts!!

    1. Istiaque

      Like everyone else he is entitled of his opinion. Yes I disagree with his opinion regarding Messi, but we can have and I surely had some discussions in the past.

      1. tigrawaydegafi

        It is good to differentiate opinion from’Denial and rationalization’. Z latter 2 are self defense schemes making a reasoned discourse impossible. Self-obsession is hard to undo it even if you show them the truth,all what they care is abt one sh**t, calling mental health intervention.

        1. guled

          Agree with this case it is not about having different opinion which is fine.

        2. Gonzalo

          Hey man, you even can’t try to start with meritoric disurse. Why do you don’t want just talking about Messi Copa America final? It’s theme and not my psychology. You have not any counter-argument. How do you want to describe Messi game against Chile?

    2. Gonzalo

      “I remember when you appealed in z aftermath of copa 16 your favorite olympic team to takeover the seniour jersy”

      Show me where I was appealing that? Show me or you are liar.

      “even Traviz” but who is Travis here?

      Am I spokesman of Olimpic Team? It was our B team and in special circumstances as we read in below Olarticoechea words. So don’t judge our young generation after that. We have enough talent now. As always.

    3. Gonzalo

      And why you bring rivalization between senior Argentina and Olimpic Team? Both are Argentina. Some of players the Olimpic team will some day in that senior. So if you have a problem with supporting all Argentina teams just leave the site because it’s obvious you are another Messi blind lover who just pay his brainless and uncritical homage to him. It’s site for Argentina all teams fans.

      1. tigrawaydegafi

        My point was not abt the youths it is a remark to show how much ur ego is clowding your judgement. What you give due emphasis,which mirrors your sheet,is always better zan anything,including leo. U r lucky zat some one is even caring to respond to z lowest,moronic thought u exceptionally possess cus i knew u won’t get it till u get over ur madness abt your deluded thought as you tried to convince us zat leo is as selfish as Correa or Memphis Depay is the next king bla bla…

        I equate you with the today Judo egyptian loser not cus he lost but is equally as loser as u since he failed to accept his defeat.i know u will ask another explanation of false analogy cus i.e. who u really are.

        1. Gonzalo

          Man I needn’t to convince no one here that Messi was selfish because it obvious on that video.

          And you are too stupid to understand some psychological mechanism like denial and rationalization. It’s are just the mechanisms of self-defence that are in use Messi’s fanboys here:

          1. denial: “Messi was ok in that final because he always do all things right. What are you talking about? I don’t need to see the video because I know he did all great”.

          2. Rationalization: “Messi was alone for sure because it’s impossible that he did some things wrong”.

        2. Gonzalo

          And man I know who you are. Lurker of my mistakes. From Ethiopia? Or mr KH?

        3. Gonzalo

          And you still has not explanation for Messi’s shitty final.

          1. Gonzalo

            Now with lack of any arguments you may just pretend to be psychologist ahile you can’t even to apply basic psychoanalisis machanisms

          2. Gonzalo

            And what about KidultHood? You are his porte parole. The man made fool of yourself by his predictions so many times that he must left this site by embarassment. So you must be now in underground as lurker.

  6. EnganChe

    Andate Pipa!

    Please no more of this serial choker.

  7. Mafioso

    BAUZA: “.There’s no doubt in my mind that Messi has the desire to return to play for Argentina. I saw him with great desire to return.I saw Messi with great desire to return but I won’t get ahead of myself. I will call him at noon before creating the squad list.”

  8. Mafioso

    Messi being selfish is the most inappropriate accusation you can throw at him.

    1. Antonio Montana

      💯perfect correct…. Messi isn’t selfish enough. Example letting Neymar and Suarez take his penalties at barca… Messi would have won the pichici last year but let Suarez win it… Too unselfish maybe..please dybala be there!!!

      1. Antonio Montana

        I understand where you are coming from but my reasoning is this. Messi is the best in the world, probably ever. He has lil support with Argentina late in games, usually when dimaria is out there game and aguero is not in the game. Messi is known for making the best possible football decision with the ball, usually unselfishly. Example, messi is best running to his left as he is left footed. He scores most of his goals running from this side. Yet with barca he passes unselfishly to Neymar who plays to messi left. Lionel, myself believes that is the best football play, pass to Neymar rather than keep it himself. With the national team he must feel a lack of confidence in players like lamela who played wide of him in the final. And let’s be honest, we win with our best and will lose with them. Messi is the ball gives us the best chance to score at all times. Much like basketball, for example, Michael Jordan missed 97 last second potential game winning shots! You lose with your best with ball! But how many times did Michael Jordan win ?! A lot! The same is with messi as Argentina has only lost 3 games with messi since October of 2011! THREE! The final with Germany, Portugal friendly that he was sub out at halftime and a Brazil friendly…messi has won us 99% more games than he has lost us…
        my answer is to play dimaria as a 65th minute substitute so angels pace can really make the difference in a match. Hence messi will have someone to play advancing football with, that he has confidence in, late in games. PS I never complain of dimaria taking on defenders, so long it isn’t in our own half. Angels ability to do so is what makes him special on the pitch.

        1. Gonzalo

          You are still more meritoric than others here. But I’m not convinced because it was not first Messi Copa Final. It was his third + final of WC. So he didn’t learn a lot. He should to know that it’s impossible to win any final playing by himself, and not collectively.

    2. Gonzalo

      So how do you want to describe player who is dribbling unsuccesfuly against 2-4 defenders again and again? Some euphemism? ‘A momentary lapse of reason’?

      When Di Maria is dribbling against 2 rivals all people crying “why he is so selfish!”.

      But Messi is Saint.

      1. Istiaque

        It is pointless here. Try this discussion in a Boca blog, or a Madrid blog…you will get the answer you “want”.

        1. Gonzalo

          Pointless is when you are avoiding merit theme. Still don’t want to describe that Messi game. Because a lack of argue.

      2. CrazyArg

        because messi can beat 2 or 3 defenders 99% of occasions, beside he is not selfish, shithead di maria, who is best at giving rolando blow-job

        1. Gonzalo

          But he can’t beat in final. Both WC and Copa AMerica. He can beat against Almeria. So it’s wrong tactic.

  9. Dfox1942

    Nobody is perfect and mistakes are bound to happen and everybody understands that but when they become a pattern then that’s a problem.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, Messi main issue is that he’s too nice and buddies with the likes of Kun who has disappointed all of us and never showed for the senior national team, EVER.
    Argentina would have won something by now had he been a jerkoff like the Portuguese.

    I honestly don’t understand where these accusations of selfishness are coming from where he’s always been a team player.
    Was he frustrated by the tied score as time was running out and maybe took it upon himself to change the inevitable, YES as he should have but how many chances wasted by his teammates, given to them on a silver plater?? This copa, last and 2011 Uruguay game when kun,higuain and Lavezzi couldn’t hit the side of barn if their life depended on it.


  10. EnganChe

    I would select Di Santo and Cavenaghi over Higuain right now lol

  11. Richard

    Coaches need to come up with lists while most leagues (including Argentina, England, Spain, Italy and France) have yet to start. Who’s fit and who is not?
    Messi did well in Barca training matches. Do did Dybala in Juve’s matches. Higuain ate way too much to make runs. Selecting players for a list is a must (FIFA) but a bit of a gamble because almost nobody played a competitive match since June.

    1. Dfox1942

      I hope fat pipita continues munching on Pizzas so he doesn’t get selected.

      1. Gonzalo

        Higuain probably will be there

        1. miskan

          with his belly?

      2. Dfox1942

        The man has no shame, you’re a professional, you get paid hundreds of thousand dollars a week, A WEEK!!! nm moving from one club to thier rival for a record signing and fucking Argentina chances of winning a trophy AGAIN and you know all eyes are on you and still… up as a fatass.

        1. EnganChe

          Yep, he probably had one too many Neapolitan Margheritas

  12. Dfox1942

    No suprise there, at least in my eyes.
    Noway was Messi gonna drop the The NT because it would have hunted him for the rest of his life.
    There could be ONLY one #10 when Messi is healthy and available.

  13. EnganChe

    As per Ole Angel Correa and Emmanuel Mas are also rumoured to be on the list. Not sure if Mas is that impressive, many of us would prefer to see Tagliafico as a LB.

    Having said that, let’s keep in mind these are just rumours and speculations at this point.

  14. vik

    Wow! What Bauza must’ve said to change to get Messi to come back earlier.
    Bauza highlighted (like the rest of us) that messi was isolated during Tata’s tenure. So maybe it was something along the lines of….I will get more willing players around you….
    What ever he said is a massive bonus for us.

    1. Gonzalo

      “Bauza highlighted (like the rest of us) that messi was isolated during Tata’s tenure”.
      “like the rest of us”?

      Few people just recognised something quite different: Not Messi was isolated but he isolated the rest. I have still before eyes Higuain who is on position hoping for ball but then he can’t even cry out for his teammate: “hey, I was on better position, why you don’t want pass to me?”. He just cannot do this because it’s Messi. Is it normall team?

      1. Dfox1942

        He should be the last Argentine on the planet to complain about anything related to the NT.

        1. Gonzalo

          Higuain should be out of team long ago but Messi also miss in WC final 100% situation and miss in penalties of Last Copa. Maybe Messi could scored a goal in final if only he just wanted pass to Higuain who was always good in one-two game.

          1. Dfox1942

            Take a moment to examine that statement.

            Messi Never missed a pk for the NT when it mattered before and still the game was tied at that point.
            what did Higuian do in the wc, I tell you, his biggest play was when he did NOT interfere with that pass to Di Maria against Belgium for the go ahead score….Argentina would not have made it out of the group stage if it wasn’t for him…..I can go on and on and on this copa, last year’s 2011….etc think about it.

          2. Gonzalo

            “Messi Never missed a pk for the NT when it mattered before and still the game was tied at that point”.

            Incredible. Do I understand this right? You think that missed penalty of Messi is nothing wrong because Vidal missed too? Really in this way people may absolve Messi of any mistake.

            I’m not for Higuain here, I was first who wanted drop him of NT, but even Higuain can be advantage for you if you know how to use him. Do You want to say Messi played selfishly because he knew that his teammates are impotents? So what for he wanted Aguero in NT for example?

      2. CrazyArg

        Gonzalo, I respect your football wisdom, buy many of us noticed you are biased. its ok you do not like Messi, but it does not mean that you should treat him like that, ot think about us we dont know any thing football. if messi make a team isolated, that how he built up the most amazing team players around him at barcelona, which is the most composed team in the world. It is not messi, it is the players around him. barcelona has utilize him, built a team around him, rather than make himk isolated. that is the key to success.

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