Match Highlights: Lionel MESSI steals the show in Gamper match

Lionel Messi Barcelona

Lionel MESSI absolutely stole the show for Barcelona in their 3-2 win against Sampdoria.

Lionel MESSI scored two fantastic goals and had an incredible assist in Barcelona’s first pre-season match at the Camp Nou this season. A dribble around the goalkeeper for his first goal and a typical Lionel MESSI free kick goal for the second. His assist? Just your every day bicycle kick cross to Luis SUAREZ (Oh if only he was born on the other side of the river plate) to score.

For Barcelona, Javier MASCHERANO came on as a substitute and for Sampdoria, Ricardo ALVAREZ was also a substitute.


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    So this weekend we will get list of players for upcoming qualifiers matches.

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    “We didn’t speak about his return. We just had a little talk about football,” Bauza told Ole. “I’ll be calling him in a few days.”

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    Bauza has finished talking with Messi and Masche.He is optimistic about their return.

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    Edgardo Bauza is considering Cervi,Buffarini,Pratto for next qualifiers.This three players has some traits in common.All three are fast,very skilled and sharp shooters.Buffarini is one of few Argentinian footballer whom I saw to do step overs and he is a right back!He also has powerful shooting and great penalty taking ability.Despite Pratto’s 1.88m height,he is skillful,fast and a good passer.And they come with powerful shooting,great penalty kicks and headers.

    Buffarini should be there a long time ago,Pratto’s chances was discussed in the media while Martino was in charge.And Cervi is cervi.If Bauza really selects them,I think it will be a signal for a planned approach.

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      “Pratto’s football matches mine. We understood each other pretty quickly. I don’t have his strength, nor his guts. I don’t know where he takes it from. I did not expect for him to be so technical. When I saw him training, I realized I had a great passer by my side.”

      —Facundo Ferreyra, Pratto’s attack partner in Vélez Sarsfield.

      “Lucas Pratto is the best “tough” player I’ve ever seen! It seems he will lose every ball, but he hardly does.”
      —Four-time Best Futsal Player in the World, Falcão

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      I have problem with Pratto. For me it is not best choice. I never liked his ox-like movement. He looks like he was too tall and then his crouch silhouette. He is not fast nor slow. So so. He is intelligent player finally.

      It’s not my fav but I’m glad to see Bauza has bravery to say about unpopular names behind mainstream.
      Buffarini is long overdue.

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        Pratto is a physically big player,his movement will resemble a ox no doubt 😛 For a player of his size,he is pretty fast.Yea atleast we are not hearing tevez’s name in the rumors.Pratto might add something or might be not,but we will never know if not given chance.

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          That is right. We should looking for right (unnecessary best as individuality) players of jigsaw puzzle.

          Yes, fast as for his size

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          With Buffarini,Messi will finally have a partner in the right flank who is a natural fullback and skilled like a winger.But with us, these type of things never happen in appropriate times.

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            But Buffarini never will be Buffarini from San Lorenzo if Messi will not cede part of his share on the right. It’s main problem. Messi must play with team. It was even with Zabeleta. He is not as much offensive as Buffarini but he never played his attacking right-flank football as in City because of Messi. All over on the right it was Messi area and Zabaleta had to sit quiet.

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    sorry miley cyrus but we want you too steal the show in albiceleste shirt!!

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      If you can’t do this on highest level you may always go two steps down back to childish play and simulate World Cup final in sparring against Sampdoria to stroke your ego and especially your fans.

      It’s typical Messi playing that, unfortunately, could not happen in Copa America final. Though, as you see apparently, Messi played here with the team unlike in Copa Final.

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    Here is Franco Cervi in SuperCup of Portugal. His first official game. Long time I see in him potential to be one of the best our players if not best. We have a lot of talents emerging here and there. So if someone still waiting only for Messi and thinking that after him our football will back to dark age he simply know nothing about Argentina sources.

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      Bauza, please Cervi in Di Maria place.

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        Wow that’s some mad talent…i like how he caused panic to the opponent’s right back with his pace, close control and unpredictability…definitely and addition to our senior team..bauza has to get rid off di maria both for his “skills” and his well known fragility in fitness

        1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

          I like in him most his agility and nimbleness. Because of that and by characteristic running on his tiptoes he reminds me a bit young Diego.

          1. Profile photo of vimaldassvimaldass

            yup though he makes many erratic runs, unlike di maria he looks like he has a lot of idea of his sure he’d be able to stretch any defence and leave spaces in the middle

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      brother , i agree with you here.
      argentina football does not start and end with messi
      Argentina football history is bigger than any player

      1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

        Right man. Only Argentina is inviolability and holy thing for me. If Messi will not play more for team (atleast as he doing it in Barcelona) and he will do what was in COpa final he is not must. We only need a team. No more and no less.

        Bauza is very smart coach and I hope he understood what’s the lack of current Argentina team. He must be smart to pass through qualifiers but he must also something other to win WC. It’s daring and ambition to build from now team not only for qualifiers.

        There was no big succes in football history without a good deal of risk.
        So I hope it’s true he want to call up players like Cervi too.

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    Good to see Bauza in the crowd.

    Let’s hope his meeting with Messi and Masch went well!

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    Considering how Ocampos is playing, i’m very skeptical how he could have helped the NT. He has the same deficiencies that Di maria is being accused of… in worse. Now he is playing in Genova.

    As for Ricky, well, once you go EPL, you never go back… :/

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      Ocampos showed great promise when he first came on the scene. I am not talking about his current situation which sadly isn’t good.

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    What ever happened to ricky alvarez,he had promising career at inter.he has every thing needed to be star(height and very good technique etc) yet his career isn’t doing good.
    players like him and lucas ocampos are the kind that would helped the national team yet they are struggling.

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