Video: Paulo DYBALA scores, Gonzalo HIGUAIN debut

Paulo Dybala

Paulo DYBALA scored a great goal for Juventus while Gonzalo HIGUAIN made his Juventus debut.

Paulo DYBALA scored Juventus’ first goal in their 3-2 win against West Ham to mark the official opening of London Stadium. DYBALA’s goal was one of pure class. Fantastic control to stop the ball as he slid the ball into the back of the net.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN made his Juventus debut in the match looking less than match fit. HIGUAIN clearly put on some weight.

Gonzalo Higuain

Paulo DYBALA’s goal:


  1. pablo dennison

    again i want to congratulate tata for leaving out dybala of the copa squad, im so pleased tata is gone for good.

  2. petro

    Higuain…unfortunalely he puts on weight and not able to move his feet as much as we like..still he is one of the most expensive players..interesting..

    1. miskan

      Yea..look at curve of his stomach…

      1. chalz


  3. EnganChe

    What’s with zebra jerseys? Kinda ugly

    Anyway, I hope Pereyra get to play on a regular basis, he is a versatile kind of player that we could use, possibly as a box-to-box.

  4. Dfox1942

    Pudgy is the word…….I hope Juve enjoys the No-good traitor among their midst.

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