Javier PASTORE, CERVI score; PSG, United, Benfica win Cups

Javier Pastore Angel Di Maria

It was a weekend filled with Argentinians winning cups.

Javier PASTORE, Angel DI MARIA, Sergio ROMERO, Marcos ROJO, Lisandro LOPEZ, Eduardo SALVIO, Franco CERVI, Oscar BENITEZ and Luis FARINA all won cups with their teams.

In France it was Javier PASTORE who scored for PSG in their 4-1 win against Lyon to win their Trophée des Champions.

In England, Manchester United beat Leicester City 2-1 to win the Community Shield. Marcos ROJO came off the bench for United while Sergio ROMERO remained on the bench. For Leicester, Leonardo ULLOA came on as a substitute.

In Portugal, Franco CERVI scored his first for Benfica in their 3-0 win against SC Braga to win the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira.

Javier PASTORE’s goal:

Franco CERVI’s goal:


  1. fanOFargentina

    the 2nd goal against portugal ,the selfish / dumb play of pavon and pathetic display of calleri might prove costly against hondurus

  2. Gonzalo

    Magallan will play instead Cuesta. It’s not good I think. Vega would be the better one.

  3. guled

    Correa did well in the few games he played for the senior team,he is definitely better then the wimp no-good di maria.

  4. vik

    And not impressed with Correa’s game. Needless dribbling at times and very slow in distribution

  5. vik

    Trying NOT to look too much into our Olympics team but hard not to get frustrated….finding my self shouting at the screen telling the boys to release the ball quicker and be precise with it….or hold it when need to hold it. Both Algeria and Portugal upped the intensity. We just look lethargic.

  6. vik

    We were lucky against Algeria. But then luck is what we need at the moment.
    By the way Calleri! Choker in the making. His goal was a lucky ricochet off his body. But that miss earlier when Pavon cut it across from the right when all he had to do was toe punt it! Everything else he does right. But he buckles in the box and is at sixes and sevens when finishing or making decisions……lucky dog!

    1. Gonzalo

      Unfortunately the lucky goal of Calleri gives him place in starting line up in next game. Again. Inclufing friendles before it was his 5 shitty game in a row.

      I am disspapointed by Martinez too. He was good in friendlies but not now in Olimpic Games. Arzura or Romero in his place.

      1. miskan

        Gonzalo..he could be our next number 9 at senior level ..bcoz he was good under el Paton

        1. travis

          don’t be kidding around. the new number 9 should be none other than icardi.
          icardi has proved in his club that he worth a shot at albiceleste next number 9.
          calleri missed an easy taps in goal not 1 but twice in a none important matches proved that the kid is not reliable at all.

  7. Debasish Duttaroy

    Its amazing how Dimaria has always played for the club. He releases at the right time. He even finds out star members of his team even though he is a good position himself. Its just the opposite for the NT.

    It seems he is always trying to prove himself with the club, whereas for the NT he just takes it for granted.

    I see a lot of players using NT to showcase individual talent (for a possible big money transfer) instead of contributing towards a team victory.

    We need a manager who will really kick some back side and drop players not playing for the team. Problem is AFA gets the friendly games based on the appearance money of these stars, hence they behave like a star.

    1. vik

      2nd that

  8. SulaV

    the new manager shouldn’t get fooled by the form of the following players… dimaria, aguero, higuain , pastore, tevez…. i didnt mention rojo because his club form is even worst than his country form!!

    1. pablo dennison

      agreed on all of the above from sulav, vik and dd

  9. Gonzalo

    I hope Cervi will be next Argentina great thing in Benfica.

  10. Gonzalo

    Really the only thing that may destroy Correa’s career is selfishness on pitch. If he will play as yesterday and still more for team he has a chance to be one of the best.

    I just start back to my first intuition about Calleri when he emerged in Boca. It was: “nothing special”.

  11. Gonzalo


    for me Ascacibar over Kranevitter. While he is type of Gennaro Gattuso in defence by his running he still may do something in attack. Every game you will see him at least 2 times attacking almost like forward. And looks like he will be more daring in this point growing in experience.

    I think I was first who mentioned here DMs like Kranevitter and Cubas as our potential future NT DM.But then I just saw Ascacibar and the two above went to second row.

    1. EnganChe

      Gattuso, haha 🙂 almost forgot about that bulldog of a player.

      I am most disappointed at Cuesta at this point, as an overaged player he should be doing better than that. I had hopes for him. You could argue that the youngsters are still learning by at 27 Cuesta should have been a bit more composed.

      1. Gonzalo

        This comparison of Ascacibar is more funny;) From La Nation: “un Pac-Man todoterreno”.

  12. Gonzalo

    Yup Brazil again with draw.

    1. Gonzalo

      Germany also 2 draws

  13. chalz

    Marcelo Bielsa for Inter Milan???

    1. Richard

      No, Frank de Boer. Former international who lead Ajax to 4 consecutive league titles in his first 4 years as coach.

  14. Maya

    Hi Roy,

    Del Potro giving his all and playing with utmost concentration for the blues and PAULA PARETO with such a spirit and fight winning the GOLD. But always the headlines goes to these ballerinas.

    Do they showed the spirit any time for our colors. Apart from Messi n Mascherano, none deserved something to mention for their club achievements.Forget about these ballad dancers.

    People like Del Potro and Paula deserved everything for headlines at least in their nights where they gave everything for the blues..

    1. Jack!

      Well said!

      They have made Argentina and Argentines very proud. Where our footballers have let it us down time in and time again. It is great to see somebody like Pareto win and stand their with tears in her eyes as the anthem played.

  15. miskan

    Martin delpotro beat jocovik…ok football copy that spirit

  16. Dfox1942

    F ’em, at least they got the players they wanted and we didn’t.

    I get pissed every time I think about ARG’s missing players. I am SO SICK AND TIRED of Next time, next time this and next time that…. there is NO next time damnit.

  17. Dfox1942


    1. EnganChe

      Lol, I guess if it’s any consolation Brazil are struggling too, on home turf

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