Argentina line-up; LO CELSO and PAVON start

Argentina Olympics

The line-up has been announced for Argentina.

Cristian PAVON starts in place of ESPINOZA with LO CELSO getting the start as well. Here’s the starting eleven:



  1. Profile photo of tmisellatitmisellati

    Ascacibar ! this young man has massive potential

    1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

      I think when he only will gets more experience will be great and usefull not only in defence.

  2. Profile photo of RichardRichard

    Wow, what a tense game. We could have scored many goals but Calleri misses sitter after sitter and Pavon should have crossed to Simeone. Rulli saved our asses many times. He made a mistake in the first game but now he showed his class.
    He will be in the NT together with Ascacibar and Pavon.
    Good fighting spirit and hard work across the board.

    We won’t win gold, but good to see they showed attitude.

    1. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

      a win is a win, like you Richard i dont think we currently look like gold medal champions but look at port who did not at all deserve the euros but still won it. while we are their we still have a chance.

  3. Profile photo of CsabalalaCsabalala

    2:1, 3:1 or 2:2 truly doesn’t matter, have to win against Honduras.

  4. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Calleri = shame

    1. Profile photo of fanOFargentinafanOFargentina

      calleri doesn’t deserve arg nt shirt…absolutely pathetic…cannot even tap the ball in open net..

      1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo


  5. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Nice Correa pass

  6. Profile photo of Lester BriscoLester Brisco

    Nice header pass by Calleri! Good finishing by Correa!

  7. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo


  8. Profile photo of Lester BriscoLester Brisco

    The pitch is in horrible condition. One factor affecting on passes.. Referee also a joke! Oh..

  9. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

    can some one give me a good summery of the 1st half as im at work and are not able to watch a lot of the match-thanks

  10. Profile photo of miskanmiskan

    wow…this team just looking like managering by pimp from the hell…

  11. Profile photo of RichardRichard

    We are playing a better game but can’t score.
    Calleri is just clumsy, Correa too selfish and Lo Celso is giving bad passes in the box. With one man down it will be a tricky affair in the second half.
    Simeone for Calleri please. If we score first we still have a chance. If Algeria score first we’re out of the Olympics.

    1. Profile photo of CsabalalaCsabalala

      Honduras is a mission impossible for this team.

  12. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    They are playing good game without a luck.

    But the red card is critical. Cuesta deserved only for the second yellow.

    1. Profile photo of MafiosoMafioso

      Should have scored atleast one goal,it is just not happening.

    2. Profile photo of fanOFargentinafanOFargentina

      in the final third they are choking, no proper passing at final third..

      1. Profile photo of pablo dennisonpablo dennison

        hmmmm the same problem we are having at all levels

    3. Profile photo of CsabalalaCsabalala

      Good game ? Algeria is a very weak team, we are shit. Catastrophe. Argentina is the worst team after Fiji at the Olympics.

  13. Profile photo of Budi SusatyoBudi Susatyo

    Streaming please

  14. Profile photo of Lester BriscoLester Brisco

    I think that Lo Celso will be a game changer. ARG will win with solid 3-0 performance.

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