Argentina Olympics

Hello everyone,

We have our opening match in the Olympics vs Portugal starting in approximately 10 minutes. Feel free to comment and share live comments here.

Starting Lineup for Argentina:
Argentina: Gerónimo Rulli; Lisandro Magallán, Lautaro Gianetti, Víctor Cuesta y Alexis Soto; José Luis Gómez, Santiago Ascacíbar, Mauricio Martínez, Cristian Espinoza; Ángel Correa y Jonathan Calleri.

Coach: Julio Olarticoechea.


Referee: Walter López (Guatemala)

Stadium: João Havelange.




  1. Gonzalo

    “Finally “pedophiles’ can wake up from their dream worlds. Only Dybala and maybe Icardi are NT-materials right now (1993+)”.

    Why you judging by this potential of our young generation after our second set?
    Do not manipulate facts, man.

    You know very well that we have still behind DYbala, Icardi, Lanzini, J.Correa, Tagliafico, Mammana, Cervi, Kranevitter, Escalante, Vietto, Ruiz, Cartabia

    so why you are judging also players that aren’t in RIo?
    Besides some of the Olimpic players are NT material too. I the near future.
    First of all I see weakness of coach.

  2. EnganChe

    I think we lost because:

    – The coach has little experience and had so little time with the team
    – The best players, i.e. Dybala, Icardi, Kranevitter, etc were not available

    I hate to say it but I’m not terribly disappointed because I had low expectations to begin with.

  3. Ghostdeini

    Rulli has made a mistake and will pay for it…people are happy about this.
    I don’t expect anything from this team. The best players aren’t there and even if they were I would not expect anything.
    Because our team is surrounded with a lot of negative and bad things, don’t blame the players.
    Every tournament will treat as it is lost, expectations will be low by activating my self defense mechanism.
    If we actually lose then I have already made my peace earlier. If we win then it is a overly pleasant surprise.
    I suggest you to do the same, it saves you a lot of suffering.
    The self defense mechanism is free, jut try it.

    1. fanOFargentina

      I understand you are very sad, so am I…I think supporters are not happy to see Rulli consuming such goals..we had a lot of expectations from Rulli..and thought he can replace Romero..when something like this happens we the arg supporter gets frustrated..in fusutartion we say so many things..

      1. Ghostdeini

        Too many negative and bad things are lurking over our teams(All of them), we are in shambles right now so I think it is too much to expect from them if we think they are going to win. I hope they win the next games and go as far as possible.

  4. Csabalala

    This Portugal was not a bad team, but cmon our senior would easily destroy these 5 goals+…

    1. fanOFargentina

      why seniors would play this team , they would have played portugal senior team and they are current euro champions…who in this team we think is equal to renato sanchez..no one….our coach said he wants to spoil brazils party…these type of statement comes from ignorance and over confidence…he should focus on each and every game rather thinking of spoiling someone else’s party.

    2. Gonzalo

      What are you talking about man? Why comparable senior team with yunior team?

      1. Csabalala

        Lot of fans want to replace nearly the whole senior team with these young lads, so the comparison is valid.

        1. Gonzalo

          1. Not whole the senior team but we need a few, maybe 5 best, younger players.
          2. And a lot of best young players is behind Rio.

  5. Csabalala

    Next match: Rulli-Soto-Gianetti-Cuesta-Gomez—Ascacibar???(rather Lucas Romero imo)-Martinez—Correa-Lo Celso-Pavon—Simeone.

  6. Csabalala

    Finally “pedophiles’ can wake up from their dream worlds. Only Dybala and maybe Icardi are NT-materials right now (1993+). Only without Masch and Messi it can be a catastrophe in Qualif.
    Rulli is a keeper with great reflexes, but these bloopers are his signature.

    1. Gonzalo

      Unfortunately Messi is egoistic like Correa. Always too much dribbling.

      1. guled

        Yeah keep up the good work.

    2. fanOFargentina

      very much dis-heartened to see this argentina..calleri not nt material..soto showed promise…pavon poor…cannot even keep a volley within the doal where there is no marker to disturb..for Rulli nothing to say…if such doals are consumed in any form of the game forget winning any match…people wanted rulli against romero..anyways..i am really sad today

      1. guled

        Is this the third or fourth account, i guess you have plenty of time in your hands.

  7. Gonzalo

    Meanwhile Argentina U-20 lost final against Spain after extra time.

  8. Richard

    Portugal played a better game than us; much more composed and better passing.
    There were few flashes of talent, already it is clear this team doesn’t come close to the ones in 2004 and 2008. At least we do not have to worry about losing another final. We need to win next 2 matches to advance. That won’t be easy unless we play like in the last 20 minutes.

    It’s too early too judge players, but Correa is a disgrace for the number 10 shirt IMHO.

    1. pablo dennison

      agreed the no 10 is the seared shirt and for me cor is not at all worthy of it. he has a lot to do for me and should not be in the senior teams 23 squad at all.
      their is a reason sim got rid of him and sim so far is correct in doing so.

    2. fanOFargentina

      morning shows the day..people cannot even shoot at goal on volley..also spellbound to see Rulli consuming such a goal..with improvement also this team is not arg future..

  9. pablo dennison

    excellent another humiliation for us

  10. vimaldass

    We can definitely start winning games in the nxt matches..i can see so much promise later on..lo celso has to start

  11. Gonzalo

    We need Pavon in next game.

  12. vimaldass

    so unlucky for simeone !

  13. Gonzalo

    “balanced Olarticoechea team”

  14. Lester Brisco

    Romero-tribute from Rulli..

    1. vimaldass

      That ws bad even for romero’s standards lol

  15. Istiaque

    So far our two best players are directly responsible for the 2 goals we conceded. Bad bad day.

  16. Gonzalo

    What a pity. When they start to play a bit better in attack

  17. pablo dennison

    I’m lost for words, rulli that was beyond bad

  18. Istiaque

    yekes Rulli.

  19. vimaldass


  20. Istiaque

    My boy Gomez has probably cost us the game. Terrible mistake!

  21. HaititoArg

    Which channel showing the game

  22. vimaldass

    Calleri should’ve scored

  23. Lester Brisco

    Correa loves the ball too much. Bring in Lo Celso! Also Calleri and Espinoza have been a waste of oxygen so far. Simeone Jr maybe?

  24. Csabalala

    Our link up play don’t existence, cannot make 3 passes successively. Midfield is very weak forward, and strikers are selfish. Only Gomez is good.
    Lo Celso is a MUST, and Lucas Romero is far better passer than Ascacibar too.
    This is shit so far, only individuals. Olarticoechea is a clown, match after match his lineups get worse and worse.

    1. Istiaque

      I don’t think so mate. Its looking like this because we are outnumbered in midfield. We need another midfielder at the moment. Let’s see.

      1. Gonzalo

        Martinez the weakest today

    2. Gonzalo

      Romero is unpredictable in defence.

  25. Gonzalo

    still think the youngest (Ascacibar) was better than anyone in our team.

  26. pablo dennison

    the last 15 were better from us.

  27. Gonzalo

    it looks better now

    1. Istiaque

      their left side is abysmal. all we need to do is put gomez and another guy in the right side. Like Pavon!

      1. Gonzalo


  28. Istiaque

    Why would you not play gomez in RB position? Jeez!

  29. pablo dennison

    30 mins gone and the defence is scary except rulli who is very very solid and cor has no footballing brain-shades of di maria.

  30. Istiaque

    This is the game when you need 3 midfielders. Our 2 midfielders are chasing shadows. Make Gomez RB and bring on Lo Celso please.

  31. Gonzalo

    wow olarticoechea is this your balanced team?

    Espinoza is worst Argentina player I ever saw

    1. fanOFargentina

      Frustrated with Correa..this guy doesn’t release the ball on time

      1. Gonzalo

        if he release at all

        1. pablo dennison

          I totally see why sim has had enough of him at atl.m

  32. fanOFargentina

    can someone please share live stream

  33. Gonzalo

    i think Pavon, Lo Celso and Arzura should play

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