New Argentina National Team coach decided

Armando Perez

The new coach of the Argentina National Team has been decided.

Per current interim AFA president Armando PEREZ, the new coach has already been decided. Here’s his quote:
“I’ve already decided on a name for the next coach of Argentina. We’ll announce it in the next few days. I’ll consult with some leaders and see if we can name the new coach today.”

Apparently, the new coach will be one of Ramon DIAZ, Edgardo BAUZA and Miguel Angel RUSSO. PEREZ has not yet announced who it is just yet but a decision has been made.


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  6. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    Calleri will continue his career along Lanzini.

  7. Profile photo of mikemike

    This is sort of like watching a soap opera.

    Why keep us in suspense?

  8. Profile photo of tmisellatitmisellati

    i believe he will be edgardo bauza
    451 will be suitable tactic for Argentina

  9. Profile photo of MafiosoMafioso

    Early rumor is that it is Edgardo Bauza.I will be ok with it if happens.

  10. Profile photo of guledguled

    Strong rumors say it is going to be Bauza. If true that will be the best available choice.
    Bauza is like sabella very pragmatic,strong defense, gets the best out of his players, his style is great at cup competitions.

  11. Profile photo of JasonJason

    Disaster waiting for us near future!

    1. Profile photo of MafiosoMafioso

      We are already in it mate!

  12. Profile photo of George ThomasGeorge Thomas

    So much for 2018….

    1. Profile photo of George ThomasGeorge Thomas

      Hopefully Bauza.

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