Gabriel MERCADO close to Sevilla move

Gabriel Mercado

Gabriel MERCADO could be on his way to Sevilla.

According to reports, River Plate’s Gabriel MERCADO is very close to a deal with Jorge SAMPAOLI’s Sevilla. The deal would cost the Spanish club in the €3 million region. He would join fellow Argentinians Luciano VIETTO, Matias KRANEVITTER, Joaquin CORREA and Nicolas PAREJA.


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    Marcelo Bielsa said no because of only one reason probably – the President Mauricio Macri

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    The only difference between Chelsea and Argentina – Chelsea had money..they could name an interim coach – Hiddink, Benitez etc..but argentina does not have money to even pay the utility bills….paying an interim coach can be more expensive than paying a full time one..on a long run..

    If nothing works..Get Maradona to a advisory position and ask him what he would do to get AFA on track..can he play a fundraiser match or something like that?

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    I think Diego Cocca would be the right choice to take over the team, he went to learn from Guardiola, identifies himself with his philosophy and is a young modern coach.
    I like how h carries himself.
    to good to be true!

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    First I was promote Peruzzi as best option on RB. Then discover of superfast Victor Salazar who was even more interesting. But then appeared Gomez and we have finally superman..

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      Yes I haven’t seen a such talented fullback since last 10 years.

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    Right now Ramon Diaz is the number one candidate to become the Argentina DT with having a light advantage over Edgardo Bauza.But I saw a few native Argentinian fan are very negative about Diaz so much so that they will not watch Argentina anymore…Is it actually Boca vs River issue?

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      I don’t find Ramon Diaz that impressive to be honest and yes it could be Boca vs River to some extent. Believe or not I think Tata Martino was better.

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        Martino did overall good during this Copa.His gameplan and approach were all good,far far better than last copa.But he took a injury struck squad and could not think of something after we were reduced to 10 man.Di Maria’s sub for Kranevitter was a mistake,big one.We had no teeth after that,match was given away to Chilean for taking.If he used Lamela instead it could have been a different story.

        Also we had no natural back up for LB.Rojo provided running and body in the attacks,when Mori was pushed to LB all of it was lost.If Ansaldi came to feel the void?

        So no I don’t think Martino is better than Diaz.Diaz is River’s most title winning manager,developed our finest (youth) players like Saviola,Aimar,Demichelis,won and made positive impact wherever he went…Surely he has some bad records but the success( yes 10 titles) outnumbers them by a big margin where Martino doesn’t have much to talk about.

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          All I know that as long as Bielsa is till available it would be a crime for AFA not to do their best to get him. Now, I know that he supposedly said no, but I won’t believe it until somebody else is actually confirmed. Oh well, as we say in Russian, hope dies last 🙂

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      If they are going local why not bauza i Don’t see any one better.
      I agree with @enganche ramon diaz is worse then tata, he was disaster for paraguay.

      1. Profile photo of MafiosoMafioso

        Disaster?Paraguay was a dead horse long before Ramon Diaz took over,he made a team out of them took them to semis.

        Bielsa never says no through media,unlike others .

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          Argentina scored 6 against them, how is that a team. I have never seen Paraguay weaker like that before.

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      Some are reporting they may name diego cocca as interim untill early next year hoping sampaoli will take over.

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        Paraguay was very much in the game till half time when their best player Derilis Gonzalez got injured.Same Paraguay earned a 0-0 draw after that and also before that.Paraguay is weak cause they don’t have any quality player.Mourinho’s 5-0 loss to Barca or Guardiola’s 4-0 loss to Dormund don’t make them a bad manager.

        This rumor is atleast 2 days old.Nothing concrete in it.

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          I don’t know if u can mention Paraguay what prevents to mention that Diaz lead the resurrection of River plate,along with winning 8 titles in 3 tenures,also making San Lorenzo champion of Argentina,a team that hadn’t won anything for a long time?

          Constructive criticism takes both sides into consideration.

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            Diaz is fine, most of the people put club before country so they hate Diaz because he doesn’t represent their colors.

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            Ramon diaz has done well for river and others years ago but at this moment i believe he isn’t the right choice to lead argentina.
            Let us agree to disagree.

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        I also think he is not the right man to coach the team but I rate him better for the team than Russo, Bauza and other old coaches.
        I doubt Diaz is really being considered for the job, he has too many enemies.
        Diego Cocca is now my favorite which I doubt happens.

        1. Profile photo of MafiosoMafioso

          Diaz’s latest success was not years ago.It was just two years ago.Some can argue Gallardo’s success was just an extension of Diaz’s success and good work as River’s performance has been going downward.

          Diaz may have too many enemies but also has powerful friends.President Marci is one of them.

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    Sevilla is a great club and a fantastic city. Good for Mercado. I like the guy, he’s a hard working footballer if not particularly talented and even scored a couple of goals for us. Not my favourite type of fullback though (in fact he is a converted centre-back). I hope Gomez will grow into a Zanetti-like fullback in the future.

    1. Profile photo of MafiosoMafioso

      If Gomez becomes something he will be more similar to Dani Alves than Zanetti.

      1. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

        I hear you but I’d rather compare him to our legend than to a Brazilian 🙂

        1. Profile photo of MafiosoMafioso

          Yea.But Gomez is no a typical Argentine fullback,but a Brazilian one.Much like Alves,Marcelo or Alex Sandro.But one thing special about Gomez is his sudden acceleration, like a super car.

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    From a business perspective you have to admire Sevilla. Sell Coke to Schalke and get Mercado for 1/10th of that money. They did it several times over the past few years. Barca and Real always spend more than comes in. Not Sevilla. Monchi knows what he is doing.

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