Diego SIMEONE on National Team, his future

Diego Simeone

Diego SIMEONE at a press conference in Australia.

Speaking at a press conference, Diego SIMEONE commented on the possibility of someone coaching the Argentina National Team on a part-time basis and also spoke about his future. Here’s what he had to say:

About coaching at a club and National Team part time:
“No one has done it, possibly in the future it can be something that can actually happen because many coaches would like that but can’t do it due to contractual obligations to their clubs. With time, it may be a possibility.”

About his future:
“I’m young and my future could take me to different leagues. We have challenges and the English league and Italian league seduce me.”

About the Champions League loss:
“The loss in the Champions League final felt like a death and every death needs a time of mourning.”


  1. Mafioso

    Name: Armando Perez
    Hobby: Meeting new people.

  2. Ghostdeini

    Perez said he met with Russo and another guy up to now, forgot Bauza’s name hahaaahaha.

    1. Mafioso

      He also confirmed he will met Berizzo in Europe and it is reasonable to give a call to Gallardo.Varsky reported it just now.

    2. Toby Millard

      Oh my word. Poor Bauza…

      Man, this really has descended into farce now.

      1. Toby Millard

        And the punchline…

        It will still end up being Russo!

  3. Mafioso

    It may sound ridiculus but Armando Perez just said,”Sampaoli does convince me as much as Simeone and Bielsa does”.And he mentioned Bielsa was his prime candidate.Nevertheless they are negotiating with Sevilla and looking for 8.1 millions of fund.There.This is AFA for you.

  4. Mafioso

    It’s understandable why Simeone would not take the job,atleast for now.You can’t imagine Guardiola leaving club football for Spain job,neither did Jose Mourinho when was asked nor Carlo Ancelotti.But compare Simeone’s no with Pochettino’s,you could tell the difference.

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