Argentina’s starting line-up, new eleven

Argentina Olympic

Argentina’s starting line-up has been announced.

Two changes in OLARTICOECHEA’s line-up for the match. ESPINOZA comes in for LANZINI and ROMERO in for LO CELSO. Here’s the line-up:



  1. Cristopher corbalan de martino

    What’s going with view to and Barcelona why hasn’t this deal been finished already. It’s really passing me off

  2. fouad-daman

    So what was the final scoreline?

    1. EnganChe

      3-1 Martinez, Correa and Simeone scored

      Watch the highlights here

      1. fouad-daman


  3. Ghostdeini

    According to Veronica Brunati, Bielsa is Messi’s and the players choice. She is considered to be very close to the team. the players know that the afa won’t get Simeone, Pochettino and Sampioli.

    1. EnganChe

      She is usually trustworthy and is indeed close to the National Team but still, there have been so many speculations that I won’t believe until it’s 100%.

    2. pablo dennison

      like you ghost i think its bielsa and its a done deal from early on but the afa are trying to do the good old “smoke and mirrors” routine with a lot of talk akin to any politician speaking at any party rally..”we promise the world etc etc” ‘no stone unturned” blah blah but in reality nothing changed at all and its back to the future once again for the n/t.
      as we all know their is zero chance on sim and pocc and they missed the boat on samp who was available but instead kept that steaming pile of football hopelessness tata who did as we all said he would and failed us yet again at copa 16.

  4. Gonzalo

    for me it’s team for next game. Arzura played good offensive football as for DM

    …………Lo Cleso

    1. EnganChe

      4-1-2-1-2 ? With strong and aggressive full-backs(Gomez, Vega) this could work if Ascacibar drops back between the centre-backs when necessary.

  5. Mafioso

    Team plans involve a lot of off ball movement.Calleri hardly keep pace with his speedy team mates.Simeone is clearly better.

    1. Jack!

      Simeone is not clearly better than Calleri, lol. Chilito is a bit hyped, Calleri is more complete.

      1. Mafioso

        Yea I can see that.

  6. Gonzalo

    Arzura plays better than ROmero.

  7. Jack!

    What a pass and what a goal.

    1. Gonzalo

      It was Arzura pass

      1. Jack!

        It was Lo Celso, wasn’t?

  8. Gonzalo

    We need some other than Calleri and Simeone. It’s even better to play without No.9 than with Calleri in the position.

  9. EnganChe

    Looks like 4-4-2 again after Simeone in for Correa

  10. Gonzalo

    Correa is neither star nor leader.

  11. Jack!

    Comedic defending.

  12. Gonzalo

    Espinoza plays horrible.

  13. Gonzalo

    Gianetti is much better than Magallan. You see now. Where he was?

  14. Mafioso

    Man this Gomez kid is better RB than anyone we currently have.

    1. Istiaque

      spot on!

  15. Istiaque

    Gomez is going to be a huge player for us in years to come. he is like a typical Brazilian Fullback…great for us

  16. Gonzalo

    Again Gomez as superforward

    1. Mafioso

      Gomez is doing better as winger than any of real winger in this field

      1. EnganChe

        Zanetti’s heir?

  17. Gonzalo

    Lo Celso instead Ascacibar

  18. Gonzalo

    I would like to see Martin Benitez on Olimpic Games more than Espinoza

  19. Gonzalo

    If Correa want to be someone better than DI Maria he must to look for his teammates. Too egoistic. Over dribling player.

  20. Gonzalo

    I saw circa 25-30 minonly . But I think It was not good. Our forwards our iritating. Calleri play shit, Correa too egoistic and Espinoza nothing special.
    Martinez another good game.

    1. Mafioso

      No brain in attack I think

      1. Mafioso

        Midfielders and fullbacks are positive

        1. Gonzalo


    2. Istiaque

      midfield is good, fullbacks are also good. The attack needs more work

  21. EnganChe

    Vega > Soto ?

  22. Mafioso

    Martinez makes 1-0,44 min.

  23. EnganChe

    Por fin!

  24. Istiaque

    Finally a goal by someone!

  25. Gonzalo

    GOmez is better forward than Calleri

    1. EnganChe

      He is learning from the best: Higuain, Palacio….M.Palermo 🙂

  26. Gonzalo

    Calleri waste at least one perfect chance

  27. Gonzalo

    Argentina should lead at least 2:0

  28. EnganChe

    I’m guessing El Vasco was not too impressed with Lo Celso

    1. Gonzalo

      But Gianetti should play.

  29. Gonzalo

    I was hope for Romero in and Vega too

  30. Gonzalo
    1. Istiaque

      Thank you sir!

      1. Mafioso

        Does it work for u?

        1. Gonzalo

          something is wrong with this stream

          1. Mafioso

            Yes does not work

          2. Istiaque

            Now I’m watching the game in slow motion. But it was alright in first 10 minutes

        2. Gonzalo

          I’m still looking for better one

          1. Mafioso
  31. Cristopher corbalan de martino

    Any news on landing injury

  32. Istiaque

    Any link for streaming?

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