Gonzalo HIGUAIN joins Juventus from Napoli

Gonzalo Higuain

Gonzalo HIGUAIN has joined Juventus.

After the will he, won’t he mini saga of the summer, Gonzalo HIGUAIN has joined Juventus from Napoli. He’s already done a medical with the club and his deal with the club expires in 2020.. In the process, HIGUAIN has become the third most expensive transfer in the history of football for 94.7 million euro.

He is now the all time highest transfer in Serie, beating out a certain Hernan CRESPO who was once sold for 55 million euro.


  1. Gonzalo

    I just hope next Argentina coach will not get to conclusion that he should call up Higuain together with Dybala because of they play together in club. Noooo. HIguain is past.

    First thing that new coach must to know is: there’s a bunch of famous players that never should be call up more.

  2. Khandakar Fazle Rubby

    A great step forward in Higuains career…..

  3. Nukleuz

    Higuain failed in finals but nobody know if we will reach another final without him. A fail is a fail , better not to blame the single one out there.

    Some people miss the big chances but other even disappear when it need most (like Christina in big match).

    We can win the final when we play as a team and everyone put effort to get a goal not like Messing running with ball the whole game and we got 1 chance the whole match.

  4. travis

    it’s so funny to read all this hatred towards pipita especially here on mundo.

    1. San Isidro

      All the hatred towards the guy is justified…If he was one fifth the player for Argentina that he was for Napoli he would be a hero and a legend.

      Juve, with all its class is not Barcelona Real or even PSG….the move suits him well…but I would never trust him again…he is a three time choker..how many more times do we need to be shit on? Both him and that porcelain piece of crap DiMaria can enjoy their club careers, and throw the other midget Aguero in there also.

    2. pablo dennison

      travis: their is no joy from us (just a select few of us and you all know who we are) in saying we told them so on hig but we did tell them he would choke and should not have been their, replace him with icardi etc but no we kept being told other wise, meanwhile his band of loud and very vocal supporters post w/c 14 to pre copa 15 and 16 are very quite now.

    3. Chainsaw

      Yeah let him choke even more with Argentina. That would make the hatred even more funnier.

    4. travis

      to me, argentina nt (especially) is so fucked up now. i mean, the whole team is over. everything before/previously has to end as a whole.
      argentina has to make a new, not rebuild afa with the same certain people.
      but these few days, the only thing i read seem to get even more worst.
      everybody can be nt coach now, the olympics coach still avoided important players, maradona wants to coach for free, and so on.
      everything in football has been move forward, but argentina football seems to drive backward in 200km perhour heading into deep valley.

      1. San Isidro

        The team may be screwed up, but none of that matters in 3 finals when its 11 against 11. The guy choked…3 times.

        I have to tell you candidly over the last 2 years there has not been a single day that I don’t think about what was lost. This could have been our golden generation that people would have talked about for the next 100 years. Imagine, 2 copa americas and a WC championship in 3 years….Instead, we have nothing to show for it. I’m glad the pig got his money…He and his leprechaun beard can stay in Italy and win some shitty games against Parma . Thats all the coward is suited for.

        1. Chainsaw

          Well said San Isidro.

          1. pablo dennison

            san isidro: agreed well written and its the same for me their is not a single day I don’t think about it and I cant imagine how messi and mash feel

  5. EnganChe

    Napoli fans must be really pissed. On the other hand, Juve got themselves a serial choker…

  6. Albi Celeste

    No true Argentina fan gives a $hit about him anymore, or at least shouldn’t.

  7. Sabellista

    Good luck Pipita. Playing for Juve comes with presure. I hope he learns the psychology of playing under pressure there.

  8. chalz

    Rubbish fellow…

  9. pablo dennison

    how many arpil 1st are we having this year

  10. Dfox1942

    What a JOKE.

    This imbecile cost Argentina a world Cup title and two Copas nm playing like an idiot in 2011 and clubs from China to England clamoring for his services!!


  11. EnganChe

    Good luck to Juve if they reach any major finals with this guy…

  12. Chainsaw

    I wish we had Crespo instead of this Choker in those 3 finals. The outcome would have been much different. Juve are nuts spending that much for this guy. They will regret it for sure.

    1. SulaV

      we would have won 3 cupfor sure

  13. jhon

    money is changing everything in this game, before, the more ur performances are bad at NT the lower ur price will be at clubs, but now things go the other way around. pathetic ! wish Dybala will keep up with this silly player and be the BOSS of JUVE

  14. Istiaque

    I dont really know what to say, but all I hope is Dybala’s career don’t get affected in anyway by this sucker.

    1. Gonzalo


  15. saant

    I thought they got an unbelievable deal for Pogba but have now spent almost all of it on Higuain. Poor business by Juve. They could have added 3 world class players for this. Atleast Dybala would have a decent forward to play alongside with. Juve should get Verrati and another fab midfielder to compete in Europe.

  16. SulaV

    he will make Juventus unbeatable in seria A.. but if they reach a crucial knockout stage in champions league his alter state will take over his body and he will sink the ship!!

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