Some more news coming out of Argentina.

The AFA commitee will speak to Diego SIMEONE, Jorge SAMPAOLI and Mauricio POCHETTINO. The crazy idea floating around is that they would like for one (or two, if Jorge SAMPAOLI and Mauricio POCHETTINO agree) to manage the National Team at a part-time basis. Apparently the idea is for the AFA to contact them within the next few days.

What looks to be the most possible thing at the moment is that one of Paton BAUZA and RUSSO would take over the job. As the chances of one of the three mentioned above are slim.


  1. Diego86

    In short, who is the chosen coach? I am totally confused. Interviewing 2 coaches to select one makes sense to me, but talking to 10 for a national team position is odd. Do they really care that much?

  2. Jason

    Guys i don’t think you can blame AFA for not able to get Sampaoli, Simeone or Pochettino at the moment. To get them AFA have to pay FAT amount of money which AFA doesn’t have any money even i guess. Plus no one knows if they even wanting to come i know Sampaoli did but other two are quiet so far. Best option for AFA now:

    But it will be hard to get Simi/Pocho for part time. Lets hope Perez has nice meeting with Bielsa

    1. Mafioso

      Sampaoli was possible.When he was free,we had Martino.Sampaoli just signed with Sevilla,may be he wants to honor that.Sevilla is no middle eastern club which can be dumped easily.

  3. Jason

    AFA president gonna meet with Bielsa today and Russo too. Hopefully EL LOCO forget his crazyness for 30min interview. He has chance to wipe out the stain for 2002

  4. Jason

    Looks like EL LOCO coming in scene once again. Bytheway bad news. Lanzini sprained his anckle i heard.

    1. miskan

      Oh..another number 7 error

      1. Jason

        Yeah lol

  5. chalz

    Thanks to stupid AFA… Argentine World Class coaches Bielsa, Sampaoli and now Pizzi went onto make Chile a Football power… winning matches on trot… and inturn making a mockery of Argentina itself.
    Let sulphur and brimstone fall on AFA (sodom and gomorrah) and all its robbers including Bilardo who makes all the rubbish decisions too…

  6. Richard

    Matias Almeyda is yet another name that has popped up. He has a few years experience, but I am not convinced of his qualities. Rather have Berizzo.

    1. Mafioso

      But no rumor has mentioned Berizzo.

  7. Mafioso

    If Pochettino can’t be hired,Berizzo can be.There is not much difference between Pochettino and Berizzo.Pochettino has more experience,Berizzo is tactically probably the better one.As for result,Pochettino has won nothing,Berizzo won chilean Priemra with a small club O’higgins.Chile approached Berizzo after Sampaoli,but he turned down.

    1. EnganChe

      I actually like Berizzo and what he did with Celta, would not mind him but in all seriousness (unlike my prevision few comments below) his name was not mentioned as far as I know (but it should be).

    2. Istiaque

      Berizzo ticks all the boxes for the job, but I’ve never heard any rumor of him so far.

      He is young, manages a competitive team in spain which plays breathtaking football at times with limited resources. tactically great, uses young players emphasizes on wing play, builds from the back etc. he would be great choice IMO.

      1. EnganChe

        Yeah totally. He is basically a lighter(no pun intended), more digestible version of Bielsa without craziness and eccentricity of El Loco.

        1. Mafioso

          Berizzo started his managerial career as Bielsa’s assistant in Chile.If Sabella almost defeated Barcelona,Berizzo trashed them.

          1. EnganChe

            Yep, I remember that game, nicely done by Berizzo.

            My personal preference for the coach:

            1. Bielsa
            2. Berizzo
            3. Sampaoli
            4. Simeone
            5. Pochettino
            6. Bauza

          2. Gonzalo

            1. Sampaoli
            2. Simeone
            3. Bielsa
            4. Pochettino
            5. Berizzo
            6. Bauza, Russo

        2. Istiaque

          Well Berizzo is also somewhat crazy you know! He had this to say in media –

          “A bunch of faggots is what you have in French football. There are so many homosexual players there, they always provoke you, they touch your thighs, your bum, to see if you will give some kind of signal. I feel disgusted when a homosexual shares the same shower and stares at one’s bum with desire, and even gets emotional when you are naked.”

          – These are things you don;t say infront of media unless you are loco!

      2. Chainsaw

        Not old enough!

    3. EnganChe

      Gonzalo, Russo? Really?

  8. ms

    Why isn’t the AFA considering Marcelo Gallardo?

    1. EnganChe

      Don’t worry, they are considering him….plus 10,000 other people. As long as you are Argentine and coached at least for one day in your life you are automatically on AFA’s radar.

      1. chalz


  9. chalz

    Messi wants _____ as the coach.

  10. chalz

    Jose Pekerman is heading to Buenos Aires aswell… interesting

    1. EnganChe

      Basically, just about anyone cannot be ruled out 🙂 Heck even Tata Martino might come back

      1. chalz


  11. chalz

    Bielsa is the coach…

    1. EnganChe

      No, Ramon Diaz has been confirmed

  12. Chainsaw

    Hector Cuper???!! The man who, even when he was relevant and highly regarded couldn’t win anything?? The expert in finishing second?! Is this for real? Is AFA that dumb to even consider him among the options?! After Inter his coaching career went down like crazy. This is going beyond ridiculous.

    1. EnganChe

      Calm down, I’m just trolling lol 🙂 With the way things are going, I thought it’s not entirely improbable that they might even consider a certain Jorge Mario Bergoglio for a coach 😉

  13. EnganChe

    There are reports that Carlos Bianchi, Eduardo Berizzo, Claudio Borghi, Ricardo Gareca, Antonio Mohamed and Hector Cuper are also being considered.

  14. EnganChe

    I find it highly doubtful that clubs like Atletico Madrid and Tottenham would even consider allowing their coaches to also manage Argentina part-time. If anything it’s more likely that Pochettino or Sampaoli would resign to coach Argentina, although even that possibility is slim.

  15. Chainsaw

    I wonder when AFA will finally take a break from hiring old farts and for once trust a young coach? How many failures are enough for them to change their strategies??

    1. petro

      Well..atleast AFA has ruled out Menotti, Bilardo and Basile..So when Simeone and Pochettino touch 55-60 years, they will be called to National Team..

      1. msi75

        They didn’t intend to offer them the post but only to consult them.

        Also, i’m all for a young coach, but you have to pay them… AFA is currently utterly incapable of that.

        I have the impression the “consulting” of Simeone, Pochettino and Sampaoli are more PR stunt rather than anything else. Let’s see what’s going on… but they will have to do it quickly.

  16. miskan

    I dont know man..this seem like imposible news till the fact unveil..

  17. guled

    There are reports that sampaoli is willing to coach the team. I hope it is true.

  18. Ghostdeini

    Just like I said earlier Bielsa is back in business.

    I am happy that Armando Perez is conducting a search, and is willing to talk with everyone, or at least is acting like that.
    our best option is to convince Simeone or Pochettino to take the job part-time
    My guess remains Bielsa will get the job, all this could be an act to throw Lazio off.

  19. Mafioso

    Bauza : “There was much to be done in a short time , football was discussed but the decision is for #AFA . I am available .”

  20. Mafioso

    Bauza acknowledge “you have to build everything if given the chance”

  21. Mafioso

    ” I expressed to Armando Perez , that I really want it and that is the most important challenge of
    my career.”
    – Bauza

  22. Mafioso

    “Who would not want to lead the team ? ”
    -Bauza asks in wonder

    Apparently atleast four of them.

  23. Mafioso

    “If I get to choose, the first thing to do is go to chat with Messi ”
    -Paton Bauza

  24. Mafioso

    Edgardo Bauza is in Argentina and Perez will talk with him about the NT job.He is the most realistic candidate.It is the problem of so called “3rd world countries”,our most skilled people go to Europe and America for money and facilities,left us with “the best among what we have” options.I will support Bauza if he is chosen.Atleast he is ready to leave his Sao Paolo job considering jobless Bielsa has turned us down and even local clubs have refused to let the players leave for Olympic.Such is the state of Argentine football today.We all wanted Grondona’s death,now here we are!

    1. guled

      Bauza is very good tactician.

    2. Gill Albiceleste

      You nailed it bro.

      All truth.

  25. Jason

    Don’t get you hope up guys. Most likely Bauza will be the coach. I am happy as long as no Russo. FYI apparently Bielsa said NO to AFA. Otherwise it was definitely him

  26. Ghostdeini

    In this article it states they could give the job to 2 of them.
    Just imagine:
    Simeone and Pochettino unite to bring us GLORY!
    then I woke up… 😛

  27. Ghostdeini

    they would not leave their club, double duty: club and Argentina.
    don’t think the clubs agree.
    nothing wrong with trying, at least we don’t gt to hear from them “oh i want to be the coach”, Simeone last time said he wasn’t approached.
    trying and talking doesn’t cost a thing!
    if you don’t try you already lost, if we try we will probably lose but at least we tried and got the confirmation that they don’t want the job.

    1. pablo dennison

      as the saying goes “leave no stone unturned” I also don’t expect either pocc or sim to take the job at the moment but if you don’t as you never know.

      1. Ghostdeini

        yes, talking doesn’t cost a thing.

  28. Chainsaw

    Simeone and Pochettino! lol. What’s next? AFA wants Pep Guardiola? Sure they all like to leave their rich clubs to earn peasants managing the mess of Argentina NT!

  29. vik

    Never going to happen! Russo or Bauza will be in the for front. Not that it would make up happy.
    But this sheer desperation of trying to get Pochettino, Sampioli or Simeone to take a job shows the AFA are in turmoil. Those names are grand names but can you really think they would drop top flight club football AND being paid for the NT in its lowest point?
    Happy for any of those names but won’t happen in the next 12 months!

  30. Ghostdeini

    I like this idea, I myself like Pochettino the most, if only this was true, which probably is not.
    Next rumor will be Bielsa again, full circle.
    we are not used to this kind of approach, we want to conduct interviews.

  31. Mafioso

    They all say the same staff when asked if they would like to take over the Argentina job,but only agrees to takeover when they have nothing to do else,when they becomes a dinosour or jobless or the current manager of Al-Wasl.

  32. Mafioso

    Is it not frustrating that none of best Argentine managers agree to take the DT job?Higuian reaches 36 goals with a impossible volley but cannot beat keeper on one one,Messi misses the penalty,Di Maria always injured with us… managers would not take the job,AFA cannot select a president,cannnot make money out of the league.How is supposed to Argentina win a trophy?Is it that easy?You won’t give 100% but want the trophy?

  33. Mafioso

    Italy’s best manager left Juventus to take over Italian nt.Is Tottenham,Atl Madrid are more prestigious than Juventus?

    1. SulaV

      they pay difference plays a crucial role..

  34. guled

    It is unlikely to happen but who knows when of them may accept it.

  35. Mafioso

    AFA want Paton or Russo,but Argentinian govt. want more high profile manager with European experience.I don’t know why it’s so hard,is it all about money or the prestige of managing Argentina has gone low?Would Pochettino refuse if he was to be approached by English FA?

    1. guled

      I don’t know about simeone or poch but sampaoli likes to manage the national team.

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