Rumored line-up for Argentina’s Olympic team

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The rumored line-up is out for Argentina.

The Argentina Olympic team will play Colombia’s Olympic team on Thursday in Florida. There is a line-up which has been circulating around in the media. It looks like OLARTICOECHEA will play a 4-3-3 with the coveted CORREA, CALLERI and LANZINI all starting up top. Here’s the rumored line-up:



  1. Csabalala

    Ascacibar Romero Martinez midfield for real ? Ultra defensive, 3 pure DM. Why ?

    Ascacibar—Romero or Martinez—Lo Celso well balanced,

    Ascacibar-Lanzini-Lo Celso and Espinoza upront is a little bit offensive, but not much. The first one is a disaster.

  2. Gonzalo

    Transmission of the game on Fox Sports.

    In starting line up It’s rather alternative ROmero or Lo Celso than Martinez or Romero. More offensive with Lo Celso.

    1. Mafioso

      Do u have any live streaming link?

      1. Gonzalo

        I see some in Roja Directa

  3. Gonzalo

    When the game starts?

  4. Gonzalo

    Lautaro Gianetti is great CB. My only fear is about his position. Both Cuesta and Gianetti are LCB in their clubs. Now Gianetti must play as RCB.

  5. Gonzalo

    SOto is right balanced defence-offence. Gomez sometimes is crazy ultra offensive one. At least he was in Lanus. Running like Znetti/Sorin.

    1. miskan

      Realy?!..i like its call original full back..

  6. Mafioso

    Balanced line up! All department are equally talented and strong.You can’t say Correa-Calleri-Lanzini more talented than Asca-Martinez-Celso or Gomez-Gianetti-Cuesta-Soto or even Rulli.

    1. EnganChe

      Interestingly enough, perhaps for the first time since Sorin and Zanetti, we have two attack-minded full-backs simultaneously in Gomez and Soto, both of whom are very good dribblers too. Let’s see what happens.

      1. Mafioso

        Soto is a bit skinny,but has a lot of stamina which is one of the most important skill of a fullbakc.

        1. EnganChe

          Absolutely, both are dynamic full-backs. Skinny can be corrected, send him to the gym to lift weights 🙂 or send him to an EPL club

      2. Mafioso

        The fullbacks who don’t contribute in attack are a curse for the team.That’s why Chile dominated the 2nd half.

  7. EnganChe

    Rulli; Gomez, Gianetti, Cuesta, Soto; Ascacibar, Martinez/Romero, Lo Celso; Correa, Calleri and Lanzini.

    Strong line-up, vamos Argentina!

  8. EnganChe

    Roy, you did not include Lanzini in the line-up

    1. Roy Nemer (Post author)

      I had two Correa’s in there! Thanks for that, fixed!

      1. EnganChe

        No worries, thanks!

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