Julio OLARTICOECHEA speaks on Argentina Olympic team

Olympic Training

Julio OLARTICOECHEA spoke about the Olympic team, Jonathan CALLERI, Javier MASCHERANO and more.

OLARTICOECHEA was on the radio in Argentina and had this to say:

“I’m happy to have this responsibility. I like to play with a number 9 in the area like a CALLERI. I spoke to MASCHERANO for him to be there (at Rio). He spoke to the club (Barcelona) but they didn’t let him.”

“MARTINO’s resignation surprised me. I don’t have the intension of being the coach of the senior National Team.”


  1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    17 years old Ezequiel Barco is new La Joya of Independiente? Coach Gabrliel Milito is impressed by him and want introduce him to senior team:


    1. Profile photo of miskanmiskan

      gonzalo..is there any young talent as new ezequiel lavezzi…i consider this typecal player then any new messi moreover new aguero

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    Olarticoechea said his attacking trio will be Correa, Calleri, Lanzini.

    1. Profile photo of MafiosoMafioso

      Good choice indeed.

    2. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

      Where does Lo Celso fit in this equation? On the bench 🙂 ? Not that I’m complaining about El Vasco’s attacking choice, I think it’s good.

  3. Profile photo of chalzchalz

    ‘Joab for David’ likewise ‘Mascherano for Messi’
    always you have a great warrior behind a great king… similarly we had a great Mascherano behind a great Messi.

  4. Profile photo of petropetro

    Well..I am not sure why he is surprised by Tata’s resignation and he does not want it either..very absurd…

  5. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    Yeah, having El Jefecito would have been a huge plus due to his immense leadership qualities and experience. Still, Ascacibar is a very good DM.

  6. Profile photo of karlkarl

    I hope we can play as a team because we don’t have superstars now.

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