Jonathan CALLERI leaves Sao Paulo

Jonathan Calleri

Jonathan CALLERI has confirmed his departure from Sao Paulo.

Speaking to the media, CALLERI has stated he will be leaving Sao Paulo (currently there on loan from Boca Juniors). He’s stated that he will play at the Olympics with Argentina and that rumors are that his next destination will be a club in Europe.

CALLERI’s a real talent. Played very well at Boca and impressed with Sao Paulo as he finished top scorer of Copa Libertadores with 9 goals.


  1. Gonzalo

    Here is final, official list for Olimpic Games:

    1. Gonzalo

      Tripicchio – most controversial choice. Is he back up for Gomez (why not excellent Victor Salazar) or another DM?

      we have 4 pure DM (Ascacibar, Martinez, Romero, Arzura) + 3 possible (Tripicchio and Vega were playing few times DMs duo under Gondona and Lanzini sometimes in West Ham box to box midfielder). Strange and unbalanced selection indeed.

  2. Gonzalo

    Of course no one even mentioned about Boca semifinals CL this night.

    So let me remind: Boca Juniors is Argentinian club and Copa Libertadores is South American Champions League.

    They have chance for his 7 title and catch up Independiente.

    Pavon starts

    1. Richard

      Boca are way below their usual standard these days. Great article in ole on super classico from 96. Boca had Diego, Caniggia, Kily and Veron.

      1. msi75

        Yeah but this could be said for pretty much every team in Argentina (even more so for River)… Let’s be clear, Bosman’s law ruined everything.

  3. Debasish Duttaroy

    Luciano Vietto is heavily linked with Barcelona.

    Not sure if it is good or bad. I see it as a good thing. He will get his playing time anyway and if he is good and can grab them he will get more. He will get time and if we cannot perform, then he was no good in the first place.

    1. pablo dennison

      vietto to barca is nothing but bad as he will be a perennial bench warmer and what is the point of being that.

  4. Richard

    Good news. The 17 other names must be confirmed later today.

    We’re still no 1 in fifa ranking.
    Weird. Chile and Germany should be above us as they did win something.

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