Real Sociedad chasing Santiago ASCACIBAR

Santiago Ascacibar

According to reports in Spain, Real Sociedad are interested in signing Santiago ASCACIBAR.

Estudiantes de la Plata, the club of the 19 year old midfielder, are rumored to have received an offer of 3 million Euro’s for ASCACIBAR.


  1. Gonzalo

    Just since february in senior football and already in NT. Mascherano was 19 too when debuted in NT

    1. saant

      I think Sociedad would be a good team to start your Euro career. Not much attention so have time to settle in.
      Portugal’s win last night was the last nail in Argentine and Messi fans’ coffin. The nightmare started with Real winning the CL, then Argentina losing the final, Messi tax problem, Chaos with Rio team selection and finally last night.
      I hope our Olympic team brings back the life into Argentine football and Kickstart a brand new successful future for Argentine Football.
      Simeone is still hunting Argentine players. His top priority is Aubameyang followed by Higuain and Icardi.
      Let’s remember that while Simeone is doing a great job, his signings especially strikers have failed. ATM always is a great place for strikers eg. Viera, Forlan, Aguero,Torres.
      But Simeone ‘ signing Mandzukic and Jackson Martinez have failed.Mostly due to his tactics, so not a good idea for either Hig or Icardi to go there

  2. msi75

    Definitively an excellent prospect in the DM department…

  3. Gonzalo

    I think he will be rather Atletico player. Next Simeone caprice. But he want to stay in Estu till 2017 and play in Copa Lebertadores. One more season with the same notes (7,57) and he will be worth a dozen or so millions.

    In Argentina people already are considering who is Masche successor: Kranevitter or Ascacibar. For me rather Ascacibar if we are talking about type of DM

    1. EnganChe

      Why is his nickname “El Ruso” even though his last name appears to be Basque? Is it because of the looks?

      1. Gonzalo

        Yes, it’s because of looks.

        1. EnganChe

          Yeah, makes sense, he does look kind of Slavic

          1. Gonzalo

            And I think he has some Basque roots, indeed.

          2. Gonzalo

            That’s why he is a warrior

          3. EnganChe


      2. msi75

        He’s blonde… That’s why he’s nicknamed like that. He could have been called “The polac” (el polaco) too.

      3. Jack!

        Ruso has different meanings. You can look white and blonde and they’ll call you that. But they can all you call Gringo, like Heinze. But Ruso can also mean of Jewish origins, because most of the Jewish Argentines came from the Russian empire.

        Also, Basque people are known as Vasco.

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