Start of league delayed, clubs to release players


It has been confirmed that the start of the league season in Argentina will be delayed.

The start of the league season in Argentina will be delayed in order for clubs to release players for the Olympics. There had been talks about how clubs would not release a few more players for the Olympics but that might have to change.

The league was supposed to start on August 5 but will now start on the 12th of August.


  1. Richard

    There is room for more over age players. Why not Tagliafico and old fox Lisandro Lopez (racing)?

    1. Gonzalo

      Tagliafico along Cuesta would be best thing

    2. EnganChe

      Tagliagico, yes! Lisandro, not sure, perhaps there are better options.

  2. Gonzalo

    GIo Simeone to Sporting Gijon or Pescara.

    1. EnganChe

      Pescara is where Veratti started, right?

      1. Gonzalo


  3. Gonzalo

    Ok. Velez confirmed: They will allow Gianetti to go

  4. Gonzalo

    And some other players too. Like Gianetti of Velez…

  5. EnganChe

    Hope it means that players like Cuesta might go

    1. Gonzalo


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