Jonathan CALLERI replaces Luciano VIETTO

Jonathan Calleri

Luciano VIETTO will not be going to the Olympics.

Despite making the “unofficial” list of 18 players, Jonathan CALLERI will not be goin to the Olympics with Argentina. Atletico Madrid has not released him to go. However, Jonathan CALLERI of Sao Paulo (previously of Boca Juniors) has been called-up as a replacement.

There are also reports that Victor CUESTA and Lautaro GIANETTI won’t be released.


  1. Archangel Gabriel

    I am so diappointed with Zanetti as he said Icardi will not join the Argentina olympic team. Seems like Zanetti played a part to disallow Icardi to join the Olympic.

    Is he still Argentinian?

  2. L30

    Is the Olympics even going to be worth watching at this point?

  3. Gonzalo

    now looks better




    …Correa……Lo Celso….Lanzini


    1. EnganChe

      Is Cuesta permitted to go? I’d love that

      1. Gonzalo

        I don’t know. I have him in line up because we need one experienced defender.

        1. EnganChe

          Yeah, he would definitely be an asset. I hope Independiente release him. How about Jose Maria Basanta, nobody talks about him anymore but he was solid in WC 2014.

          1. Gonzalo

            I didn’t saw him since Fiorentina

  4. EnganChe

    Better, much better than Vietto in his current form, I remember his rabona was out of this world

  5. Gonzalo

    Olarticoechea, why not Lucas Janson?

  6. El pibe Erik lozano

    I would have like better for calleri to replace simeone instead of vietto imo

    1. Gonzalo


  7. Gonzalo

    Good info. Calleri want to be in Rio more than play for Sao Paolo. His club lost last night in semifinal of CL.

    Gianetti won’t released? Why?

    Lo Celso is questionable too.

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