Julio OLARTICOECHEA: “There’s no money”

U20 Players

World Cup winner and current U20 National Team coach Julio OLARTICOECHEA has come out and spoken about the situation in the AFA.

The situation appears to be very bad with him stating that there’s no money to even feed the players. Here’s what he had to say:

“The leaders say that the situation at the AFA is unfortunate, but imagine the one’s there day to day. River and Boca are not allowing players to go to the U20 team for political reasons. At the AFA, we’re two people working for 30 kids.”

“At the AFA headquarters, there’s no money to feed the kids. The reality of it all is sad. There are 9 players here who can’t come (to U20 team) because there’s no money. The reality of it all is sad.”


  1. Amlan Talukder

    So, when is the last date to submit the final squad for Olympic?

    1. Richard


      1. Gonzalo

        I don’t think today

  2. msi75

    So now, there’s a real chance that Argentina won’t be at the Olympics…

  3. Gonzalo

    List of players who their clubs are not going to allow:


    Augusto Batalla

    Jonathan Maidana

    Mateo Mussachio

    Leandro Vega

    Victor Cuesta

    Ramiro Funes Mori

    Jonathan Silva

    Victor Salazar

    Matías Kranevitter

    Emiliano Rigoni

    Giovani Lo Celso

    Martín Benítez

    Cristian Pavón

    Paulo Dybala

    Jonathan Calleri

    Giovanni Simeone

    Mauro Icardi

  4. Gonzalo

    Next clubs seeing what’s doing in AFA are taking back their allows for players. Now Lo Celso and Paredes are doubt.

  5. Richard

    The AFA is sadly a reflection of Argentina’s corrupt economy. Take for example the recent news about former minister Jose Lopez who stole at least 7 million in cash and tried to hide the money in a monastery:

    From a fan point of view, it is hard to tell what is happening at AFA, but Olarticoechea’s words indicate that AFA will go bankrupt. Maybe a new football organisation can start zero base and build a good structure from youth teams till the major team. It will take determination, patience, intellect and years.

    Messi told the press in Houston he was fed up with AFA. I fully understand that. With all those lost finals and an organisation in ruins…what’s next? Players to fly in economy class or pay for their own tickets?

    Will FIFA dare to eliminate us from international competitions for incompetence and corruption? I don’t know. It will take some guts to say Messi and co are not allowed to play the WC, Copa, youth tournaments or international club competitions (Libertadores, SudAmericana). They did however oust Blatter and Platini which was unthinkable too.

    Will we face the prospect of several years without the albiceleste? Let’s hope not.

  6. chalz

    Saw the Captain in Cristiano Ronaldo when he commanded Mountinho to take the Penalty Kick… and what interested me most was when he ended the lines saying “its in God’s Hands”
    Wow Messi needs to learn smething here…

    1. El pibe Erik lozano

      Sorry but that’s the last person he needs to learn from

    2. Jack!

      That’s nonsense and insulting for those who do not believe in the imaginary man upstairs. And that statement that is “it’s in God’s hands” is a cop out.

    3. Leandro

      I agree. The only god in futbol is Diego. Every players will is the deciding factor here.

  7. chalz

    Where did all the money go?
    Simple check Grondona’s house and his disciples’ house…

  8. Gonzalo

    I hope AFA reach the bottom and now must be only better.

    1. Gonzalo

      Sodom and Gomorrah

      1. chalz

        Fire and Brimstone to fall on AFA

  9. Antonio Montana

    Lo celso CAM of Rosario central has signed with PSG. The 20 year old is also on the roster for the olympics for Argentina

    1. msi75

      I would have said it was a poor move… until PSG signed Unai Emery as a coach. Now let’s wait and see.

      1. msi75

        What’s going to be interesting is the possibility of Martino’s resigning after the Olympic Games, leaving the NT without any coach, since AFA is bankrupt. The AFA, in its current state, can’t even bring a shitty coach.

        Another scenario would be Martino leaving after losing the next WCQ games… maybe a more likely probability.


        Either way, don’t expecting anything good from the OG.

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