Matias KRANEVITTER close to Sevilla deal

Matias Kranevitter

Matias KRANEVITTER could be heading to Sevilla within the next few hours.

According to reports, KRANEVITTER would be heading to Sevilla on a season long loan deal but Sevilla would NOT get the first option to buy the players, should Atletico want to sell.

It appears as if everything is agreed upon and they are just waiting on Atletico to sign the documents.


  1. vik

    This is a good move for all, kranevitter will get more minutes, sevilla will tighten up in midfield and whilst atletico see out a fan favourite Gabi who’s also captain. Augusto Fernandez won’t be occupying that role for long but for now is holding out fine. So its a no brainer for Kranevitter to go out and get further education and sevilla are a good outfit.
    He will only be there for a year and no doubt will return to Don the midfield at atletico. Simeone knows what he’s doing.

  2. Prabesh

    Simeone is just destroying Argentine player Vietto and now kranevitter just hope this doesn’t happen with correa and even with gaitan

  3. pallab

    Good luck Kranevitter. ..
    Sampaoli will make u best. ..
    Good for argentine football

  4. Debasish Duttaroy

    This will be a good move under Sampaoli

  5. Sabellista

    Good move, he’s going to become better there.

  6. Richard

    Atletico scouts will scratch their heads. Kranevitter apparently did not fit the team, nor did Vietto. Why did they sign them in the first place?

    Will Gaitan get playing time knowing that the technically apt Belgian Carrasco is also available on the wing?

  7. vis

    Good for him. He was just warming the bench in Ath, Madrid. In Sevilla he will definitely get more chances

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