Lucas OCAMPOS joins Italian club

Lucas Ocampos

Lucas OCAMPOS, 21, has joined Italian club Genoa in Serie A.

OCAMPOS has joined Genoa on loan with the club having the option to buy him and keep him. Last season, OCAMPOS played 25 matches in total, scoring 4 times in the process.


  1. saant

    It is a good move considering the recent history of Argentines moving there, who had success @ Genoa and as a result steadied their ship.
    Diego Milito, Rodrigo Palacios and now Diego Perotti and Ansaldi. Remember, a similar move helped all those guys come out of a slump or mediocrity. Hopefully, it works the same way with Ocampos.

  2. mamoun elpipita

    Talented kid with bags of skill and potential, I think given the right conditions he can be a world beater.

  3. vimaldass

    He has very similar playing style as christiano ronaldo when the latter ws much younger….hope he matures

    1. Gonzalo

      RIght, always reminds me Ronaldo.

  4. El pibe Erik lozano

    I like this pibe alot especially when he was a 17 year old at river

  5. Gill Albiceleste

    Genoa is a route to Inter… So welcome to Italy and look forward to see you at Inter , kid!

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