30 years ago today…

Diego Maradona

Thirty years ago on this day, Argentina lifted their second (and sadly so far last) World Cup as they defeated West Germany 3-2 in the final.

After taking a 2-0 lead through goals by José Luis BROWN and Jorge VALDANO, West Germany went level with two goals by RUMMENIGGE and VOLLER. But only 3 minutes after Germany drew level, Jorge BURRUCHAGA scored the goal of his life, the goal which would hand Argentina in their second World Cup title.

It’s already been 30 years and while we’ve come close once since 1986, Argentina has always had the talent to go on and win the tournament. Be it luck, pressure or anything else, we haven’t been able to lift football’s most prestigious trophy. But that doesn’t mean we should ever stop believing.


  1. mike

    Anyone ever hear of a possible curse on Argentina and world cups?


  2. Richard

    Someone in Argentina stated that if we had (a young) Burruchaga in stead of Biglia and (a young) Caniggia or Valdano in stead of Higuain, we would have our third World Cup and two Copa’s in the closet. Messi would have surpassed Diego in terms of trophies. That might just be true. Biglia is no match for Burruchaga in terms of support of offence and both Caniggia and Valdano would have converted those chances.

    1. travis

      caniggia is a better finisher than pipita. just look at how calm he beat taffarel in this match, and i’m not sure what is his age at that time. pretty similar chance he got with higuain in that final copa and also final world cup. higuain just don’t have the nerves.


      1. Archangel Gabriel

        Please do not forget Higuain and this Argentina team is under huge pressure because of the 23 years trophy drought, he failed to calm down to make a decent finish because the pressure was just too much to handle.

        The Argentina team in WC 1990 did not have much pressure because they have just won the previous world cup (86), and that was just a round of sixteen match, not a final, therefore, it was normal that Caniggia could score the goal with ease.

        Please do not blame this team anymore.

        The previous Argentina teams betweem 1993 to now all played a part to create this trophy drought and this enormous pressure for the current team.

  3. travis

    this is it. to me, the best thing ever happened in football history. maradona win the world cup for argentina almost on his own.
    i was 11 in 86. after the england match, i remember going in the field playing football with few kids and some of us try to score with our hands impersonating maradona hog goal. and i think we managed to score few hilarious goal with hands. as kids we never thought that goal was wrong (even until now haha) at all. it was the best thing that ever happened in football.
    after the final, i hang up maradona poster in my bedroom wall and my love for argentina grown so fast. and watch him make napoli as the biggest club on his own at that time was a joyous moment. he’s my idol as a kid.
    to me, he is THE BEST FOOTBALLER in the world ever.

  4. miskan

    i saw this moment togather with my cousin…i was 13 yo

  5. chalz

    I was a 6 year old then… fell in love with Albiceleste

  6. msi75

    I have the sensation we might no win any WC for a long long time unfortunately.

  7. Dfox1942

    I…… how can I put this into words, my disappointment with the recent loss was so davestating, so much so that it was worse TO ME than losing the WC if you can imagine that!!!

    I really thought it was going to happen but it wasn’t meant to be and I seriously contemplated even turning my back on my beloved team, the team that I loved ever since I saw the Albiceleste jersey for the 1st time.
    I had about half a day to think about it, it wasn’t just heartache, more like mind and soul hurt but I quickly realized that it was in my DNA to be an ARGENTINA supporter, it’s my identity It’s Who I AM, I’M SKY-BLUE AND WHITE TO THE CORE and I will never surrender that love.
    I Hope Messi comes back and get his due because there is justice in this world, it might take some time but it will happen.

  8. pablo dennison

    I remember that day well as I was about 17-just an incredible feeling and day.

    1. Richard

      Exactly. A life changing experience in many ways for me. The reason I visited Argentina later and met my wife. Now three kids that are half argentinian. A fan for life. After Diego came Batigol, Redondo, Simeone, Kily etc.

  9. BD-Arge fan

    Wow! You guys are so lucky to witness glory of our team even if at a very young age. I have never experienced it with Argentina apart from the 2 Olympic golds and a couple of u-20 wc win. I am jealous of you guys especially those who were grown ups enough to understand it. Jealous but of course in a positive sense. Hope we see such glory all together in near future ( best if in 2018).

  10. vik

    I can vaguely remember. I was 5 and half.
    I have not yelled or screamed with tears of joy as a fan. So i dont know that feeling. And I am 35 years old!! How sad….

  11. Dfox1942

    I clearly remember that day…it was night though but it’s all the same.
    We will get back and WIN IT.

    1. pablo dennison

      for me it was 8 am when it finished and I was on my way to school screaming we are the champions of the world-what a time it was.

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