Argentina line-up

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The line-up has been announced.

Both Angel DI MARIA and Ever BANEGA start for Argentina. Here’s the starting line-up:



  1. asif

    It’s painful
    2002-2016 has been tough as a fan
    I say 2002 as that WC we were awesome team but flopped
    This Argentina team will become ordinary now

    We lacked hungry players who are dying to play for Argentina with sane faces like Higuain (who I’m bed calling a coward for 2 yeas now)

    Nothing wrong with TATA or defence
    We conceded hardly any goals

    It’s our forwards,
    Palacios aguero and fatty cost us 2014
    Fatty cost us 15 and 16

    He should retire out if all of them

    I have a family now and life changes

    Goodbye Argentina

  2. Raj

    Will be happy if Messi calls it quits. Time to quit supporting Argentina. Have been a die hard fan of Maradona, Batistuta and Messi. And the Argentine team without them. But what I have realized is with the passing of time, I find the Argentine public being unreasonable, Argentine press being pathetic and on top Argentine football association being third rate. Again another player like Dybala will come and folks will put pressure on him and the story will continue. The coaches will continue to be crap. They will give us hope and let us down. With age I realize these issues will never be sorted out and every fan like us will have a week of pathos in life after every tournament.

    Really not worth risking health for Argentine soccer.

    Good Bye Argentina!!

  3. Caperjack

    this is my honest opinion. this was the golden opportunity to kill our demons and install new winning mentality. it was so easy road to the final. Everything was set for us to win. the stadium was like home field for Argentina. Chile did not even play well they wanted pks. the team let us down. Messi should have scored his pk as vidal lost his and it was easier psychologically to gain advantage. his pk was horrible. He was playing well but sometimes the pressure is crushing. I will never understand why biglia took that one. Lamila seems to have better nerves.

  4. Raj

    I am not sure where Barcelona comes in here. Barcelona does not change their strategy when they play a final. The last 3 finals we decided to play defensive. When something is working fine you don’t change the tactics in finals. There was absolutely no support in attack today. Did Mercado even attack once and the genius of Martino made Banega play left with DiMaria. Till the final Banega was playing in the center. Not sure what Messi can do. He made Chile one man down. To be fair to Higuain he was one of the best four players for Argentina other than Bangega, Messi and Mascherano. Higuain kept pressure and created the chance. He certainly had to score. But as a team in all the 3 finals there was a common thread. The centre back, wingers, Biglia, Mascherano and DiMaria never played in the opponents quarter.

    The issue is till semi’s coaches try to play a slightly attacking formation and in all the finals play defensive. We had 46% possession which should basically tell us how we played. Whether Messi is a leader or not, certainly with this tactics Argentina had to depend on a mistake from Chile rather than depend on their talent.

    Reality is from 1982 following Argentina team, have had more ups than down. My worst moments were 1994,1998 and 2002. Having gone through that these seem to be more acceptable. I came to football because of Maradona and I hate him for what he did in 1994,2010 and his big mouth now. I hate when a person puts pressure on the team telling don’t come back to Argentina if you lose just because he won a world cup. Bull shit

    Argentines can keep cribbing about Messi. The reality is I haven’t seen an Argentine coach who is balanced. Simeone everyone claims is great. In UCL final he did exactly the same thing. He went defensive and played for penalty when real Madrid had given up. Maybe it runs in the Argentine blood to be defensive. Being defensive yes we did win the 1986 World Cup.

    Our formation in 2014 WC final —- 6-4
    Our formation in 2015 Copa final — 6-4
    Our formation today ————— 7-1-2

    With the above formation the hope is we get a quick counter or wait for an opposition to make a mistake.

    And this crap that Messi will be no MAradona. I do not want Messi to be Maradona. By the way had Messi been injured, everyone here would have supported the Argentine team. Too much of focus in on Messi when there is a fundamental problem in the talent and coaching.

    1. namfrey


      Also, Maradona even in his prime, was very veeeeery lucky. the audacious cheat against England (let’s see anyone else do that today and go away without any penalty). that WC win was 50% his talent and 50% luck on his side. and what about that missed penalty (just like Messi) against Yugoslavia in 1990’s semi final? it’s only thanks to Goycochea and others who scored we even went through to the final, where Maradona also failed just as the rest of the team.
      so if someone reallyy thinks Maradona was better at big tournaments than Messi, he or she is ignorant. Maradona was more lucky than Messi.
      just think about it. if not for that stupid referee today, we’d probably never lose Rojo nor Messi would receive his yellow card straight away.
      this ref forgets completely there exists something called “a caution” or “a warning”. he literally killed the game. first he took out the Chilean (that foul wasn’t yellow, the defender had no chance of avoiding the contact with Messi), then that stupid ass red for Rojo.
      then for nothing!!! he gave yellows to Mascherano and he immediately penalized Messi for that half-dive (he was falling down).

      remember when Maradona didn’t get the call for the foul against Germany in 1986? that’s the same type of “unlucky”.

      who knows, if luck was on Messi’s side we could have gotten a penalty. it wasn’t the case though.

      and what if Englang had their luck in 1986 with the referee and Maradona “hand of god” finished with a yellow or even a red card? we can’t know, because it didn’t happen, but we can speculate that the title could have been much harder to win in consequence.

      people completely forget about all those things that make up the final result and focus only on the result itself and then base their silly myths (ie. of a football god that won the cup single handedly) solely on that, which then Maradona himself beings as self-centered and as prickish as he is, gladly sustains.

      it’s twice as sad that fans argue about this most meaningless thing so passionately and at the same time completely ignore all the important issues about Argentina football, which we still observe even after 2 DECADES of 3 conscutive generations of footballers failing over and over during that time.

      at least Messi’s is consistent – 3 silver medals in 3 consecutive championships is nothing even close to a failure as many would want to make it. it’s only the sqewed perspeption that hides this tripple success from the eyes of some fans.

      I for once I’m proud we managed to get so far yet again.
      there are still 2 years left for most of these players, and we only need to replace the amateur coach for a real pro like Simeone, Sampaoli or whoever young who can actually read the game in real time and react accordingly. Martino never ever showed that he’s capable of being such, so of course he failed yet again. this final is entirely of our players’ service and if not for the incompetence of the manager (could’ve replaced the injured with young and ambitious ones, could’ve made better subs and tactics with the ones he had, could’ve had more motivational impact on the team etc.) we could easily be on the winning side not only today but also a year before and a year before in WC 2014 (Sabella too is guilty of dragging unfit players with him).

      I hope Argentina fans in Argentina finally understand that AFA is the real curse of this team, they always were the source of all the primal problems Argentina had that then lead to failures.

  5. travis

    poor messi. never seen him cry like a baby before. this is a total heart-broken for me also.
    enough said.

    1. pablo dennison

      the same brother-I’m completely shattered and heart broken

  6. MustB-Albiceleste

    BREAKING NEWS: Leo Messi announces he is quitting the Argentina national team!

    “The national team is over for me. I’m taking this decision for me and for the many people who want this. I’ve tried so hard, but I’m leaving without managing it.”

    Hope this is not true. Just too upset. We still need him..

    1. Argentino Trucho

      Oh man. I just saw this too. I Joe it’s just emotions and that he gets back into it. But who knows, thus could be a turning point for the team.

  7. Jack!

    Messi just announced he is done with the national team.

  8. travis

    most people here are sad now after this lost is just because they expect argentina to win it this time.
    i told you in the old blog, argentina will not win this copa because of the obvious reason; old players + tata
    but the love emotion for angel, pipita, kun, mascherano, banega, lavezzi, romero will never end here in mundo.
    so the love you guys have for these old players will only brought you tears and broken heart in the end.

    simply avoid emotion and rather go with a good new plans.

  9. vis

    Hope Tata doesn”t screw the olympics also

  10. Kitty

    Our Defense had a good game…. From Attacking Messi & Banega were good….

    Rest all crap…

    Higuain missed a golden chance…. World Cup Finals & Now again….

    Di Maria seems to play for himself when Messi is on the pitch… It appears as if he wants to prove that he is better than Messi… & Aguero had a horrible match… He too had a good chance & he is not even able to test the GK…

    1. saima

      am sorry wat match were u watching?? he did not test the goalkeeper, i think u should go back and watch it again and i’ll think u’ll find it took a brilliant save to stop aguero from scoring!

  11. SulaV

    if things aren’t going according to plan A a smart coach comes up with plan b… but as usual tata was again fooled he was completely outsmarted after the red card of rojo.. our strikers need to go …our zero offensive quality fullbacks needs to be replaced… Argentina could not afford to NOT have dybala… but mr tata martino thought otherwise trusting the same mentally weak players time and again… Dybala and icardi need to replace our metally weak duo of higuian and aguero.. we need a smart coach not a coach who expects things to happen instead of forcing it to happen

    1. pablo dennison

      yes icardi and dybala should be 100% their and its goes to show tata is not the man for the job as he fails to come with new ideas

  12. Richard

    In 20th century we won 14 copa’s and 2 wc’s. In 21th century we win nothing. Better luck in 22nd century.
    A bit dramatic?
    Yes, but I have lost hope for this team. They are paralyzed with fear.
    Unable to break bad spell.

    Argentina means land of silver in Latin. Well that says it all.

  13. Jack!

    I hope this serves a lesson to all you Barcelona fans. How can you EVER watch Barcelona the same way again? He wins everything and anything at club level and even scores in finals but when it comes to Argentina, nothing, nada, zip, ziltch.

  14. ClacKamas

    With all these incident and players in capability to play a decent final match….. I blame Messi for his role! He didn’t play as a leader like he does at barca. I know Argentina team is not Barca but have you guys seen any leadership in this match! I don’t care how many goals you score against Panama or USA !!! This is your match you shud win by any mean!!! That opening penalty shot was so important for rest of the team!! How cud u Fire it’ up in the sky??? I know how sad he is he didn’t cry in Brazil nor at Chile!! But here he cried !!! If this means to u so much why then you didn’t put ur everything??? I don’t know what I am writing I am crying now…… It’s a very sad day for Argentina!!! Don’t know where to from here?

    1. Kitty

      LOL… I can understand your frustration…. But blaming Messi….

      How about Higuain’s golden chance… with only GK to beat…. If he had scored that one… The scoreline would have read a lot different for sure…… Straight Away Chile would have been on back foot…. Every min that mistake would have played in their minds too….

      How about Aguero’s chance….

      We need not go to Penalties…. Hoping to win on Penalties… with all so called stars…. uff…

  15. Jack!

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I have decided to stop watching the national team play for a while. My spirit for the senior team has been crushed.

    How can anybody even think about Russia 2018 after this. How many times must you be crushed for you to step away for a bit?

    1. Ghostdeini

      I feel your pain, I can’t go to sleep although it is 6 in the morning…but one thing is sure until my last breath I will support this team no matter how many loses we will suffer, which will be many!

    2. Richard

      Exactly my feelings.

  16. SulaV

    Time’s up for all those old legs…. we need young blood in the team.. who aren’t scared to take chances… lets not get deceived by club form of higuain and aguero… and tata needs to step down… he has no plan b never… we need fresh legs and fresh minds in the team… germany also had 3 consecutive defeats in the semi final before they won the world cup… If we want to win it in russia… we need icardi dybala correa mussachio etc etc youngters in our team.. we need a coach who isn’t afraid to kick some seniors out of the team.. our fullbacks are worthless offensively …we were so monotonous the whole game attacking from the middle and shooting wayward .. tata should take the defeat on his shoulders and quit… any average coach could have had 2 copas but tata seems below average … If we want to win it in russia we need a big overhaul of this team… this genaration have had enough chances and now its time for youngers..

  17. MustB-Albiceleste

    Another final and another loss and its 3rd year in a row. God knows what curse we are carrying.


    – Blame Higuain for his easy Miss (again)
    – Blame referee for his blunder over Rojo’s red card.
    – Blame Kun for shooting an easy chance over the post.
    – Blame Messi for his penalty miss.
    – Blame Bigila for his penalty miss twice in a row.
    – Blame Romero for his no movement in penalty shootout (other than Vidal)

    Then also,

    – Blame Vidal for his play acting.
    – Blame Medel for brawl on the field.
    – Blame all Chilean players for not letting us to play our game.
    – Blame Chile as they were looking for shoot out without playing their game.

    BUT this is fact that we choked again. We failed again. From the very first minutes Chile never allowed us to play our natural game. Every time Messi got the ball Diaz and Vidal committed fouls. Every time Messi got the ball he was surrounded by 4/5 players.

    – Where was our Plan ‘B’ then?
    – Why to start an injured Di Maria?
    – Why 3 defensive midfielders + Banega to keep Messi and Higuain completely isolated?
    – Why to carry so many injured players?
    – Where was the urgency when Chile was down to 10 men?

    Now want to see too many changes in the team. Despite this is one of our Golden generations but still this is very much proven that this generation won’t be able to win anything. Kick Bigila, Di Maria, Pastore, Kun etc out of the team and Bring young guns like Dybala, Icardi, Correa, Lanzini etc.


    Won’t mind if Tata resigns. He is simply not the guy who could bring success. Under tata we will play great if any team allowed us to play our game but we will struggle whenever opponents won’t allow us to play our game.

    Messi, no comments now. It is understandable what’s going on in his mind and a lot is coming in his way starting from Maradona. He need to face it. Hope he will settle his mind soon as we still need him.

    Finally, we do not need big ‘name’ players but strong mentality players, who can deliver in ‘Big’ matches.

    Congratulations Chile. But it cannot be said the better team won, they played like minnows with some disgusting mentality and no way deserve to even reach in final.

    After CA 2015 loss at least we had some hope that CA 2016 is coming BUT now what?

    Feeling heart broken but man can even Cry 🙁

    1. MustB-Albiceleste

      Still Can’t believe it’s No Brazil or Uruguay… Chile had beaten us twice.

    2. MustB-Albiceleste

      Keep the losing streak. All the finals lost:
      King Fahd Cup 1995: 0-2 vs. Denmark.
      Copa America Peru 2004: 2-2 [2-4] vs. Criminal Brazil.
      2005 Confederations Cup: 1-4 vs. Brazil.
      Copa America Venezuela 2007: 0-3 vs. Brazil.
      World Brazil 2014: 0-1 vs. Germany:
      Copa America Chile 2015: 0-0 [1-4] vs. Chile.
      Copa América Centenario 2016: 0-0 [2-4] vs. Chile.

    3. Caperjack

      spot on.

  18. Argentino Trucho

    Just feeling so sad right now. Messi is still my favorite layer, but he’s only human. 3 finals in 3 years, wow. I’m just upset.

    As far as the game, it seemed like last year. Somehow they let the pressure get to them.

  19. asif

    This has nothing to do with tata or AFA. We got to 3 finals

    It’s all to do with players

  20. Caperjack

    I think Chile outsmarted us. when they went man down they provoked our player as they knew the crazy ref would show red easily. you have to be smart when u see crazy ref and behave rather than go kung fu. Rojo let us down. we had man advatage and Chile seemed tired and ready to fall. we gave them their lives back. now one question that i will never get answer to it. why we suck at pks….

  21. vis

    Get new coach. get youngsters. We still have 2 years. It could still work

    1. namfrey

      I’m not even sad right now.
      I knew this would happen the second Di Maria popped out in the squad.
      the team finally managed to create some sort of work flow with out the anorexic, but no, that’s not right. Martino didn’t spent all this time liying to us he knows what football is, just so the team performed better than his “genius” could ever predict. no no, we can’t have that. we don’t deserve that.
      the perfectly working gears had to be replaced with the broken ones because.. I don’t even f king know why.
      same with taking of Higuain and putting on Aguero. it’s like someone gave martino orders and threated him with death of his family or something if he went against it ie. actually used his own senses and brain to see and react to what was happening on the pitch.

  22. El Negro

    Read this comment!!!

    Argentina don’t need a freaking 9 when they have Messi. The guy is most dangerous as a false 9, so why in hell would they put in on the freaking wing?? In tough games like today’s, Messi will always be limited as a winger. He will be crowded out before he can even reach the box. Put him at the center and have good wingers not (Di Maria) to open the play as Messi moves toward goal. Even if Messi were to get crowded in the center, the wingers will draw some of the players off of him.. If a manager’s goal is to build a team around Messi, that’s how it should be done… Remember Messi under Guardiola?

    That’s what Maradona, Batista, Sabella, and Tata failed to realized… I am afraid whoever replaces Tata will play the same tactics as all of those morons.

    1. Ghostdeini

      I suggested Messi as a 9 1-2 weeks ago, but people want him as the playmaker so needless to say most of the people in here hated it.
      People don’t realize that when he plays playmaker he must track back which is energy wasted and which unbalances our team.
      we must put him as the 9 and surround him with faster, more athletic, and better on the ball players who are mobile, especially fullbacks.
      the whole team needs to get faster, more athletic, and mobile.

      1. Lucho

        Something like this I think

        the problem is that Messi simultaneously is our best finisher,playmaker and winger….put him as close to goal as possible i say

    2. Lucho

      Totally agree man….when he got the ball he was beating at least 2 guys at a time….put him on the last defenders, he could be theoretical on goal every time…..this also helps our midfield with space since messi playing as a 9 would probably draw their midfield deeper and disrupt Chiles pressing game…I hope Tata steps down anyway….we should get the best coach we can afford(any nationality)……a proven one at the highest level of European club football

  23. ClacKamas

    From the beginning Funes, mercado was so bad! We are one man in advantage and Mascherano gets yellow? Any sense? Rojo was lucky not to get yellow at the beginning of the match and still he went with his unnecessary Kung fu style !! Every and each Chile player were so brave and played with heart . Our guys were so arrogant and coward same time

  24. San Isidro

    You can blame Martino for putting Biglia out there and DiMaria if you want, but the problem is more than that. It’s the players. Anybody who has read my posts knows I don’t like Martino, but come on guys, 2 world cups and 2 copas pissed away with these same guys. They are talented but no mentality to win. They are weak, lack resolve, can’t fight through shit, and they are chokers. They choked. All of them. The defense was good, I would start Peruzzi instead of Mercado. But no more Higuain DiMaria, Aguero, Biglia, Banega.
    Replace them with Lamela Dybala Icardi, and really anybody else. We have hundreds of players thah would kill for a chance and it’s time to move on.

    1. San Isidro

      And I knew we were in trouble at the opening whistle when all the players started praying and doing the cross on their chest. The nerves on this group is unbelievable considering the number of big matches they have played.

      1. San Isidro

        And where the fuck did they find that ass clown of a referee? Did they just pull some drunk guy off the street?

    2. Ghostdeini

      thee problem is 3 generations have failed us!
      Bati generation (at least they won some copas)
      Riquelme generation
      Messi Generation
      and whatever comes next will also fail if we continue like this.
      every time there were unnecessary fights.
      the problem starts at the head afa down to the players, every division is followed by problems which we create.

  25. Ghostdeini

    Please answer me this!!!!
    I think Martino has to go, if he has any pride he steps down, which I don’t count on that he has any integrity or pride.
    but what if he steps down?
    who will “save” us?
    show me there is no one in sight! there is no one there!

  26. HaititoArg

    Wow I didn’t know Messi miss his penalty I feel bad for him those losers around Messi is the reason he can’t win anything with the national team… Football is dead to me right now

  27. namfrey

    thanks Martino, you did it again. when team finelly looked somewhat bonded with Gaitain, Lamera instead of useless di maria, pointless aguero, you decided to completely destroy that by including a player who missed the entire tournament especially the most important period when team grew as a unit. he was absent, yet you. you hack!, decided to put him out regardless of any logic.
    then you added the utterly crappy out of form declined Aguero to completely obliterate any semblence of actual team work Banega, Messi had in front – again by doing what you always did best – ie by pushing Messi out of play, disconnecting him from the rest of the team – because the two mentioned above for months now (you blind fool!!!) couldn’t link up shit.

    Higuain again showed he’s week when it matters, that missed sitter in the first half could have changed the game to our advantage. but that’s about it. he was awesome before, just like Messi and just like him he was disconnected from the team purposely by martino’s “genius”.

    utterly naive and stupid tactics in the second half, completely wasting every single sub (Lamela came too late). this guy, this martino liar, an imposter, is the worst manager this team had since the drug abusing drunkard who, I remind you, also missed his penalty but in WC semi final vs Yugoslavia 1990 and like Messi today, but again that bastard was lucky and the rest of the team saved his sorry ass.

    we’ve lost yet another tournament despite having the better players and at some point (semi final) a much much better team because again we had an idiot an amateur a hack for a manager.

    as I said before the tournament so many times. this team needs a professional manager, not a wet blanket like Martino or someone as mentally challenged as maradona not to mention all the stubborn closeminded geezers we had before that.

    f ck AFA!!! it’s all your f ing fautl! you bunch of corrupt
    all of our players’ biggest efforts were again squandered because of your stupid decision to hire a dolt to lead them.
    that man couldn’t lead a train through the tunnel without somehow making it turn and go sideways!
    I will never lose respect for any of our players but those people who put Martino, Maradona and other coaching dirt can f k off!
    until all the scumbags from AFA go to jail any Argentina be it with Messi or not is finished before a kick off! over 20 years of bad desisions at team managing and stupid ideas falsely called tactics leading to all the dissapointments prove I’m not wrong here.

    for me this team won regardless because despite tata’s efforts to kill it from the get go they, they still managed to get into yet another final. I commend all of them for what they achieved anyway.

    1. Caperjack

      he only managed to kill our dreams.

    2. namfrey

      bad spelling I know, but I both lack sleep and I’m pissed at the fact I was 100% right about this “manager” (appologies to actual professionals for using the word with martino in mind).

      he f ed up yet another title race. it’s 5 or 6 now in a row including those he lost with star filled FC Barcelona.

      his resignation is a given for me at this point so I don’t even expect it. it’s a must, before our player lose all the will to actually continue working for the team (most of the won’t but our morale is now hurt twice as much than last year and negative effects WILL follow).

      what I actually expect is all the f ckers at AFA stepping down now.
      I don’t want to hear no more – “it’s football” “these things happen” “we were unlucky” etc.
      we’re experiencing a 20 year long series of dissapointments with 3 or 4 different generations of footballers including the biggest starts of them all failing again and again.
      it is NOT the fault of any of them. the root cause is in AFA and in the amateurs and dilletantes they hire. our players are of the best quality and professionalism but AFA is a bunch of corrupted idiots who don’t know shit about football.

      this has to change!!! otherwise not even a bunch of Maradonas or Messis will help.

      this team is cursed but not by some unexmplaind ethereal force but by incompetence and stupidy of the governing bodies at AFA!
      they make the most important desisions and everything that follows is just a mere consequence!

      AFA needs to burn!!!

  28. Sabellista

    As long as Gerardo Martino is the coach of this team, I’ll never watch an Argentina game ever again. Hope to hear that he is fired or he resigned.

  29. Lucho

    Messi missed the penalty it happens

    But in the game he stepped up and played well as usual and made things happen but he needed others to step up too…..Higuain as usual in the final flopped and missed a golden chance, Di Maria was shit, Biglia was poor and Martino was actual out coached again.

    Credit to Chile I thought they actual played better overall

    Hopefully Martino steps down

  30. Ghostdeini

    Tata must resign now, inevitable! but the question is which crazy out of touch m……..a will take charge, and against which player will he have a grudge, stayed tuned AFA Comedy will continue starting after Copa until the World cup with some new protagonists.

  31. Caperjack

    When we had man advantage we should have kept cool why all that kung fu when you have fucking crazy Brazilian referee. we coud have played the ball around untie they get exhausted and hit them with Aguero sec have while keeping GH. they lost it they have weak mentality

  32. travis

    no surprises argentina lost again. it’s just like what i predicted before.

    this current older team can’t win anything before, now or in future.

    we need a complete young faces for russia + messi. that’s my only hope to see argentina win a big title in my lifetime.

    argentina can win world cup in russia with:

    peruzzi, garay, mussachio, tagliafico
    lamela, kranevitter, lanzini
    messi (c), icardi, dybala

    + some more youngsters with a new coach.

    1. Sabellista

      A new coach is a must right now. I’m not impress by the way this fat fool keeps on repeating same old mistakes.

      1. travis

        yes i agree with a new coach BUT if the new coach don’t take the risk of bring in new players and young players, it will all be the same no matter what formula the new coach will use.

  33. Ghostdeini

    Argentina’s curse continues: Izanami
    90: Final lost!
    04: Final lost!
    05: Final lost!
    07:Final lost!
    14: Final lost!
    15:Final lost!
    16: Final lost
    and spoiler alert
    18: final lost!

    1. travis

      i don’t believe argentina will lost again in 2018 if we have a complete new squad and first 11th with a new coach.

      our problem is we have too many old and same players for over 10years now.

      1. Ghostdeini

        my friend don’t do this to yourself! the sooner you accept defeat of 2018 World cup the better for you! Don’t fall for it, I can only warn you brother it is up to you to save yourself.

        1. travis

          i don’t know about you or what you think of me before (in old mundo site), but i think in mundo, i am always right 😉

          1. Ghostdeini

            I am aware of your opinions that’s why I replied, hopefully you are right, but I don’t have any hope for this team!

  34. ClacKamas

    I literally want to kill that Brazilian ref!! He even gave card to Messi for diving!! Which is messis pride !!! Look at chiles team even a midget like Medel getting a gold medal for 2nd time

  35. Jason

    Don’t have watch football again anymore! I QUIT
    This all hope and waiting and watching is bullshit.
    Take care all. Don’t argue with each other because it’s no point.

  36. Raj

    And yes on top of all this the screwed up Refree.

  37. Caperjack

    in any game if you do not take your chances you lose. this is not Brazil, not Germany. there is no excuse. Now Tata should go as he has nothing to add anymore.Time for fresh faces and new mentality. I knew we will miss dybala as he is the real thing. Aguero, GH can score for their clubs 1000,000 goals but never come back to the NT. Icardi, Dybala in. it is very sad to see this wasted a way.

  38. vimaldass

    This team has been jinxed! 🙁 such a sad sad ending to this hopeful tournament…biggest let down going into this match ws the forced reinstatement of biglia for fernandez…we lost half the midfield battle there for sure…lamela should’ve hv started instead of di maria who might still be battling with his fitness issues..
    The key to this team’s remodelling would be the introduction of DYBALA..lets keep our heads high whatever the end result may hv been guys

  39. pallab

    feeling sad

    tragedy not once but thrice

    no creative football played today. …..
    Love you Romero. ..u r a great keeper. .
    oh god why don’t you want Messi winning a cup for national team. ……

    no words

  40. Raj

    We will never win when there are 7 defensive minded players in the team. Unfortunately for us the injuries happened at the wrong time. Losing Augusto and Lavezzi brought us back to the 11 that nobody wanted. Come final we played pathetic.

    Just fate or poor coaching or Higuain or Messi missing penalty…

  41. San Isidro

    Let’s see
    Higuain misses an easy goal in a big game again
    The team has nerves like a nervous bride
    Biglia misses a penalty for the second year in a row
    Our midfield disappears in a big game…again
    DiMaria shouldn’t have played—he wasn’t even at 20 percent
    How many more fucking tournaments are we going to go with this same bunch of chokers?
    You can get rid of Martino if you want, but it won’t make any difference with this group of players.
    This team needs many many psychologists….they are frail mentally and I just can’t watch this shit anymore.
    They break our heart every time. Thank God there is no major tournament next year…

    1. Caperjack

      agree with you 100 percent. When we had man advantage we should have kept cool why all that kung fu when you have fucking crazy Brazilian referee. we coud have played the ball around untie they get exhausted and hit them with Aguero sec have while keeping GH. they lost it like u sed weal mentality

  42. PAimar

    Ahh..I know why.. the main post listed Rojo twice in the line-up. That’s why he got sent off.

    Di Maria getting injured early so that he can come back into the final is also planned for. So that he can count his misses for us.

    Ah. The opposite for Augusto.. he will miss the final so that Biglia can play in the final.

    It’s all freaking fated. I’m trying to find all sort of excuses because I got no more reasons as to how we got to three finals and drew in full time in all of them and evantually lost in all of them. Luck fate whatever. SHIT. This feeling is damn familiar….

  43. Raj

    And Maradona must be having a bash because Messi dint win…… That is the reality today. HE did his part in adding to the team pressure.

    1. mumbli

      You think more pressure would affect Maradona?
      Regardless I get your point n u right as an argentine you should Mk it the best for ure pple.

      Bring back Aimar n Romy.
      Messi needs real players to play with.

  44. Sabellista

    Tata fans what are saying now. That was pathetic coaching by Tata. Mascherano, Biglia and Banega combo has failed him time and again but yes as stupid as usual he went on with a failed. Tata out now.

  45. Ghostdeini

    Congratulations Chile you were the better team!
    at the end of the day we played some weak team until the final.
    we were just fooled!
    this team will never win anything in our lifetime.
    we also will not learn anything from this like always and big up to the brave people who had the courage to criticize the team.
    the people who were pessimistic and critical are the people that I feel sorry for, their voice is never heard, they just talk at a wall.
    we are arrogant and ignorant, euphoric.
    like I said we will never learn.

    if you ever heard about Naruto there is this guy Itachi who trapps his enemies within a infinite loop called izanami, the only escape is to accept your faith which for us is we have to become less arrogant, ignorant, euphoric and accept critic and work together with humbleness toward the next tournament.
    we have to find peace within us to succeed or else the infinite time loop will continue.

  46. Raj

    We played this formation

    Mercado ———-Macherano———-Otamendi————–FunesMori
    Biglia ——————————–Kranewitter



    With this formation Argentina can quit playing footballe. We ended with 46% possession. Is it a mental block for players or coaches. Messi will never win anything with Argentina because Argentina coaches do not want to win.

  47. Nukleuz

    Seriously, the team has mentality problem. The team play vanish completely in this game. Everyone is slow and sloppy. Whoever is in whoever place. The result will be same. We have seen the most beautiful team play through out the tournament and now it is nowhere near us. Look at the Messi, he dibble all the way out and lose the sense how to built up the attack. Now blame the expectation. There pressure is now bigger than their reputation itself. We will always get to final and be the second best again in Russia.

  48. HaititoArg

    Well so many time I try to quit watching football but my love for it kept bringing me just to see Argentina winning something always the same thing… I didn’t watch the shoot out which player miss for us

  49. Gonzalo

    Argentina won’t win as far as Messi will be alpha and omegha.

  50. ClacKamas

    Bigilia…higuain… Tata cost us this glorious chances!!!!

    1. Gonzalo

      And DI Maria, Aguero

      1. ClacKamas

        why to bring di Maria???????? For his name???? U mother fucker Tata …there were no better player than Bigilia ? Or benga ???

  51. Caperjack

    Why would biglia taking important one. We know he is not good at it

  52. PAimar

    Please excuse me.


  53. Gonzalo

    It’s end od 87/88 generation.

  54. Kitty

    When you have players like Biglia, Aguero, Dimaria & Higuain… You will never win anything….

    1. saima

      wat u blaming aguero for in the whole competition he’s come on as sub in last 15-20 mins, and in this game he nearly won it with that header and he never missed his penalty.
      higuain is not a big game player he always fluffs it in the final and di maria was not doing anything useful, it was a rerun of the last copa final, wrong team.

      1. saima

        and why in gods name was biglia taking a penalty, he has no composure for taking penalties in crucial stages, totally useless.

  55. pablo dennison

    3 finals and no goals from our strikers, we asked for icardi, we asked for dybala we asked to try other strikers and we needed them desiparitly as again it shows today.
    pens is a sick way to lose and not fair at all.
    time for the strike forse to go and be replaced now oh bye bye tata you have to go no matter what.

    1. Nukleuz

      The only way is to drop all 11 players and get new ones. Whoever come into this place, I mean CF, will go flop because this position is cursed!

  56. Oliver Lomp

    I quit watching football. Really – it’s done!

  57. Aslam

    When playing FINAL..Argentina has MENTAL issues….years….no change.

    1. asif

      Just woke up
      Too bad told you guys for years
      Team has mental issue but nobody believes me

      6 finals

      Masherano is the jinx

  58. Gonzalo

    I have no regret for the team. Just for Messi.

  59. Raj

    Excellent we deserve this nonsense. Some one should slipper Martino and hope he quits. This is the worst that can happen to the fans,
    He played for penalties and this is what that idiot will get

    Carry more injured players and screw up the team composition in the final bringing DiMaria. Just hate this crap team. Let us not talk about Maradona now. This bloody coaching issue will kill us. Argentine coaches believe in getting defensive when they have an advantage

  60. Caperjack

    Hard luck. Indeed a sad day.

  61. Richard

    God damn it.

  62. Aslam

    Thanks Messi….you are not Maradona…:(

  63. Jason

    Please someone wake me up because i saw the same nightmare before aswell. I don’t think i will able to watch football anymore.

  64. HaititoArg

    I’ll get the result here I can’t watch this

  65. Ghostdeini

    which of our players will miss this time?

  66. Richard

    Romero had a good match. Let’s hope he can do it for us this time.

  67. Nukleuz

    Do you guys believe 0 goal in 3 consecutive finals?

  68. dollon biswas

    We will see another tragedy….oh god…

  69. Gonzalo

    We will win – Higuain is out of penalties;)

  70. Aslam

    This time Aguero will send the ball to Sky….

  71. Raj

    This is what Martino needed. Penalties and here we go.

    World class we are: Mercado, Rojo, Biglia, Aguero..

    When Chile were a man down he should have taken Biglia and got Lamela in. Why the hell did he waste a slot on Pastore when all he did was warm the bench.
    Chile were smart and used all their substitutions. This match there was an opportunity to use 4 subs. We used 3 that also the last one with 5 to go

  72. Ghostdeini

    how is it possible that the Chileans win all the headers when they are so short?

  73. Gonzalo

    The only thing we need is a purge after Copa.

  74. Raj

    Banega and Messi are the only two who were playing in the attack. One is replaced. Not sure if Martino is blind. Biglia is tired and a big liability

  75. Julker9

    Can’t we use 4-2-3 formation to push a man extra in our attack?

    The game is still balance for both teams.

  76. Raj

    We have 2 substitutions. Not sure when Martino will get some sense and substitute Bigllia

  77. Julker9

    Our attackers should do something before it goes to another penalty shootouts. Germans used Gotze in extra time in WC final. Our attack is now depending on Messi & Aguero. Don’t we have a last sub? We should use Gaitan or Lamela this time. We need speed in our attack to open Chile’s defence. Vamos Argentina! Don’t give up.

  78. Raj

    We need players that can control the ball. Biglia is a waste of space. When we attack we have 2 players Messi and Aguero. Martino wants penalties. Chile is trying to win. That is the diff

  79. Ghostdeini

    hope that whoever our coach after this cup takes note that we must have runners on the team.
    a player like aguesto which could be lanzini and a player like lavezzi.
    we also need finishers.
    we need team players and not dribblers who can’t pass.

    1. Prabesh

      we are missing dybala maybe he is happy rightnow seeing this final and i wonder where is biglia

  80. Aslam

    When Biglia playing….our momentum lost…he cant help in attacking…we need a player like Agusto,Enzo…!

  81. Richard

    Biglia off. Lamela in.

  82. Raj

    we are playing with 6 defenders Banega, Messi and Aguero (Who is clueless). This is pathetic coaching. Not sure if Martino thinks Messi will go past 6 defenders. Such an unbalanced formation and with 10 men he has made just 2 substitutions. Mainly because of his ego carrying injured players. Every time we attack we have 2 vs 6 from Chile. When they attack it is 5 vs 4. Our wingbacks are pathetic. Just a pathetic game

  83. Nukleuz

    We have problem with mentality. They even lost the synergy built during the tournament. I can feel it. They more they lose in final, the more pressure they have to handle. sigh! You can see the whole team play like individually, the is totally like going back to WC2014.

    1. Gonzalo

      There was no synergy before there were weak teams against us. CHile is a competitor.

  84. Richard

    Only Banega plays good. Messi runs into walls and even his passing lets him down. Aguero should have scored. Icardi would have buried that chance.

  85. messi08

    People it is no the right time to complain..we have to win after that we can talk about what was wrong during this game, sometimes is not playing good that lead to win but the heart of lion FIGHT!!!!!! FIGHT!!!!!….HOW DID ITALY TO GET 4*WORLD CHAMPION? THEY NEVER PLAYED GOOD FOOTBALL, we fans have to stay behind our team in this hard moment……from a German’s fan who loves Argentina!

  86. Kutz73

    Any predictions …

  87. Caperjack

    We are getting clser, i have good feelings. They are getting tired. Banega is a monster

  88. Aslam

    Biglia…the worst link..

  89. Kutz73

    Wtf biglila ..t

  90. Kutz73

    Come on guys

  91. baker

    Sack higuain, kun and dimaria.
    Bring icardi,dybala and lanzini

    1. Gonzalo


    2. Gonzalo

      Lanzini has much better long shots than Messi, Aguero, Di Maria or Banega

  92. Gonzalo

    Even if we win the game I’m not going to forget this shit style.

  93. Kutz73

    Messi and bagnea …respect guys

  94. Julker9

    And that’s our world class Man City superstar!

  95. Caperjack

    That was our copa aguero OMG

  96. Kutz73

    TV is on but cannot focus on this horrible game by us …

  97. Gonzalo

    There’s no players with eager, i.e. – young players.

  98. Aslam

    Choker 1 gone…Choker 2 came…!

  99. Kutz73

    Aguero again …

  100. messi08

    Vamos Argentina let’s lift this trophy…

  101. Kutz73

    Messi cuts 4 Chilean players passes to aguero/dimaria and they both wack the ball over with better options ….fuckin divas …

  102. Julker9

    Wish, we have a Sanchez in team. He is injured & still leading Chile’s attack!

  103. Richard

    Messi’s body language…

  104. Julker9

    Even the commentetors are getting fraustrated after see Ageuero’s selfish display!!

  105. Gonzalo

    Counterattack is our only hope.

  106. Julker9

    Chile playing Argentina’s tango. And we are watching it…….silently!

  107. Gonzalo

    Higuain did what was to do;)

  108. guled

    Somethings are never mean to happen. We won’t see argentina winning trophy in our lifetime, let us just forget about it.

  109. Gonzalo

    Argentina still may win this but, to be honest, it’s our poorest final.

  110. Richard

    The passing from our defenders is just awful. They are giving the ball so easily.

  111. Arii

    Each tournament I say I hope this is Di Maria’s last game for us.

  112. ClacKamas

    Seems we are playing with on man down

  113. Julker9

    Same boring story of a Argentina final again & again….! Di Maria sub off, Higuain chocks &…….

    1. Gonzalo

      It’s missing Lavezzi type of player. Di Maria time is over.

  114. Gonzalo

    It should be last Di Maria game in NT.

    We don’t need him.

  115. Julker9

    Higuain is so…nervous!

  116. Aslam

    This referee has produced 16 RED CARDS in his last 28 MATCHES…So more coming….Vidal,Mascherano….Messi(???, yes i believe he will do that…)..and more….!

  117. pallab


  118. Istiaque

    higuian should just die

  119. Caperjack

    The key now is play smart. Chile want the game to be chaos because they are tired. Maube lamela for maria.

  120. Kutz73

    How can a inform top league scorer miss a sitter …just cannot get over it … Wtf is di maria and bigilia doing ??? What’s the formation we are playing with 10 men???

  121. Ghostdeini

    this is what I meant days ago we can find unimaginable ways to lose.
    di maria, higuain makes us feel like a domestic violence victim with who stays with her partner because of Stockholm syndrome.
    Biglia doesn’t know where he is playing.
    Rojo is simply not smart.

    the referee wants to grab a role in hollywood, so far he is the main protagonist with his facial expressions and body movements, the decisions are horrible, we should have played smarter but playing smart is not our strengths so we find unimaginable ways to lose.

  122. Aslam

    This should be Higuain’s last match for Argentina….

  123. pallab

    Reffere spoil sport
    Brazilian can do more bad in 2nd half
    3 wrong card for Argentina
    Most astonishing is to see the card of messi Rojo. …

    Please God save us. …..
    This reffere gonna spoil the day……..
    Very bad. …
    Keeping faith on Tata, I think he will make some positive strategy

  124. ClacKamas

    Not only that that mother fucker ref gave a concession yellow to Messi

  125. Gonzalo

    If anyone can show me official CONMEBOL statement what is status this tournament?
    I heard CHile will be still oficially South America Champion even if Argentina win.
    If this is true I lost my enthusiasm.

    1. Ghostdeini

      the president or some high official recently said the winner will be awarded official copa america champion winner title, but will not take part in con fed cup, but don’t worry at the title because as it looks we are finding unimaginable ways to lose, hopefully we find a way to beat this curse.

  126. Nukleuz

    Augesto will be missed . . he played so good and make so much room in midfield. Biglia is not that type of player. I wanna cry now!

  127. saima

    can’t believe it is a repeat of the last 2 finals, higuain missing sitters, dimaria playing shite, omg and a blind brazilian ref to top it off!!

  128. Kutz73

    Caperjack is the team playing ball movement

  129. Kutz73

    Argggggghhhhh….don’t want to he right about this guy ..

  130. Kutz73

    Hugian ….better fuckin redeme yourself

  131. Caperjack

    We still can make it we have to keep cool heads and play our game. Dmaria is not sharp but we have no replacment

  132. Caperjack

    Our players should have never lost control on thrir nerves

  133. ClacKamas

    Both read were a joke….higuain the choker….Bigilia is sooo baddddd now Messi shud shineeeee…man I can’t lose this to a team like chile!!!!

  134. godboy_messi

    This is the second time in Copa America history that there is a rematch of the previous final. Argentina and Brazil played each other in the 2004 and 2007 finals, with the Albiceleste losing both (the first one on penalties – they lost to Chile on penalties last year).
    this stat is just killing me with what i have seen

  135. Richard

    Emotions are a big part of this match. That is not in our favour. We need to play clever and keep our head cool. The pipita miss brings back unwanted wc memories.

  136. HaititoArg

    I’m going to sleep u can’t watch this game anymore even with 10 men chile were better and Hig did it again.

  137. George Thomas

    Referee and Higuain cost us this match. I knew we would get screwed with a Brazilian referee.

  138. asif

    i’m off to bed
    the team has choked again
    higauin and co
    chokers in final.
    6 finals in 12 years. some teams dream of 1 final in 50

    higuains miss was criminal, fcuk off back to napoli

  139. Jason

    Motherfucker messed up the whole game

  140. Nukleuz

    That refree is the reason .. the game is torn apart. I don’t know what the hell is doing in the field. Diaz shouldn’t be shown 2nd yellow. Rojo shouldn’t get even a yellow card for that tackle. He clearly hit the ball not the man. I really feel like the game is fixed in somehow.

    1. Jason

      What do you expect from a Brazilian. He saw his country gone home and they are not power house of America anymore. It is Argentina and Chile so he playing his fucking game

  141. dollon biswas

    Mother fucker Brazilian refare

  142. Gonzalo

    I’m not sure the winner will be oficially South America Champion…
    I lost my enthusiasm.

    1. Jason

      What do you mean?

  143. Gonzalo

    The most stupid I saw. Both red cards were a joke.

    1. Jason


  144. Jason

    I have bad feeling guys!!!

  145. Jason

    It was never a red card

  146. Aslam

    REFEREE is BIG Joke…!!

    1. Jason

      Why is Brazilian referee in Argentine game

  147. Jason


  148. godboy_messi

    10-10 now 🙁

  149. ClacKamas

    Was it really dive?? It was a contact but not foul or a dive!!!

  150. Jason

    Team playing bad

  151. Arii

    Di Maria dribbles only because he has no idea who to pass to.

  152. godboy_messi

    did messi dive???

  153. Jason

    I love Di-maria but he is liability so far. Team played better without him. Biglia look lost

  154. ClacKamas

    We were much better without having that DIVA MARIA IDOT!!!!

  155. godboy_messi

    oh my godd argentina is in their best chance to break their jinx

  156. Aslam

    Higuian is Higuain…choking on BIG occasion…Dimaria is Dimaria..all he wants to dribble…not pass..!!

    1. Jason


  157. Arii

    Di Maria never learns when to pass.

  158. Jason

    Deja vu!!!
    Higuain again

  159. Aslam

    Oh my god…..Higuain…you again…!!!

  160. ClacKamas

    not so good so far…. Link

  161. Oliver Lomp

    proper link please!!!

  162. ClacKamas

    Man that was foul on Sanchez ..anyway our boys are little tense

  163. ClacKamas

    I quit eating, sleeping shiting long ago…. Dear god just give us this cup!! Pls pls Messi and co bring it to us

  164. Gonzalo

    Now or never.
    Credo quia impossibile est.

  165. HaititoArg

    My heart is beating so damn fast man o man Here I am again hope this time it will be an happy ending.

  166. El pibe Erik lozano

    Piel de gallina i have right now

  167. Richard

    Five easy wins until now. Let’s make it six. Everybody enjoy the game and let the boys end our 23 years of misery!

  168. dollon biswas

    I am confidence we must overcomes today’s final…now we can say that Tata is a world class coach…my faith with him increasing day by day…

    1. Sabellista

      Tata World Class my ass.

  169. asif

    12 months ago, i only watched 7 mins of the game (due to nerves)
    i followed the penalty kicks on here
    i never watched the penalty shootout replay

    until right now – watched the penalties
    higuian and banega took shockers
    and romero should have saved the 3rd one

    lets hope there is no penalties today

  170. vimaldass

    First final for di maria 🙂

  171. vimaldass

    Think positive guys…no chance for chile…Vamos argentina!!!

  172. dionmar

    Here we are, longing for another win of our Albiceleste. Di Maria, show us that one of the causes we lost two finals are you too.

  173. HaititoArg

    Let’s go Argentina we can’t lost another final

  174. vik

    Massive risk on Di Maria.
    How fit I’d Banega or was it a ploy to play mind tricks?
    All I know is you need fit players to play high intensity game against Chile.
    This game will be decided by a solitary goal.
    A moment of genius.
    Unless we get an goal….

  175. fouad-daman

    Anyone with butterflies in the stomach?

  176. Gokul

    Very good news.. Banega will play.. Di Maria too..Let’s win this boys..
    Somos Argentina!!!!!!!

  177. chalz

    We have a 12th Man playing for us since the tournament began… … can say ‘the fourth Man’ walking in the fire… invisible but can see… few will understand what i meant.

    1. Argentino Trucho

      We read the bible. We know what you are talking about. But are you referring to an actual angel out our Angel? 😉

  178. Arii

    Best possible line up!

  179. Istiaque

    This is perfect!

  180. Nukleuz

    We have 2 Rojo in the line-up .. 😀

    1. Arii

      One of them is Otamendi.

      1. Nukleuz

        You mean Mecado ?

  181. chalz

    The stepping stone to soar the heights in 2018… Praise the Lord God.

    1. fouad-daman

      Praise the Lord

  182. fouad-daman

    This is good news go argennnnntina

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