Argentina line-up in training, DI MARIA starts

Angel Di Maria

Angel DI MARIA is set to start for Argentina.

Angel DI MARIA was a starter in Argentina’s eleven in training. DI MARIA started up front in place of Erik LAMELA. Here was the line-up in training.



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    Argentina played better without Di Maria but with Lavezzi instead. Di Maria is still better than Lamela although I doubt he is 100% fit.

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    Argentina to win INSHALLAH.
    Rest in peace all haters.

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    Dont.feed. the. Trolls.

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    Starting Di Maria is not a wise decision as he’s been out and might be rusty. At best he should come off the bench. Unless the extent of his injury was exaggerated and kept a secret surprise element for the final.

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      I think if di maria plays, he must start. If the injury relapses we could always sub him out. But just imagine if he comes on a sub and the injury relapses! We will have nobody to play in his position!

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    I cant say I’m pleased about d/m starting as we have been far better with out him and add to it he has injury problems.

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    Nothing will be change in final….
    Argentina can’t beat Chile once again…

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      ROY, can you please do us all a favor and kick this vermin out of here for good.

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      Why the fuck do you come here you stupid moron? We understood your butthurt from Germany 7-1 and Venezuela defeat. So why don’t you keep rubbing the medicine prescribed by the doctor until the thrashing wound get better. Don’t come here and chipping. We are still proud of our team despite no winning.
      Bloody low life scum

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      Please post the same after the final you low life scum.
      We will see tomorrow who will win the match. Best of luck you can watch the finals like your idol on TV 😂

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      go f*#!k yourself ROY

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    yeeeeeaaaahhhh Booooyyyyiieeee.

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