Copa America on Sunday to be official tournament

Copa America

There’s been a lot of talk about this Copa America.

Many said it’s not a real tournament or that the winner would not get to count it as a win in their Copa America victories. That has since been put to rest by Alejandro DOMINGUEZ, the president of CONMEBOL.

“The winner of the Copa America on Sunday will be awarded the official title of Copa America champions”.

Meaning should Argentina win the final of the Copa America, it will be their 15th title and if Chile win, their second title.

The president also spoke about the 2017 Confederations Cup stating that if Argentina win, he has challenged UEFA to have a match between Argentina and the Euro winners. And if Argentina win that match, they would be in next year’s Confederations Cup.


  1. pallab

    Good idea…

    let e
    win the copA first….
    concentration on final. …can’t wait win

  2. Jason

    Apparently Banega is training separate aswell! I hope it is just cautious not something big!

    Bytheway i always get nervous against Chile. Hopefully our boys play best game and like last game in their life. We haven’t trailing yet at this Copa so i would love to be like this and score as early as possible. For my concern why would those moron put a Brazilian official in Argentina game. He will fuck this up for sure i am telling you guys

  3. Ghostdeini

    Wow great news, things are getting better and better, we are playing great, we are playing like a team and now FIFA will reform AFA, JUST WOW!
    I am so happy! let’s win on Sunday and go on a winning streak…Olympics and the World cup.

  4. Dfox1942

    Well, of course its an official FIFA sanctioned tournament.

    Only difference is that ARGENTINA wont play in the Confederation cup and who really wants to play in one!??

    Remember Brazil and Spain in the last one……..all the hugs, smiles, selfies with fans blah blah blah…..BOTH got jacked in the WC, besides team needs their rest, 3 busy summers in a row is enough.

  5. Gill Albiceleste

    Breaking :

    FIFA to take control over AFA with immediate effect.

    A 7 member FIFA panel to manage AFA till the next elections are held.

    Time for Veron/Zanetti/Ayala to come forward and help Argentina FA come out of this rut.

    1. fouad-daman

      What is ur source i cant find it anywhere

  6. fouad-daman

    Need to win first vamos argentina

  7. Sabellista

    No Confederations Cup please.

    1. I want fresh players for WC in Russia. Teams that play in the Confeds, especially upto semis don’t make it past the WC QFs due to player fatigue.

    2. I don’t want Europeans spying on us a year before the WC. We need to have an element of surprise for our opponents going into a World Cup.

    It will be ridiculously stupid if Argentina entertain such an idea.

    One match face off with Euro winner would be nice though.

    1. Bombonera

      What if Arg goes to Conf with team B .?

      Positive effects on

      1. NoHateOnlyLove

        With a B team, Argentina risk themselves of dropping in the FIFA rankings which will affect whether or not Argentina will be a seeded team for the 2018 world cup. Trust me, you don’t want an unseeded Argentina being drawn in a group of death which could possible include the likes of Croatia, Italy, Belgium in the group stage. This is a long shot though because I don’t see Argentina dropping out of the FIFA top five by now and the 2018 world cup, but this is a risk not worth taking. I don’t see the big deal with the Confederation Cup. If you want to talk about FIFA being greedy, the Confederation Cup is a perfect example. No need for the Confed Cup, just have all the teams that are potentially going to the world cup participate in some friendly games across the world, just like what they do for the club preseason matches. All the potential world cup qualifying teams can play in mini friendly tournament in the US, some play in Asia, some in Europe, and some in South America. Being that these are friendly games, the results will have little affect on your FIFA rankings. It’s like in 2013, Italy dismal Cofed Cup performance did not help them move up in the FIFA rankings.

    2. miskan

      you can not do anything…bcoz that is automaticly…if you win so you there…ofcourse we all here argentina become champions

  8. Argentino Trucho

    Not that I think that Argentina needs to go to the Confed Cup, but if Argentina beat the Euro winner and Russia was the only European team at the Confed Cup, that would be kind of hilarious.

    I doubt the Euro team would want to chance that. They might just make space for Argentina to play (assuming we win). It would certainly help them sell more tickets/advertising money.

    1. Argentino Trucho

      I just realized that Germany will be there as WC winners. My bad.

    2. dollon biswas


  9. Richard

    2 months ago I said that Confed cup will be a team short if Germany wins euro 2016. If we win we will be invited just like in 2005. Then we were olympic champions.
    We do need a summer’s rest after 3 tournaments in a row. So let’s pass this.

  10. dollon biswas


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