Argentina to train tonight, referee revealed

Argentina Team Training

Argentina will be training on Friday evening. This will be the first training session in New Jersey ahead of the final.

Following the training session, two players will hold a press conference.

With DI MARIA’s injury relapse, it looks all but set that Erik LAMELA will start. No news on Nicolas GAITAN but it doesn’t look like he will be good to start or even play for the final.

The referee for the final of the Copa America is Brazilian Heber LOPES. He was also the referee when Argentina defeated Chile 2-1 in Santiago in the World Cup Qualifiers in March.


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  5. miskan

    Why not USA reffer..

  6. Dfox1942

    Is that the bald REF., if so then he’s OKAY with me, seemed fair from the games I seen.

    1. Julker9

      Didn’t this same ref stop Messi’s one good counter attack run in last WCQ match? Messi was fed up & upset after that unexpected whistle!

      Hopefully, his final whistle will bring us a trophy this time. 🙂

  7. dollon biswas


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