Rumored Argentina line-up, LAVEZZI to start

Ezequiel Lavezzi

The injury and suspension Nicolas GAITAN means that one of Ezequiel LAVEZZI or Erik LAMELA would start up front alongside Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Lionel MESSI.

Based off the training session, Tata MARTINO is going to start the same attack as the one Alejandro SABELLA started with in the final of the World Cup. That is to say Ezequiel LAVEZZI with Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Lionel MESSI.


Rumored Argentina line-up for Tuesday: Romero; Rojo, Otamendi, Funes Mori, Mercado; Banega, Mascherano, Augusto; Lavezzi, Higuain, Messi


  1. Kutz73

    Relax bro ….seems u have ur mouth soldered to maradonas iron balls … Don’t need to get upset about something u have no control about ..we enjoyed the maradona era let me he kids enjoy the messi era …

  2. Kutz73

    Wow ….just awesome performance…messi haters are frothing at the mouth … But what I don’t understand is why hate on a fellow Argentinian that too when we just won an epic game ( in terms of the recent performances )..
    I’m glad we are in the finals team is looking solid ..a bit concerned about lavizzi hope it’s not too serious …..I’m glad he also Shut his haters mouths and had a brilliant performace ..

  3. baker

    wow what a match , completely dominant performance. But big big finale is waiting for us.
    Augustos absence is set back for us , tata will be using biglia in place of him.

  4. Istiaque

    I still gutted about losing Augusto for the final. He has been great in both attack and defense and I’m not too sure about Biglia’s attacking contribution!

    On the other hand, Banega has been a maestro the whole tournament! He’s been linking the attack with the defence. An absolute joy to watch. Surely the most improved player for us.

    Finally, if we face Chile, Di Maria would be a good choice because of his pace. Because they play higher on the pitch and with di maria’s pace we will be able to counter them faster! On the other hand if we face Colombia, we should play gaitan.

  5. Dfox1942

    Wow, Honestly guys.

    ARGENTINA just won a great game, dominated from start to finish, completed 630 plus passes to the U.S’s 150 plus, 67% time of possession, in a final again for the 3rd time in a row, ONE GAME AWAY FROM WINNING A cOPA AND lifting a trophy……and we’re fighting about who scored what or how many??

  6. EnganChe

    Why are you so worked up about this? Bati was amazing, one of the best of all time for us. Let’s enjoy the moment. We are blessed to have had Diego, Bati and Messi

    1. Istiaque

      So you think messi will not score 56 goals?

  7. fouad-daman

    56 agreed but will be broken soon
    Batigol was my idol now it is messi

  8. Naranath Bhranthan

    I know it was just USMNT. But credit where it due…Our midfield outclassed the opposition. Today again proved the importance of Agusto.He’s become such an important piece of puzzle as I can’t really think of proper replacement for him in our current setup.Today he’s almost like Busquets of Barca. He along gave enough support to Mercado so that our right wing was never in danger.I saw him multiple times receiving the ball in the final third.His athleticism and mental toughness is also proving to be vital for us. Just hope he is fully fit for the final.

    1. EnganChe

      I agree, Augusto proved a better option for us than Biglia in that role.

  9. Leandro

    Who cares if its 2 goals less or more.. Messi is going to keep scoring.. Bati is the best #9 ever though. The amount of goals in the few games he played is still insane, even if Messi passed him. Messi is the best total forward. Maradona the best midfielder.. we are blessed boys.. blessed..

    One other note, clap clap Tata, your team is starting to look like a unit and the midfield is finally working. Where are all the Tata sucks trolls? Mundo was NOTHING but fire fat Tata. He got us to two finals. Its the players who did the work, but Tata needs respect. Crongrats Tata, even if you loose the final (nooooooo!) you still did better than all the haters credited you with. So far Tatas best actions have been, a) Mercado, b) Good wing play c) tweaking the defensive balance of Sabella a little more offensive d) gathering good ball playing midfielders together.

    Vamos Argentina!

    1. Naranath Bhranthan

      I would add e)Effective integration Banega

    2. niklucky02

      TATA has done everything correct so far and will not hesitate to credit him where it is due. Last Copa, even though we defeated Paraguay like 6-0, I was never confident of the team. This time the spirit with which the team is playing and I have to say two final heartbreaks have made them mentally tough.
      I think Messi will be even more charged to prove detractors wrong. I really hope Augusto starts in the final.

      1. Kutz73

        Eating cold crow here. …..respect to TATA and co …my week is made …..

    3. pablo dennison

      agreed and I’m eating humble pie but I will say no di maria is good for the team as we now play as a team. yes d/m is a good player but his decision making is simply not good enough and we now have players who are not as skilled but work for the team 1st and are not the headless chicken that d/m is far to ofturn

    4. Sabellista

      Tata changed a few things and that is what we wanted. Even you can see that we not playing the slow boring possession shit anymore. Now we are happy

  10. Naranath Bhranthan

    Riquelme was fantastic today .He absolutely dominated the midfield.Pekerman,Maradona are you people watching? (Do I misspell someone?)

  11. dollon biswas

    1/ I WANT COPA…….


    3/ I WANT BALLON (D)OR..


  12. fouad-daman

    As soon as someone gets an update on lavezi and augusto please post hopefully we will have dimaria back for the final
    By the way 5 offside calls should not have been called

    1. EnganChe

      Lavezzi will miss the final unfortunately (fractured elbow), Augusto is too early to tell.

  13. miskan againts around the world

  14. abhijit gupta

    In the build up to the first goal check Messi’s reaction in the replay. As soon as he saw Lavezzi pressing, that he could win the ball and may pass to him, he signalled the team mates to move towards the box. Maybe he had already decided for the loft. All so fast. LOL..

  15. pablo dennison

    here is the answer to the goals
    “Messi moved one ahead Gabriel Batistuta’s career total, according to the Argentine Football Association. However, FIFA records Batistuta’s total as 56, including two goals in an exhibition against Slovakia in June 1995”

    what is an exhibition match? very bazaar and not some thing we here about these days

  16. Dfox1942


    Great game and ONE MORE to Go AGAIN!!!!


    I can go and relax now until my anxiety resumes Friday.

  17. dollon biswas

    messi,s goal per match 2.03 other side great batigol goal per match 1.42 so fer messi still playing and must be playing atleast next 5-7 years for national team..still many more coming….

    anyway ,,
    hom many assistes he done sofar…may be countys best…

    have any idea everyone???

    1. Dfox1942

      5 goals and 4 assists thus far.

      1. dollon biswas

        I WANT TO KNOW ALL 112 MATCH..

  18. david carvajal

    The team played well, Romero’s passes were actually going to somebody… lol.. only person I didn’t see play too well was biglia. You don’t think tata will use him in final right? TATA so far has done well. Too be honest I cracked on a lot of his players choices like dybala, but he has actually coached this tournament well-done

    1. EnganChe

      Augusto is injured and if he does not recover Tata might be forced to use Biglia

  19. chalz

    Thanking The Lord God. Thanking Thee for the Grace on Argentina…

  20. miskan

    thats mean the final…gaitan will spot his position again

  21. EnganChe

    Banega with a 98% pass rate!

    1. tigrawaydegafi

      Yap. Am really happy for him. Some in mundo were harish against him. Even swearing against him using hard words. His class was always there. No wonder why Leo favours him only ignored by sabella though, and that was all for Maxi Rodregez/Gago or Alvarez at 2014 WC. We all know his one time tragedy that almost claimed his life but he is human prone to error nothing else.

      With this age,27, he will continue to integrate more till 2018 WC. I don’t give a rats to whom we are playing at final. Banega has out classed the so called highly pressing team,Chile, easily with out Messi being around.

      And my biggest BUT of this tournament is who ever is picked to play is playing to his expectations, if not, more. That is the kind of team sprit exactly missing for years.

      1. miskan

        However he come to inter…pfff

  22. El pibe Erik lozano

    Men i take my hat off for mascherano.bravoπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  23. ClacKamas

    Klinsman was asked about his performances but he was praising Argentina …..hahaha…and that sucker said something about messis free kick goal….like foul was 5 meter earlier or something

  24. tigrawaydegafi

    Banega in redemption. Really happy for him and is on his way to make Argie great again. Messi’s captain role was always justified by his examplary role on the pitch. Always assisting to boost the morale of the players with out shouting to energize them.

    Why is the team confidence high all the sudden right after we beat columbia 1-0 in the qualification games. Infact apart from surpriaing midfield amazing new look Tata has exponentially bosted the players mentallity more than ever. I never have seen them this calm and with class performance performance under any coach so far…

    Congrats to Leo the king of assist;freekicks,goal scoring and dribbling!!!!!

  25. EnganChe

    Well, in the end it was boys vs men, let’s win something this time!

  26. Aslam

    Lamela is very hard is due to his pressing..the last goal came. But just before that he shot wide when Messi was unmarked and near to him in the box. I dont want Lamela does what Dimaria and Aguero normally do. We have to play as a team. Three consecutive final in Major tournaments is a big achievement but this time..We need trophy…we cannot afford the lose anymore..

  27. niklucky02

    I don’t give a shit as batigol and Messi both are important. I think FIFA didn’t recognize 2 goals of batistuta as they were scored against Slovakia B team.

  28. niklucky02

    The game ended with the second goal. So I was interested in keeping things simple and my fear is true we have three injuries out of which I think Augusto should make the final. Hopefully this time, we finish the deal in final.

  29. Sabellista

    I have a feeling that Messi is personal about this final. So watch out guys, we might see a very hungry Messi in this final.

  30. Argentino Trucho

    I am so happy that we are in the final. Messi is the perfect captain, assisting Higuain so many times.

    I’m not even sure if I would rather we play Colombia or Chile in the final. Part of me hopes it’s Chile so we can get some revenge.

  31. Julker9

    Another final for Argentina. Now it’s time to go for big….real big!

    Vamos Argentina!!

  32. Sabellista

    We agree, but quit hating on Messi.

  33. MustB-Albiceleste

    Messi was as usual magical best.. Higuain, Levazzi was great..Mascherano marshaled the defense really well…But
    BANEGA – what a game he had in the center of the field AND
    OTAMENDI – Rock wrong foot..pure defensive master class…
    Now REAL Test comes….

  34. Sabellista

    Somehow I knew that we would be in a the final. Now I am curious to see if we are going to choke this time. I think Messi is in in a takeover the final mood.

  35. ClacKamas

    Klinsman u faking shit…go and give a b. Job to Messi now

    1. vimaldass

      Hahahah! Obligatory

  36. vimaldass

    So klinsmann was saying…?

  37. ClacKamas

    Lavezzi I guess it’s wrist and if it’s not the fracture he might play final

  38. Julker9

    Holy shit! Lavezzi collapse & injured i guess. Lamela comes….

  39. HaititoArg

    I hope lav is ok

    1. Jason

      Me too!
      That was nasty

  40. Jason

    3 incident

  41. Jason

    Wtf is going on man!!!

  42. Istiaque

    Looks like Augusto’s Hamstring is gone! I guess we will have to do with Biglia in the final.

  43. Sabellista

    Thank you Higuain for sealing the deal. Good stuff.

  44. Sabellista

    Boo get the fuck out of here fucking troll hater. You said the same to me few days ago, so I’m goona say the same to you.

    1. Julker9

      Calm down. Just ignore all those f**king trolls….!

  45. vimaldass

    Whoever who wished messi to be on the bench should eat their own crap!

  46. Argentino Trucho

    My wife really hates that I support Argentina over the US (I’m from the US and we live here as well.) After those 2 goals she left and went to our bedroom. Even though it’s making her so mad, I can’t stop feeling good with how well we are playing.

    1. Julker9

      Haha….very complicated moment for you!

    2. Sabellista

      Sorry for your situation. But at least she knows that Argentina is strong team not in the class of USA

    3. Argentino Trucho

      Dude, shut up. That’s my wife you’re talking about. Please just leave her alone.

  47. El pibe Erik lozano

    Banega has been the unsung hero in this tournament

    1. Julker9

      No doubt. Also Mercado for me!

  48. pallab

    More goals to Come

  49. Kutz73

    Another record broken by the greatest …lol.,to all the closet haters I can see u frothing in the mouth over the validity of the record ..under unfortunately what ever anyone says got to go with offical data…hahhahahaha

  50. MustB-Albiceleste

    Highlights of the first half..

    1. A brilliant assist
    2. A perfect placement
    3 A thumping free-kick.

    1. Argentino Trucho

      It was glorious to watch, wasn’t it?

      1. MustB-Albiceleste

        any doubt? The best half display from us in the first half..

  51. El pibe Erik lozano

    Boo its me i still find it weird see a english man rooting for argentina

  52. MustB-Albiceleste

    Messi’s probability from free-kick is more than penalty these days πŸ˜‰

  53. Kutz73

    Lavezzi …an awesome game ..hugiuan should be subbed …his one touch passing lacking …
    Midfield solid …first half messi lavezzi and bagena stand out players ..enjoying the game

    1. Argentino Trucho

      Would you put on Aguero for Higuain?

      I’m not so sure that Higuain is playing that badly. He keeps bringing down the ball really well when he gets those long passes.

  54. MustB-Albiceleste

    Why are you keep crying? I believe for the last 3 days you are CRYing and abusing your fellow Argentine fans? We are heading for another final…enjoy that moment. You are fed up but who really cares?
    and…at least try to avoid posting in CAPs letters.

    1. david carvajal

      Lol yeah what’s this guy’s deal. So annoying. I just ignore his comments, he cries just like Ronaldo.

  55. Caperjack

    Hats off Mr.Messi. Argentina amazing.

  56. Argentino Trucho

    I agree there. I was always a big fan of Pastore, but Banega has totally gotten his act together. Just think, 2 years ago Gago was playing there. How lucky we are to have such players now.

  57. Argentino Trucho

    Even though Batigol scored 56, sadly FIFA is in charge of keeping the records. If FIFA says it was 54, then that is what everyone will talk about. No one is ever going to come close to the amount of goals Batistuta scored in the number of games he did it in, but we all know Messi is going to score at least 3 more goals sometime. So he is going to have the record no matter which way you look at it.

    And more goals scored means more wins and hopefully more trophies. Batigol brought us his trophies with his goals, let’s hope Messi does the same with his on Sunday.

  58. dollon biswas

    Messi is the best free kick taker in the football history…what a free kick…

    1. Kutz73

      Messi the greatest ….goal scorer in history ..and by the time he hangs his boots the best free kick specialist ever ….

    2. Sabellista

      Are you say slow Roman has done better than Messi for Argentina? Confederations final is nothing, compared to WC and COPA final.

  59. asif

    Hopefully USA will attack abit more now and be more open
    We need 1 more goal

  60. Julker9

    Wow! What a goal!! Messi strikes another free kick goal. Now all time goal scorer for Argentina.

    1. Sabellista

      I agree 56 for Batistuta, but don’t you see it by now that Messi is gonna is gonna probaby score 70 for us. So quit fighting Messi vs the great Batigol story man. Stop the Messi hate he is our best player right now. He is what Maradona was to us back in the day. God gifts us the best player on the planet and you hate him for what?

  61. guled

    Great goal by leo.πŸ‘

  62. EnganChe

    Un genio de otra planeta! Messsssi!

  63. pablo dennison

    out of this world by messi

  64. dollon biswas

    Messi the very best

  65. ClacKamas


  66. asif

    USA still very defensive
    They are playing for that counter attack for penalties

  67. guled

    Higuian back to being higuian.

  68. dollon biswas

    I always want to see this Argentina truly number one team in the world…

  69. Argen Messien

    Lavezzi justifying his starting birth with a well-taken header!

  70. guled

    Hardworker lavezzi with a goal, keep up the good work.

  71. pablo dennison

    sorry lavezzi i was wrong as i would not have started you-some goal

  72. EnganChe


  73. Pappu1986

    USA has very strong line up I think Argentina will loss this game 2-1

    1. HaititoArg

      Haha joke of the day

    2. Jason

      How do this shiit head joker even get in here?

  74. fouad-daman

    Did lavezzi ever played on the left?

    1. EnganChe

      Yes, don’t worry, he played there a lot for PSG πŸ™‚

  75. shingi gwenzi

    feeling nervous guys.its just I cant any other result besides a win. vamos Argentina

    1. david carvajal

      I am anxious nervous excited all of the above
      Home in front of TV with 2 min to spare life is good!!!

  76. EnganChe

    Vamos, vamos Argentina,
    vamos, vamos a ganar,
    que esta barra quilombera,
    no te deja, no te deja de alentar!!!!!

    Vamos carajo!

  77. HaititoArg

    In starting to feel the pressure now guys I hope our boys put on a great show tonight

  78. vimaldass

    I think messi will be in the mood today to surpass batistuta’s record as well…lets hope he doesnt get carried away by his personal accolade though..* fingers crossed*

  79. chalz

    Praise the Lord God

    1. fouad-daman


  80. dollon biswas

    I am confidence and easy for our match…It will be big margin something like that…..3-0;4-1….

  81. david carvajal

    Got out early! Time to hit turbo. Everyone in my office says US will win… can’t wait to wear my Jersey on Friday. Vamos carajo

  82. vimaldass

    Predicted lineup with lavezzi in replacement of gaitan..vamos argentina!!

  83. Debasish Duttaroy

    A friend of mine from Argentina is in the stadium now. He is texting that he is surrounded by US fans.

  84. Sabellista

    To all the L’Albiceleste fans in the US I know I’m sure you’ve been taking a lot of shit for the past few days, keep strong. For I know you’ll feel the victory more sweeter for what has been said in the past few days. Vamos Argentina, has taken la Victoria sempre.

  85. Argentino Trucho

    Any news on the lineup?

  86. fouad-daman

    Am i the only one stressed out here i need my anxiaty medicin

    1. Argentino Trucho

      I’m starting to feel the mix of excitement and anxiousness. So you aren’t alone. But think of how great you will feel when Argentina scores the first goal… It’s going to be awesome.

      1. fouad-daman

        Indeed ….

  87. david carvajal

    Let’s go Argentina! 1.5 hours left, trying to leave work early so I don’t miss kick off. Argentina has the talent they just need to come out and show it. I think Messi and higuain will have another brilliant night.

  88. fouad-daman

    Odds for usa to win 1 in 9
    Argentina 1 in 1.4
    Tie 1 in 4.5

  89. Argentino Trucho

    I got so pumped for the game tonight that I made this little cartoon of Messi.

    I am so excited for the game tonight! Β‘Vamos, vamos, Argentina! #copaamericacentenario #mikelaughead #messi A photo posted by Mike Laughead (@mikelaughead) on Jun 21, 2016 at 1:08pm PDT

    1. fouad-daman

      Nice magic touch to a magic player

    2. EnganChe

      Nicely done Mike πŸ™‚

  90. Kutz73

    If messi was an American (USMT) player or an English player their media would have anointed him the GOAT a long time ago…I mean every where it’s messi vs USA …As if its 1 man vs 11 he is a once in a generation player and my favourite player but the media is sicken s me with them over hyping what is …which is Argentina vs USA…can be certain most the guys writing about messi don’t know the other members of the Argentinian squad …twits …buuut found this a good read

    6 hours to go …its 0115 here in Sri lanka and just cannot sleep …

  91. Caperjack

    Relax all Argentina supporters. It is going to be great game for us. To be a champion you need to fear no one. It is going to be bussenies as usual for us.

  92. Tree

    With Lavezzi starting I’m expecting Argentina to press high for the first part of the game. I think Martino is gambling that we will score early and allow Biglia or maybe Lamela to slow the game down in the second half. Veremos…

  93. Bombonera

    Just came to realise USA writters are more than English men when it comes to extractions of personal opinions…then can decide a game even before the kick off…Woe to them, a lost of sleep is less than 10hrs


  94. pallab


  95. vik

    I wish I had the same confidence as everyone else here…..
    I am stressed chronically here!!
    Another worry is at times we get complacent in the opening 10 minutes. We try to dictate the rhythm at our own pace. My worry is USA could press high from the go. If this happens then we get agitated.
    Need to score early to put the onus on the usa team.

    1. Argentino Trucho

      I was nervous about the last game, but I’m not worried about this one. I have been watching the US team through the tournament, and they are not playing super well. This could be a close game, but I don’t the the US have what it takes to win.

  96. david carvajal

    Man I can’t wait! Only 12 more hours. If we can score early, could end 3-1 or 3-0. I’m really hoping not to have 0-0 at half. We need to avoid PK as necessary. From Klinsmann interview he states they will play their game and attack. They are not going to change their style. If that’s true, Argentina should see the scoring chances flood in. Vamps Argentina!!

  97. Sabellista

    We need an early goal again. KO stage an early goal will is very crucial for the stronger team. I understand there is no extra time at this COPA, that can complicate things if we don’t score early. But I have a feeling it’s gonna be Messi game tonight.

  98. mamoun elpipita

    The USMNT have 2 advantages here, namely the home team advantage and the 2 extra days of rest so I think they’ll give our boys a run for their money but the albicelestes are now at their peak in terms of personnel, depth and confidence and their biggest opponent is potentially themselves so I have faith that Argentina will go through tomorrow but our boys are gonna have to be ready to do real battle!

    1. Rajesh Ramachandran

      That 2 days of extra rest is their biggest advantage, even over the home advantage. But, if we keep the ball, and a clean sheet in first half, we can do very well in the second half. But in this tournament, we always score early, I hope we will.

    2. Archangel Gabriel

      The US team has 2 more days of rest, but don’t forget Argentina rested almost all starters in the Bolivia match where the US team played all 4 matches with their starters.

      The home crowd will be supporting the US team, but there is also a big group of Messi supporters in USA.

  99. Cleanball

    Albiceleste is in high spirit, di maria and Gaitan absence is not a big things compared with the US missed its 3 starter players. Tata playing scheme and subs did work well this time, the players have a excellent team spirit and enjoy every single match. Lavezzi tireless and horsepower style is benefit and much needed, Lamela at last is playing more comfortably with good penetration and passing at N/T. Higuain with its two goal on his last game should be more confidence to score. Banega is the central midplayers who bring the balance between attack and def, hopefully he can stay with his form and alongwith Augusto can place Messi focus on attacking; the match will be hard for both teams; but with Messi and everyone can score Argentina will reach the final, this is Albiceleste best moment to lift the Copa trophy again.

    1. fouad-daman

      In God ‘s willing

    2. Leandro

      Spaghetti Monster god willing..

  100. fouad-daman

    So 442?

    1. EnganChe

      Most probably 4-2-3-1 like last time

      1. fouad-daman

        Then lavezi on the left? Did he ever play there?

        1. EnganChe

          Oh yeah, quite a bit for PSG as well as for the national team. In fact that’s the position he most frequently played in recently.

  101. EnganChe

    Lavezzi starting is probably a good idea, his tireless running and direct approach could prove useful against an athletic and physical team like USA. Lamela should get about 15-20 minutes.

    1. NoHateOnlyLove

      I still don’t see this physicality about the USMNT you guys keep on talking about. Bradley, Beckerman, Zardes, Yedlin and Dempsey are all feeble players. John Brooks is maybe the only physical player in the USMNT starting XI. The USMNT is not more physical than Panama or Venezuela. This whole physical argument is a joke. The USMNT strength will be the speed of DeAndre Yedlin and Zardes given they will barely get possession of the ball. If you watch the game against Ecuador, you will see that the USMNT is also weak on crosses. Enner Valencia was so bad that day,I can see why he is a West Ham player, a team mate of one of Mundo favorite player.

      1. EnganChe

        “This whole physical argument is a joke.”

        Whatever you say, jefe πŸ™‚ USA is a team of ballerinas, a la Pastore

        Lavezzi would be useful regardless.

        1. NoHateOnlyLove

          My point is, you guys make it seems like Argentina was playing against some feeble players in the other Copa games. Chile was quick and they press a lot. Panama was physical, quick and dirty, MMA style dirty πŸ™‚ The USMNT won’t be able to top what Argentina had to face against Chile and Panama.

          1. EnganChe

            I really hope it’ll be a piece of cake for our boys like you seem to imply, I really do πŸ™‚

            By the way, Mascherano and Tevez played for West Ham once upon a time.

  102. Pappu1986

    USA will be tough for Argentina.. Klingsmen is ready to beat them..messi will show nothing against them..they r more stronger than Argentina.. So semifinal will be the last game for messi and co this copa…

    1. Bombonera

      Blind talks!

    2. NoHateOnlyLove

      This TROLL need to go back to Bleacher Report. You must be a Cristina fangirl..

    3. Argentino Trucho

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    4. Azim Salam Khan

      Why are you telling this on this site. Please use some data, history, analysis if you really think so. or Get out of here…

    5. EnganChe

      Troll alert lol!

    6. fouad-daman

      Say more say more stupid

    7. Nukleuz

      This argentina is most balanced team in decade. Even better than last year in team play and better than WC2014 in term of player depth. Quit trolling around here since this is argentina fan page. Nonsense negative comment without proper data or discussion is not welcomed. At least please remember this is not goal. com facebook page.

      1. Ibrahim Sakib

        Banega,Augusto do the right balance.

    8. Leandro

      DONT FEED THE TROLLS!!! Ignore them.

    9. Jason

      If you could use your predictions or should i say future telling on weather forecast than it would be more appreciate. Rather than you suck to predict that there will be STORM in USA tonight!!!

  103. Archangel Gabriel

    Good news! USA’s appeal to overturn the 2 suspensions has been rejected.

    Woods, J Jones and Bedoya will all be suspended in the semi match vs Argentina.

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