Sergio ROMERO’s saves against Venezuela

Sergio Romero

While a lot of the focus from Argentina’s 4-1 victory against Venezuela will go to either Gonzalo HIGUAIN’s 2 goals or Lionel MESSI equaling Gabriel BATISTUTA’s National Team goal tally, we should not take anything away from the performance of Sergio ROMERO.

With the score at 2-0 and about 15 minutes remaining in the first half, Venezuela applied the pressure and got more than their fair share of chances. Luckily for Argentina, ROMERO was there to save the day. A fantastic save following miss-communication between he and MASCHERANO was followed by a tip save over the goal and which was then overshadowed by a penalty save.

Had any of those gone in, Argentina would have went into half-time with a 2-1 lead rather than a 2-0 lead and who knows what could have happened. Tata MARTINO came out after the match praising ROMERO and saying that his saves were key to the team going into the break calm.

Here were Sergio ROMERO’s 3 saves in the first half.


  1. Caperjack

    For be Batistuta is the best 9 ever. He can score from any possible angle. I remember his goal against Arsenal in the cl. just watch and enjoy:

  2. Argentino Trucho

    It will hopefully be an entertaining game, but I don’t see this Argentina team choking. Look at our record in the past 2 years, we have only “choked” in overtime against Germany and during a penalty shootout against Chile. We just need a tiny bit of mental strength and we can win this (and hopefully the next WC).

  3. Budi Susatyo

    Bati is the real predator. What I see from a striker like Batistuta that he rarely miss any chances to make goal. People says Batistuta just needs half chance to score. Higuian or any other Argetina striker need to remember that. Do not waste any chances

  4. MustB-Albiceleste

    Even I knew that Bati has scored 56 goals. Now honestly I don’t know from where this 54 goals are coming. But 54 or 56 does it even mater if Messi leads Argentina to Copa glory? Even Bati should be proud that his record should be in right hands.

    But as almost all newspaper are including BBC, ESPN, goal or almost all are saying that Messi equals Bati’s record.
    Now I can see it’s mentioned in AFA site as well..

    “Gabriel Omar: 54 goals in 77 games’ noted two goals against Slovakia B in a matchup of 1995 was not homologado”

    So here you or even me definitely missing something…

  5. Bombonera



  6. Rajesh Ramachandran

    For once, we both agree on something.

    He is a shot stopper, but poor with crosses and passing

  7. dollon biswas

    i miss gray and correa….

  8. fouad-daman

    Odds for argentina 1.45
    Usa 7

  9. vimaldass

    I wouldn’t be too worried myself if the game has to be decided on penalty shootout after this…romero is a real beast in between the posts and especially during’s the takers who have to have enough composure to convert

  10. El pibe Erik lozano

    I just notice that alejandro bedoya and woods wont play against us

    1. Dfox1942

      plus one more

    2. Archangel Gabriel

      And also Jermaine Jones.
      But the US team are appealing for Woods and Jones.

      1. NoHateOnlyLove

        They won’t win that appeal. If that’s the case then Gaitan should be back for the next game too. No special favor for bad conduct, not going to happen with CONMEBOL of all federation. Jones clearly punch the Ecuadorian player in the face, even if the punch wasn’t at full force it’s still a red card.

  11. Dfox1942

    Cleveland Cavaliers just won the NBA championship, ending the 53 years of not winning anything, ….sounds familiar?

    1. Sabellista

      I was thinking the same. Is this perhaps LeBron and Messi year of finally delivering the goods to Cleveland and Argentina?

  12. Sabellista

    I really wish we had a player like Veron at his best right now.

    1. pablo dennison

      pre manure days he was a beast, the best of the best but after his England stint he was never the same sadly for us.

      1. Caperjack

        during parma time he was magic. Veron lost it after moving to England. Italy is the best country for our players.

        1. Sabellista

          Yes I mean the version that played in Series A not EPL version.

          1. pablo dennison

            I remember in 1 season veron in Italy out passed his rivals by 1000 passes-unreal

  13. El pibe Erik lozano

    Anybody watching game 7

    1. pablo dennison

      woah its full on and 71-71 as i watch it 3rd q 1.56 to go

  14. pablo dennison

    the enigma called rom, yes they were great saves but also his stupidly of conceding the pen that could have brought ven back into the game and a big thanks to the ven player who thought a panenka would work vs us haha

    1. Caperjack

      Yes, the fool wanted to humiliate us but it backed fired just a fool. Nobody mess with Argentina.

      1. pablo dennison

        agreed sir

  15. pablo dennison

    it was good to see after the game the team was level headed, no wind celebrations after a good vistory as the job is far from done. this is a good sign that that this team is really focused.

    1. pablo dennison

      was meant to read no wild celebrations

      grrrrr were is the edit button-just a thought team mundo-an edit button please

      1. Sabellista

        I second that too. Where’s the post edit features. Roy please, see to that ASAP.

  16. Dfox1942

    For the people that don’t know, if anything else, THIS is why ARGENTINA should wanna beat Juren Klinsman every CHANCE they get.

    He is talking smack, don’t wanna be underdog, we can win Copa…this and that… shut up

  17. Jason

    Apparently Barca showing interest and scouting Funes Mori.
    Bytheway beginning of the tournament i was wondering what if everyone keeps beard like Otamendi and Messi! So seems likenit is going to happen 🙂
    This group of players has tremendous bonding with each other and we can go till 2018 with our young guns. Just needs to reshuffle where it needed. That’s all.

  18. Caperjack

    About the mexico game, i am not sure if mexico was that weak or chile uped their game. I looking forward to beat them at the final fare and square.

  19. Jason

    Wooow!!! Just finished watching USA vs Ecuador game and must say Ecuador only blame to themselves on that defeat. They missed so many tap in to be honest. If we get half of them than we should play third final straight 🙂

  20. Jason

    We have again great chance to win something:)

  21. guled

    Rulli should be starting goalkeeper.

    1. Jason

      I think you missed yesterday game lol

  22. Bombonera

    I still fail to understand 56 goals of Batistuta and 54 goals of Messi becomes equal.

    1. Archangel Gabriel

      I have done some research here, but I am not 100% sure, someone please correct or confirm me:

      Batistuta has scored 56 goals for Argentina in his career, however, 2 goals were scored in Japan’s Kirin Cup competition which is not a FIFA official competition, that is why these 2 goals are not counted. So Batistuta total international goals should be 54.

      Please correct or confirm.

      1. Dfox1942

        Exactly, but I think it was against Slovakia or some other Eastern European country.

        1. Archangel Gabriel

          Dfox1942, you are right!

          I found this link:

          “The 47-year-old striker (Batistuta) scored 54 goals for Argentina from 1991 to 2002, not counting two he chalked up against Slovakia in 1995 in a match that Fifa later ruled unofficial for record-keeping purposes.”

          1. Archangel Gabriel

            Even though Messi has equaled Batistuta’s record, Batigol is still more efficient as he only needed 77
            matches to score 54 goals where Messi needed 111 matches.

            Batistuta is still the all time most efficient scorer of Argentina.

    2. pablo dennison

      2 of bati’s were vs an u-20 team and they are not what is deemed fifa games.

    3. Bombonera

      Thanks all for your comments

  23. Ghostdeini

    let’s hope that once in his life that Kidulthood is right and we will crush our opponents like he says. If we lose then it is his fault…and then we must devise a plan to eliminate him from making predictions for the World cup.

    1. NoHateOnlyLove

      What’s with this guy, go get a life please. Seriously, you need a life, really!!

      1. Ghostdeini

        someone who makes alternate accounts to kudos himself is the embodiment of a no life having sad person.
        it must kill you that you can’t kudos yourself.
        you are the Cristiano Ronaldo of our blog, at least he has skill and can play but you suck at giving opinions.

        1. NoHateOnlyLove

          You’re fool, no need arguing with a sissy. Who try to attack me in order to get replies. Y

          1. Ghostdeini

            Mundo’s Penaldo! Confirmed!

    2. Jason

      He is something else mate. Don’t know what to say or do really! Lol
      He jump before even understand what other person saying. Rather have good conversation he mock and disrespect person. Calling everyone small mentality here and he is only genius. But HEY no worries i think that’s how he is.

    3. Julker9

      Penaldo of Mundo?! lol

  24. NoHateOnlyLove
  25. NoHateOnlyLove

    Not only that, the players like Masche, Rojo, Banega, and Augusto were all playing at 70% because they fear risking a yellow card which will put them out of the semifinal game. You could see Mascherano barely wanted to take any risk tackles which he always does whether it leads to a foul or not.

  26. Jason

    Kid,doesn’t matter how big you are still you need to show respect to your opponents. Doesn’t matter who we play against it is better not be like KIDULTHOOD. WHY? You see you said, we will beat German and Chile easily but we didn’t! You said Panama will beat Chile,they didn’t? USA can be physical and dirty! The reason i am saying because we had similar encounter with them last time 1-1 draw. Maybe they are not playing same as before but they can change their game for us. Now don’t you start jumping like you normally do to prove people that you are biggest coach in Mundo. It just an assumption! We are all sharing thought and having discussion and sharing the ideas. YES i said Venezuela will be tough for us than Mexico and you saw that. We had arguably tough game so far! Haah…i think i topped you in this guessing game! We are all same here guessing and sharing.
    I think i am exhausted explaining to you mate!

    1. NoHateOnlyLove

      Jason,Panama didn’t beat Chile because instead of playing football against Argentina, they choose to be MMA fighters which led to four of their starters being suspended for the game against Chile. This is the same dilemma the USMNT face, they’ve three to four starters missing against Argentina and their team wasn’t that strong to begin with. How can you compare a friendly game that we played against USMNT years ago to this year Copa America? Mexico defeated Chile right before the start of Copa America and how did that work out for them? You and others were here hyping up a mediocre team like Mexico even after their unconvincing performance against both Jamaica and Venezuela. You guys on here seems to pee your pants at the sound of hearing Mexico. Look, I want to see USA soccer grow, but I’m not going to kid myself, Argentina team is playing at another level than what USMNT is used to. I’m not underestimating any team, but I’m not afraid to say Argentina is superior to USMNT in terms of football, nothing is hard in that. If Germany was going to play USA in a tournament tomorrow, all their fans would show confidence of winning not acting like every time their country is about to face a team they start wetting their pants. USMNT had a decent tournament, but they also lost to Colombia who barely can score goals these days. Ecuador, Enner Valencia was missing chances against the USMNT left, right and center. Chile and Panama are the toughest team Argentina have now face on their way to the final, not Venezuela or USA (this coming Tuesday). You don’t need to explain anything, just stop acting like every time Argentina is about to play against a team they should all of a sudden pee in their pants. You guys here just have weak mentality. Most here want to see the team lose because to them, they’re all genius keyboard coaches who will tell us all of the current Argentina NT coach flaws.

    2. NoHateOnlyLove

      We still haven’t lost to Chile in regular time. We miss out on pk shootout. Chile haven’t beaten Argentina in a full game like forever. Chile has only beaten Argentina 6 times in over 89 meetings, and the last time they beat us in open play was back in 2010 under Diego Hapless Maradona.

      1. Jason

        I will just laugh on the comment you stated WEAK MENTALITY ALL WE HERE. Not ordinary like a JOKER LAUGH

  27. NoHateOnlyLove

    Argentina finally have a team. We’ve have been way too dependent on Messi, Di Maria, Higuain and Aguero since forever. Now everyone on the team can score goals; mids, wingers, defenders and last but not least our strikers.

    1. Jason


  28. Caperjack

    Romero the star of the match. He is a giant

  29. NoHateOnlyLove

    With Mourinho at United, Romero will get a lot more playing time than what he had last season.

  30. Julker9


    Glade, you post on Romero’s saves! He was just phenomenal in first half. Where some Mundo people just ignored Romero’s contribution as he did nothing! To lead a team you don’t need to be always forward or goalscorer. A goalkeeper can also lead his team in his own way.

    1. Jason

      Those saves was same worth as scoring goal!!!
      Wonderful. He just needs to fix his decision making on set pieces

      1. Antonio Montana

        100% correct!

  31. petro

    My man of the match…

  32. dollon biswas


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