Match highlights: Argentina 3 – 0 Bolivia

Erik Lamela Sergio Aguero

Despite Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Sergio AGUERO both starting for Argentina, it was Erik LAMELA, Ezequiel LAVEZZI and Victor CUESTA scoring to give them a 3-0 win against Bolivia in the final group stage match.


  1. NoHateOnlyLove

    Lavezzi is a servant of the Argentina national team. It doesn’t matter if you bring on Lavezzi in the 89th minute of a game he still plays with a big heart and a big smile on his face. Too bad Sabella made a bad judgement call at the 2014 world cup when he decided to sub Lavezzi for Aguero. Aguero is turning into another ballerina lately.

    1. Julker9

      Agreed. Sabella’s another mistake was bringing a slow Gago for Enzo Perez in midfied. Though i am not a fan of Lavezzi(attacker), but his influence in midfield always appreciable.

      1. Istiaque

        So do you think Midfielders have to be fast? Slow guys cant be good central midfielders?

        1. Julker9

          I never said, slow guys can’t be good central midfielders! After the sub of Lavezzi we became slow in attack (only Messi was real threat), but in midfield Enzo’s fast & physical present gave us hope. After Gago’s inclusion, we lost in this department too.

          That was my point.

    2. Gonzalo

      Right Julker

      Chapeau Bas to Lavezzi. No matter he plays in China.

      1. Gonzalo

        I mean KidultHood too

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