Nicolas GAITAN: “Panama was a difficult opponent”

Nicolas Gaitan Marcos Rojo

Nicolas GAITAN and Marcos ROJO talked to the media in a press conference on Sunday. GAITAN spoke about the team while ROJO was more about MESSI. Here’s what was said:

Nicolas GAITAN:
“Panama was a difficult opponent. They had the team to complicate things for us. I didn’t like the rough play. I’m not the best player but I go out and try to do my best to help my team mates. There’s no preference over the possible opponent in the quarter finals.”

Marcos ROJO:
“We’re happy for MESSI’s return. And with 3 goals!”

Talking about Lionel MESSI’s beard, ROJO joked:
“Many people have beards. I think Leo has copied OTAMENDI, hah!”


  1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

    For me Ecuador is one of most interesting teams in this Copa if we are talking about attack. Really energetic in that point.

    1. Profile photo of NoHateOnlyLove

      Yea, but Ecuador can’t defend, look at the amount of space Haiti had of all teams. The USA will beat Ecuador in front of their home fans, and remember the USA already won against Ecuador just before Copa got started.

      1. Profile photo of GonzaloGonzalo

        Yes, something is wrong with Ecuador defense. Although it was Haiti and all Ecuadorian just wanted to score. I like the team.

  2. Profile photo of Rajesh RamachandranRajesh Ramachandran

    Its looking like the tournament is lining up for us, just like it did for Real Madrid, in this champions league. We are looking to avoid the tough teams, until the finals – hopefully we will make it, and then face a good team, who came through a tough route tired a la Atletico.

  3. Profile photo of bakerbaker

    Throwback to 1995 when Tulio’s handled goal eliminated Argentina in 1995 Copa.
    Dunga (Captain Brazil): “The winners celebrate, the losers look for excuses.”
    This is karma paying a visit.

  4. Profile photo of asifasif

    we lack midfield quality with pastore and di maria injured
    we really miss likes of enzo perez there

    with agueri, pastore, di maria all injured i see us losing on pemalties at some stage

  5. Profile photo of Julker9Julker9

    OMG! Brazil eliminated from copa by Peru, when they needed only a draw to go the next round as group champion. Never underestimate your opponent! But its ok, they have Neymar at Olympic. :p

    Btw, Venezuela, USA ,Mexico, Colombia or whoever we face in next round of games, we shouldn’t underestimate our opponents. Last year’s Chile is an example for us. We thought, we won the final before the match even began. Now they are the champ, we are not!

    Theses kind of shock moment happens many times for us before. In 2004 & 2007 Copa we were clear favourite, but as usual our genius coaches (Basile) thought Brazil was not a worthy opponent for us! SMH

    Hopefully, Argentina learned their lessons this time.

  6. Profile photo of bakerbaker

    Mexico is playing good football , anyway one match at a time lets finish bolivia first

  7. Profile photo of RichardRichard

    We should not make the same mistake as Colombia and field a team of reserves. Two or three players can be rested, but not the entire squad.

    With both Brazil and Uruguay out, this tournament has become a must win event. There are no more excuses. Never under estimate opponents, but with the right tactic, concentration and effort we should be able to reach the final against by beating Venezuela and Ecuador/USA.

    European media interest is very limited now the Euro 2016 tournament has kicked off. What a shame.

  8. Profile photo of CleanballCleanball

    As Pastore already limped off during training and need more time to recover; it is better to start with substitute players against Bolivia, Mascherano, Augusto already got yellow card – Injury and unfit players as always was the biggest obstacles for the team.

  9. Profile photo of CaperjackCaperjack

    I really hope this is our year. We should nevet underestemate any team. Will keep fingers crossed. Hope the defense stop making easy mistakes

  10. Profile photo of chalzchalz

    In 1995 Copa America, Brazil and Dunga (captain then) did not complain when Tulio scored a goal after handling the ball in his hand. Argentina lost tat quarterfinal match due to this foul play. Dunga went on to say after the match ‘winners celebrate losers find excuses’
    Now the same Brazil and Dunga (coach now) protest- make a hue and cry for a similar hand ball situation.
    Whst they should have known is; ‘what you sow is what you reap’. Incidentally it happened in the same tournament after 21 years.

    1. Profile photo of Archangel GabrielArchangel Gabriel

      Yah, this Peru-Brazil match really reminds me abt the 1995 match.

      In that match, we were leading 2-1 with Batistuta and Balbo’s goals (if I am not wrong), then a Brazilian forward controlled the cross with his hand and scored, 2-2, and we lost the penalty shootout subsequently.

      The Brazilian deserve this, they have just repaid their debt.

      1. Profile photo of chalzchalz

        @Archangel Gabriel, yea i remember watching the match… was so disappointed that we lost. All Argentine officials surrounded the referee at the end of match.

  11. Profile photo of EnganCheEnganChe

    Gabriel Mercado is supposedly not well, sustained a strained muscle strain in his left thigh so Roncaglia is likely to start against Bolivia.

    1. Profile photo of chalzchalz

      Mercado looked like a Bison to me…

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