Tata MARTINO: “The match was very physical”

Tata Martino

Tata MARTINO spoke about Argentina’s 5-0 victory against Panama and also about Lionel MESSI. Here’s what he had to say:

“Up until the second goal, the match was very physical. After that, it wasn’t the case anymore. It wasn’t an easy match to play. We’re still a solid National Team on defense and we recover the ball well.”

“The match was a different match until MESSI came on. Leo got substituted in and solved everything. We had planned that MESSI would play 30 minutes.”


  1. regesteredmember

    that kid deserves a visit from messi he was on cam in the game to bless his soul

  2. regesteredmember

    they had colapsed by the time messi arived and the first goal was a gift seriously u think anyone else even lavizzi wouldnt have scored

    messi was great but lets get real

  3. fouad-daman

    Please need fast update on dimaria

  4. pablo dennison

    with out messi todays we were simply diabolical..

  5. Argentino Trucho

    I’m glad that Messi solved the issues. But we need to be able to score without him. Higuain needs to get a goal or 2 in the Bolivia game.

    1. NoHateOnlyLove

      We just did against Chile. The problem is every game is different, Panama was physical and dirty, we got through this test and that is what a tournament is all about. Every opponent brings a different flavor and style.

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