Match highlights: Argentina 5 – 0 Panama

Messi Goal Panama

It was the Lionel MESSI show as Argentina defeated Panama 5-0 with goals from Nicolas OTAMENDI, Sergio AGUERO and a hattrick by Lionel MESSI.


  1. Khandakar Fazle Rubby

    Good to see ….Aguero scoring goals……..

  2. Leandro

    Masch is the best DM Argentina ever produced in my opinion and by far the best playing today at club level. Redondo being a very close second.. both very different types.. we are blessed.

  3. Dfox1942

    I concur, he kept backing up until the right moment, taking the ball clean off the attacker’s feet.

  4. SulaV

    Seems like maradona’s back biting has pumped up Messi!!

  5. mamoun elpipita

    Very happy for the win, being top of the group and messi’s hattrick but I have to say that our boys played much better in the chile match.

    The glaring weaknesses associated with the highline defense have reared their ugly heads again where panama was able to take advantage almost score on the break on 2 occasions! A better team will punish Argentina for such mishaps.
    I hope that tata will consider a deeper backline in the knockout stages because I don’t want to see another game like the WCQ against Ecuador (or the friendly against mexico) where the albicelestes are punished on the counters.

    Before this match started I stated that this would be a tight match and I’m glad I was wrong not to mention again how happy I am about the win and qualifying to the QF but there is still quite abit of work to do.

  6. Budi Susatyo

    We need playmaker who can put the ball behind the opponent’s defense. Today Tata started with 3 DM and all of them cannot give killing pass.

    1. NoHateOnlyLove

      Tata is too conservative and very careful. He barely tries to take risk..

    2. Jason

      Banega did well though in second half. I think he should give free tole to move around everywhere in the pitch

  7. NoHateOnlyLove

    Macherano is the best CDM of our times. Only Masche alone can stop a three man counter attack on his goal all by himself..That play was like three Hyena trying to take on a lion, which the lion came out on top in the end. lol…Mascherano what a player! Vamos Messi, well done!!

    1. Adv

      Tata must play MESSI on front, because MESSI can score goals from very tight angles.
      Brilliant hat-trick.

    2. chalz

      Well said, i was just amazed to see that kind of defending…
      Another robbenesque stop!!

      1. chalz

        Mascherano against 3 men… wow… and still win the duel… need to watch that again. Warrior. Has the flag up his heart.

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