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Mundo Albiceleste

Hello everyone!

If you are seeing this post, it means you have made it onto the new site design!

First of all, I would just like to say that due to different reasons, we had to make the switch now in the middle of the Copa America. We know it’s a big change but some designs will be rolled out during the day as well as the next few days to give it some more “life” so to speak.

It’s a massive color change from the previous black color we had for the past few hours, so we do understand if you aren’t a big fan of the change or have some concerns about it. Please note that THIS DESIGN IS NOT FINAL and there will STILL BE CHANGES.

Regarding the previous discussions and articles, as mentioned, we had to make the switch now and the previous articles have not been uploaded yet. However, they will be uploaded.

We had the “black Mundo look” since about 2010-2011 and we felt like it’s long overdue for a change. The new design is mobile friendly. Meaning you will be able to view it on your mobile phone or tablet without any problems. The other change is that we will be introducing new sections to the website.

The first new section is the Copa America section which will be in effect. This will be regularly updated throughout the tournament and will include the team’s schedule, top scorers, standings and more.

The other section is similar to the Copa America section but for the World Cup Qualifiers. Again, this will have the standings, fixture lists, goal scorers and more.

All your login information will be transferred onto the new site. Meaning all you would have to do is click on Login and put in the current username and password you have now. If for whatever reason that doesn’t work, simply click on “Forgot Your Password” and put in your e-mail to receive your login information.

There will also be some other new futures which will be integrated during the upcoming week.

We hope you will enjoy these changes. Once the new design is up, we will obviously be taking your opinions into consideration and if there’s anything you don’t like, do mention it. Once we’ve completed the design, WE WILL PUT UP A POLL for everyone to vote on whether or not they like it would prefer a darker color way.

Thank you to everyone for helping make Mundo Albiceleste what it is and we hope you continue with us in this exciting new chapter of ours!


  1. david carvajal

    Yeah we definitely play better without messi… riiigghhhhtttt… banega poor, di maria knew it, gaitan eh, …. everyone else played decent

  2. Chainsaw

    Not convincing so far

  3. Argentina2018

    Oh boy, I just cant understand this Tata plan….what the heck!!! Gaitan is too overrated and doesn’t deserve to be a starter…..Typical Di Maria, after one game, hes out with an injury……Aguero will be the next victim as usual. We need stronger players in the midfield… faces, and taller defenders.

  4. niklucky02

    Looks like US referee got his share before the match. What a dubious penalty?

  5. Dfox1942

    Tick Tock Tick Tock, LETS GET IT ON ARGENTINA!

    The whole world is watching, I know people around here are and for ONCE with many to come I hope, I, we , us can call ourselves CHAMPIONS!

  6. Istiaque

    I think we need to see how many new comments are there in each thread on the homepage like the old design

  7. Chainsaw

    Looks fine to me. Except that in the edition mode there are some white fonts colors on the buttons which makes it hard to read them.

  8. Dfox1942

    I fell asleep watching Frenchy/Romania!

    1. NoHateOnlyLove

      Euros are going to be a bunch of robotic boring games.

  9. Argen Messien

    The site looks fine and smooth. However the user interface of the page should be in albiceleste colors.

  10. regesteredmember

    i think more RONALDO PICS ARE NEEDED

    yes lets make sure cristina is worshipped here

    1. Dfox1942

      Ask and you shall receive.

      1. david carvajal

        Haha nice!

  11. Rune

    Will take some time to get used to, but very good job guys.

  12. MustB-Albiceleste

    C.Ronaldo told Italian magazine Undici.

    Where would I rate myself amongst the top players of the last twenty years?

    Thinking positively, then I believe with what I’ve achieved, I’m the best of the lot.

    wow!! This guy is really a joke..

  13. MustB-Albiceleste

    This is good..liked it..

  14. EnganChe

    Thanks for modernizing the website guys.

  15. Pappu1986

    Very glad to see a latest upgraded site…

  16. regesteredmember

    love it

    can i make one suggestion how about a blue and white stripe colouring!!!!

  17. Headless Chicken

    Hi! Changes were needed – specifically a mobile friendly website was must. But a lot of things need to do. We need some La albiceleste colors with a modern design. I think we need to work in the logo. I own a little design firm called Huelevel Graphics – and I’m a graphic designer ( I’ll love to help Roy, if mundo needs. It’ll be a honor for me.

    1. Argentino Trucho

      I’m an Illustrator ( ) And I am interested in helping as well.

      1. Roy Nemer (Post author)

        Hi Mike,

        Thanks for wanting to help out. I just sent you an email!

        Thank you!

    2. Roy Nemer (Post author)

      Hi Arpon!

      I just sent you an e-mail, if you can please read it!

      Thank you!

      1. Headless Chicken

        Hi Roy!

        I didn’t receive your mail. Please send it to: or

  18. NoHateOnlyLove

    Why not just add a black background or the Argentina sky blue & yellow sun colors to compliment the white homepage instead of the gray background? The site is looking clean and fresh! Also, is it possible to have an update live scores tab on Argentina games, like what you see at the top of the ESPN Soccernet homepage? Anyways, great work guys, keep it up!

  19. El pibe Erik lozano

    Hopefully this new era of mundo brings a copa America and a world cup

    1. MustB-Albiceleste

      Hope so. 23 years is very long time to taste success 🙁

  20. Rajesh Ramachandran

    This looks good. The Reply option is nice too.Congrats Roy

  21. Julker9

    Everything is fine for me except the colour. But its ok, as you mentioned more changes are coming.

    Btw, I like the new reply option. Hopefully it’ll reduce some negativity between Mundo members! Kudos for it.

    Oh i forgot, there is no more kudos here too!! 🙂

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