AFA could intervene in DYBALA decision

The Paulo DYBALA not going to the Olympics for Argentina situation isn’t over yet.

Reports coming out that the AFA will likely intervene and speak to Juventus regarding the release of Paulo DYBALA to the Olympics.

Since the Olympics are not an official FIFA event, Juventus does not have to release DYBALA. As was the case between Lionel MESSI and Barcelona in 2008 which was resolved when then-new coach Pep GUARDIOLA gave his blessing and allowed MESSI to travel with Argentina.

Normally, the fears which clubs tend to have when not wanting to release a player is obviously the factor of the player getting injured. In Juventus’ case, the Olympics fall just a few weeks prior to the start of the Serie A season and would mean that DYBALA would likely miss pre-season for the Serie A champions. There’s also the case of Juventus possibly not wanting to pay the insurance fee should DYBALA get injured.

As of now, the verdict stands that Paulo DYBALA will not be going to the Olympic games in Rio but should the AFA intervene, that could change.


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